Thursday, April 11, 2024

Cherry-Blossom year 2004 & other 2 others.

 Cheery-Blossom year 2024;

Please let me post ”Cherry-Blossoms” from Japan this year again. Our Floral Emblems are Cheery-blossom & chrysanthemum. I took pictures of Cheery-blossom from 2 places. Please let me share with you this year again p;)  I took them from riverside of "Koto-River" really close from my house. Also, I feel truly happy that I can share this precious flower with you this year again, hoping that you can enjoy one of our national flowers. The other is chrysanthemum which bloom in Autum.

*And around the Rice-Paddy*
And, somedays ago the band group my husband involves had a concert at next city's community- center. Let me show you the beautiful ones I took there. I DO hope that you can enjoy the flower which we Japanese enjoy around springtime. 

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Flower called "Jade Vine" & others from Our City-Park's museum;


         "My first flower called "Jade Vine"

I found that this flower or plant called "Jade Vine" is displaying at the City Museum. It is said that this flower only grows natively grows in Philippines. This artificial distribution most notably includes the country of South Africa. My friend & I enjoyed this purplish or bluish color flower & other plants together.  Happy to be able to share this rare flower with you.

And this patchwork done by its society, happy to be able to share with you this work together with the flower. Let me post some other flowers here. I was happy that I could enjoy beautiful flowers after long break p;)   Let me skip to write the other flower's names.
I hope that you could enjoy these flowers from the museum as well.

        "Thankful Thursday",  "Saturday's critters",  
I am a bit busy for next few days so sorry if I can't visit you.

Lot's of love, Miyako;

Saturday, March 2, 2024

”Bombycilla japonica” Part 2 (Bluish color version);

Under fine morning weather with ”Bombycilla japonica”

About 7:30 in the morning on 29th, what a surprise that I found "Bombycilla japonica" again perching on the same tree in front of my house. It was early morning and with sunrise bluish color background. I felt so lucky, please let me show you or forgive me posting the same birds again.  They looked so relaxed and enjoying the fresh morning air together p;)  I felt Lucky Coming Again for me, this was truly rare case for me, Haha♪ 

I loved its dignified appearance. 

They gathered like this.
And please, let me show you some other pictures.

I also was wondering or thinking where you are from and 
Thank God,   showing up for me again.

        "Thankful Thursday",  "Saturday's critters",  
I am a bit busy for next few days so sorry if I can't visit you.

Lot's of love, Miyako;