Monday, March 25, 2019

Around 60 years old Festival "アラ還フェスティバル” etcc;

Around 60 Years Dld Festival 
One of the band group my husband involves has participated this event several times before. 60 year old anniversary is called "還暦 kanreki" (in English, diamond anniversary). This festival is performed mainly by music group made of senior members. I sat rather left side of the seat for the audience, so the back of the right side of the stage shows the black curtain...  

   The title of the music is “Till we meet again” 

 Flowers, pictures and calligraphies were decorated at the entrance. 
 Two Early Blooming Cherry Blossoms and a Bird
This year I could enjoy two early blooming cherry blossoms. 
 First one is called "kawazu-zakura", petals are facing downwards. This cherry blossoms are blooming near my area along side of the river.

Second one is called "Weeping cherry tree. 枝垂れ桜 shidare-zakura". Branches of the tree are all facing downwards. I found this tree on our way to the first anniversary of my late ousin's death. And took pictures on our way back home. 

And when we stopped the parking place, my husband found this "Eastern Buzzard" .  Felt so thankful for him(or her) showing up for me p;-)

It seems comfortable weather is coming close. Hope you all are doing fine;
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Monday, March 18, 2019

Handmade Market at department store and Back Shot of Bird.

Varieties of Handcrafts 
9th of this month, I went to see Handmade Market to the department store held at the next city.  "森のバスケット" means "basket at forest".  
 Lots of varieties of Handcrafts were being sold and made me surprised and happy to have a chance to introduce here through blog. Made me feel hard to avoid the temptation to buy many attractive crafts(˘˘)   Sorry for too many pictures of the Handcrafts.

*Japanese Style Mortar and other earthenware*
 First picture includes Japanese style mortar which is the fundamental kitchen tool. The inside of the "suribachi" is comed to create spirals of fine, jagged grooves that effectively grind and mash ingredients like sesame seeds. 

*Preserved Flower*
I always love to see beautiful preserved flower. But how fantastic to be able to keep beautiful flower inside the bottle with the Herbarium. I couldn't help buying a bit small sized one p;-)

*Loved these gorgeous bags made of "paper"*
* Potted Flowers*
In Japanese "Matokaria", funny that English name is "Feverfew".

*Varieties of Wood works*

My husband loves Dragonfly, I bought one for him and took
a picture outside of my house.

*Female and Male with Back-Shot*
Recently, I found the back-shot of "Brambling "I haven't posted. 
When I put these pictures side by side, I found them attractive.
I AM really tied up now; Hope to see you soon and have a great new week!!!

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Went to Prefectural Office to do two Errands etc;

To buy Mouthpiece Cushions
On 5th, I went along with my husband to Prefectural Office to do TWO errands. One of them is to buy Mouthpiece Cushions for his Saxophone (Couldn't find the kind he needs in our city).  
By the way, one of the bands he belong to (only 4 members) joined at the next city's festival. We left the place right after his stage.  So only one picture and video.  I don't know why I am so persistent; but I struggled with posting video p;-)

I taped the whole performance on one video; I should have taped the each music separately as the video was too large. I've already had a software called "video cutter". But I needed to convert the file to make the file smaller size). I wrestled with some software downloading and deleting for a couple of days. Yes, can't understand why I should have (^^;)
Cushion is for upper part of the mouthpiece.
When I first heard that my husband was saying "lead", I had thought it "lead" as a lead-ing part of the sound. Not "REED" which they are made of (˘˘ As we don't use tongue much in Japanese, "L and R" sounds the same

Renewed Driver's License
The other errand is to transportation center to renew my husband's driver's license. To tell the truth, I don't have the license.  As I don't think I'm capable for driving safely or I wasn't sure that I could be cautious enough. 
I think my decision was "RIGHT" p;-)
In Japan, we have a two-month period in which to get our license renewed (one month before and after our birthday) before it expires.
This page has an elaborate explanation about these 3 types of licences. 
Although he was worrying about his eyesight to get the gold one, he could have it. 
There must be that kind of differences in every country.
Japanese Tit and Narcissus
I found Tit several times from the tree in front of my house during these cold season. This bird sure is nimble and agile (hope these are the right words). They don't sit still long enough for me to take good photos.

During the daytime on a fine day, I feel like the spring is around the corner.
Hope you all are starting to feel a bit comfortable season.
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