Sunday, November 27, 2022

Went to hear Jazz Concert of Saxophone player ;

Last night, I went the Place called "Juss Spot Porsche" to hear Jazz Music. It has been a bit long since my husband & I enjoyed this wonderful saxophone players music before. I thought I should have taken the pictures my husband was enjoyed talking with him as he also plays saxophone joining with local music group.

 To tell the truth, this player was the one who gave my husband motive to play saxophone. 
I forgot to take pictures these two talking happily last night. He looked happy being able to have chance to hear his great saxophone again. Please let me add the picture I posted which he was talking with this player about 10 years-old ago. He is way over 70 years. husband's hair changed almost totally gray now p;-)


               *Kind of whole image of the room*     

We could enjoy his amazing performance of 2 types of Saxophones.
*There was lovely 2 dolls of the 2 players*
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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse 2022;

*Took Pictures of This Year's Total Lunar Eclipse*
On 8th this month we could see Total Lunar Eclipse around our area. I checked if I posted this topic before & found it was year 2014, so let me post the pictures I took. I happened to be able to take Three Different Types of Colors of them. Although it took long time going ups downs stairs cooking & have dinner checking the moon, quite interesting to see the changes of colors shapes etc. There is a solar system in front of my house. From 2nd floor I could see the moon changing shapesThe moon wanes when it gradually appears less and less round, after the full moon. "It was amazing to see the moon wane like that."   
                 Starting to take pictures before the sky gets totally dark;
                          Because of the buttery & other trouble I used 2 cameras. 
Please let me show you some different colors (I happened to take) of the moon Eclipsing;
I learned that *The moon repeats the cycle of waxing and waning through the new moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon and then the new moon.*

I found this butterfly called *lycaenidae*
On 16th this month, this butterfly was perching the tree in my yard;

Thank you very much for visiting, I wonder if you could have ever seen the Lunar Eclipse;

Thank you very much for stopping by,
Hoping you are all having wonderful seasonal weather

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Visited Cokura-Castle with my old-friend;


*Great Time with my Old Friend at the Cokura-Castle

My Old Friend who lives in Kokura (小倉) city called me, & we visited Cokura-Castle. We had a nice time visited there having nice chat after a long while since we've met last almost 2-years blank. Although it is too early for the ”autumn foliage” season, I hope I can send you the atmosphere of the Japanese Castle both from outside & inside.

Two Ladies wearing Kimono were waiting for us.
*I hope you could enjoy the old Japanese atmosphere*

I found this Duck swimming in the river close to my house;
How lucky I was to be able to link this duck "Saturday's critters"
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