Thursday, June 25, 2015

Iris in the city park (Day and Night);

        *Irises under the Day Light*
As my neighbor had told me that the irises were almost in full bloom, I went there to enjoy the beauty :-)   On 10th this month;      

Went Down the stairs with Hydrangea;

Varieties of Irises (skipping the names of them :-)

Found some critters there on that day;
I thought he is a puppy but Mom of this boy said he is more than 10 years old:-)

Fence with light bulbs for the illumination and Bride;

      *Irises under the Illuminations with different colors*
On 9th night;  visited the day before, funny that I happened to see the night scene first.

I wished to close this post with the ones with day light p:-)

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Thank you SO much for your kind words for my condition of face.
I still have reddish face and not being able to figure out which cosmetic is the cause...
My friend shared me a little of her natural type of them but testing failed.
I tried several different ones, maybe need some rest putting any(^^;)
I'll have time to visit you today (Sunday), friends♪
 Thank you very much for stopping by; I always appreciate your sweet visits;
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  1. so many of them! beautiful!

  2. Hello dear Miyako, The irises are all gorgeous. I prefer their natural colours, but the night photos are cool too. Enjoy your day!

  3. I love special the pink ones...

  4. Hello Miyako, I love the beautiful irises, the shades of purples are lovely. And the hydrangeas are gorgeous. A great capture of the dragonfly, ducks and the cute pup! Wonderful images, enjoy your day!

  5. i agree, try going without any make-up for a while to see if your rash will clear! poor dear.

    love the irises and the park. the garden lantern is wonderful!

  6. The irises are just gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous display of irises. The little dog is so cute.

  8. Your irises are gorgeous!

    Sweet little old man-dog, too!

  9. Oi Miyako, belíssimas imagens. O cãozinho idoso é uma graça.
    O que houve com seu rosto, desculpe, mas não sei.

  10. Good morning Miyako, I would have called him a puppy too, so very cute! Thank you for sharing your walk through the city park. Such lovely flowers, it's a very embracing place to relax and enjoy yourself! Wonderful photos, enjoy your day.

  11. Wow those irises are beautiful. The area with blooms in different purple colors is really lovely. The critters there make the place even lovelier :-) That woofie does look like a little boy. What a cutie pie :-)
    And the night scenes are beautiful, too. They look dreamy!

    I hope the rash will clear up, and hopefully you can find out which cosmetic is responsible. Take care and have a great day, Miyako san!

  12. Another beautiful park- the flowers are so pretty! Take care with cosmetics- you never know what will react with your skin.

  13. Sucha a wonderful variety of coloured Iris adn lovely fences.

  14. Stunning! The gardens in Japan always look so magical, like Japanese art! I love seeing them!

  15. Miyako those pictures are incredible! So so beautiful. We always call those smaller iris "Japanese Iris" ... it looks as if the larger ones could be called that too. Beautiful park by day or by night. I envy your talent in taking those beautiful night photos -- that is a skill I do not have!

    I loved the picture and your words "I went downstairs with hydrangeas" ... you certainly did and that is beautiful the way they planted those along the stairway.

    (By the way I almost never remember the names of the different varieties of a flower and don't mind one bit that you skip them. I too just want to enjoy the beauty!)

  16. Oh my gosh you do have the most amazing and beautiful parks there. These Irises are so pretty and that Hydrangea leading down the steps was so lovely. - I liked the way the lights are lined up on the fence to help illuminate things. So wonderful. - Hoping your face heals quickly for you.

  17. The irises are beautiful, one of my favourite flowers.
    Hoping your face clears up soon Miyako.


  18. beautiful, as always. I have enjoyed your blog posts so much that I am now your newest follower! Hope you will come visit me over at my blog.

  19. Dearest Miyako,
    Sorry to hear you still suffer a rash. Go 'au naturel' for several weeks as that is the very best way to go about it!
    Lovely hydrangeas and irises and the little doggie is an added bonus.
    Sending you hugs,

  20. This is a stunning iris garden! It's one of my favorite flowers too.

  21. Hello Miyako San,
    Please come and have a look at the new meme on Saturdays,
    Saturday Silhouettes:
    Kind regards,

  22. Dearest Miyako, the Japanese irises are so beautiful, especially in big beds. What a lovely garden! My Japanese irises are the last to bloom so I am still waiting on them. The big Hydrangea bushes lining the stairs are lovely too. The little dog looks like a little old man, so cute! Hugs from the PNW, Hannah.

  23. Hello Miyako, I wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  24. What a pretty park! Beautiful flower photos.

  25. Iris have been a favorite flower of mine for decades. Your sharing the beauty just brightened my day. I loved walking with you in the park. And the ducks 'hidden' in the blossoms was an added plus!!!

  26. What a beautiful place. I really enjoyed the tour.

  27. Beautiful garden. Thanks for taking us along.

  28. Splendid variety of iris colours. A happy garden.

  29. Beautiful varieties of iris! Lovely shots.
    Thanks for taking part in Floral Friday Fotos and I look forward to your next contribution.

  30. Hello Miyako! Beautiful flowers and I have some in my garden but they need some thinning out so they will have more room as they are so pretty. The little dog looks like my daughter's little dog who is 12 years old now. Happy Weekend coming up...Michelle