Monday, July 15, 2019

Dragonfly, Jacaranda and New PC's trouble;

*Dragonflies my husband made*
My Dragonfly lover husband said he has made about 30 of them including some of which he gave to our friends.
He got excited that asked to join the exhibition from the first of next month.  Funny that he seemed out of ideas for the new design ;-)
These pictures of Golden-ringed dragonfly are the gift from my husband's friend.
*"Jacaranda" from the front door of my friend's house*

*Trouble with New PC*
My new pc got infected by virus. I was lucky that the staff of the store fixed the trouble soon. No need to do the System Initialization.  At first, 2 of the strange software starting to show up. Must have downloaded together with the one I did. 
                    We will have a bit more rainy days ;-)
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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tackling with PC;

I have bought a new PC windows 10;
                       So sorry that I am tackling and having a hard time with it ;-)                       Might take a while to visit you ;-)

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Gas Water Heater replacement , Dragonfly and Hydrangea;

*Gas Water Heater was Resewed  *
Our old one (left side) was 12 years old and we were told it's better to change with new one. This renewing surprised me a bit by TWO things.
First; I had no idea about the system. I thought we just bought a new one without functional difference ;-)  Actually, new one has waste heat management function , which means it can save energy ☆☆☆ 
My husband laughed and said "日進月歩" which means rapidly progressing day and age with 4 letter idioms in Japanese.
Second;  You can see the 3 staffs doing the job "Boss/ Novice(beginner)/ Chief"
That was how I call them to my husband. Boss said that it was the beginner's first day for the job and might take a while longer than usual. We were surprised by how boss was skilled and the young one looked really concentrating to learn.  The scene was SO heartwarming for us♬

You can see the suntanned muscular boss and thin cute looking young man with white skin. They came around 2 in the afternoon,  they left around 5 o'clock. 
After the job finished, the chief said something was wrong when he checked. "May  be The Basal plate or Substrate (right word ?)" he said.   So they had to take of the new one and put the old back.  2 days later, chief and other sraff came with another new one. The job finished less than 30 minutes V(^^;)V

     *Two Dragonflies Together* 
  Pseudothemis zonata with Common skimmer;
I found these two butterflies nearby little irrigation reservoir (pond) again.  Last time(link), I only saw the one with white part. This time common skimmer was trying to scare away the other. Maybe Territory thing. How lucky I was that I could take a shot of both of them together♬ 

I wish to add the Hydrangea I found before they get out of season. 

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