Saturday, November 27, 2021

Woodworking Product Shop called "木漏れ木 Komoregi";

*Went to Woodworking Product Shop
I'd like to introduce the store my husband bought Soba-noodle's cutting-board. After for a while, he needs to get outer surface of his board shaved. The first picture below is the entrance of the Woodworking Product Shop.

Let me introduce the part of the place he knead the dough. The cutting board on the left needed to shaving whittled after a bit long while of using. 
The picture of round thing inside of the kneading board is a bowl that fabricates buckwheat noodles. And inside of the wooden box on the right side you can see in the picture below; there are several tools he needs. I felt a little happy that my husband looked a bit glad introducing his Soba Noodle Corner.

"Products they have in the store"

*I bought these cutting board*
Let me post "Great Egret" I found in the river close to my house; 
*For the Saturday critters*

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Steam Locomotion and Chomonkyo-Gorge 2021;

*Went to see Steam Locomotion this year again*

I wonder if "This Steam Locomotion" can be also seen in the foreign country as well. Before we went to Chomonkyo Gorge where we can enjoy full of Autumn atmosphere; my husband took me new railroad side to take video♬ Like every year, many people with camera waiting the Steam Locomotion comes to take pictures. 

The video I took didn't turn out well p-;)
This is the video my husband took from the roadside inside the car;

After I took the picture of SL, we headed to the Chomomkyo-Gorge. I took more pictures inside the Gorge this year than before; I wish you to enjoy Japanese Autumn color. 

So sorry that I couldn't comment at all recently, I'll catch up with you later;

Monday, November 8, 2021

100th anniversary Fire Works of our City's municipal system;

*Went to see Fire Works*

Fire Works Celebrating our city's 100th Anniversary took place the night on First of this month. During daytime, self-defenses forces aircraft flew over the sky; I felt sad that the Video I took during the day turned out so bad to post.  Well, I enjoyed the fireworks to celebrate this memorial year at the local harbor.  

The site aircraft flew during the day;

Here are the Video and Pictures of Fireworks from the Harbor at night ;

And the same day on our way back home from the riverside during the day, we found male dragon fly called Sympetrum Baccha . My husband said that this kind dragonfly fly down from the mountain.