Monday, September 17, 2018

Autumn Atmosphere, "Chestnuts & Rice Paddy”

Chestnuts from next Neighbor
Our first chestnuts this year from next neighbor which we are annually looking forward to.  These are from forest "or grove" in Atu-town Mine-city Yamaguchi-pref.; Known as "Atu-Chestnut".  Thoroughly enjoyed autumn flavor both just boiled ones and cooked rice with them.

Autumn fruits we were gifted from friends "Pears and Figs"

Rice Paddy from late last month through recently.
These rice paddies (from 2 places) are very close to our house where we always stop by to take pictures of herons and dragonflies. We can't feel "Thankful" enough for their hard work. Without this blog, I wouldn't have felt these appreciation for nature and people's and farmer's work.

"Wandering Gliders were flying over the paddy.

Bit surprised seeing these harvested ones hanged over the guardrail :-)
Maybe just temporary and the paddy here is not so wide.

Gifted pictures of flower and frog from usual sweet lady keyboard player. I never knew lemon 's flower has white color p;-)
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Starting  from this afternoon;   Oh, my usual excuse but I wish  I will be able to.

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Illumination at the city park and nature with purplish color;

                       *Illumination at the Botanical Garden 
Last week, my friend and I went to see the illumination at the botanical garden in our city park. Let me show you the pictures and videos I could choose some of the ones which I think deserve to post p;-) Unfortunately, the videos I took inside the garden were blurry. But the colorful flowers and fishes etc. illuminated were fantastic and felt the last of summer atmosphere.

I wish I could take these moving illumination with video p;-)

Pictures below were from the outside the exit.
The shadow of the lady was a lady who was walking ahead of us.

 I should be "Thankful" for the lady.

Two short videos from inside and outside.

Purplish flower and Butterfly 
These pictures were taken this July when my husband and I visited our relatives.  So sorry that I couldn't identify the name of the flower.  I was so fascinated to see the butterfly "Common Bluebottle; aosuji-ageha" along side the road near the flower♫♫♫  It was drinking water with its mouth (shape like a straw).

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My busy  summer(summer holiday of school students) is  finally over♪
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Sunday, September 2, 2018

"瓦そば”(Kawara-soba; tea buckwheat noodles) and nature;

Kawara-soba; our Pref.'s local specialty
In the middle of last month, one of my husband's ex-lady colleagues brought us our pef's cuisine called "Kawara-Soba, Roof Tile buck-wheat noodle", packaged one. To the soba-noodle, green tea powder is added.  This page has detailed explanation. The first picture below is what I made from the gift; and in the second one, you can see the package and how it is served when you have it at the restaurant. You might think it strange to know that Noodles are served on the "瓦 kawara ; Roof Tile" (*^.^*) 
At the final civil war around late 18C in Japan, the soldiers would heat kawara tiles and cook wild grass and meat on them, this originated this style.
Picture below is from my post of this January, herons on the roof ;-)

Enjoyed the Yummy Kawara-soba; Thankful for my husband's young friend(^.^)

Golden-ringed dragonfly
On 20th last month, my dragonfly lover husband got so excited finding this Golden-ringed dragonfly "オニヤンマ・oniyanma" outside the back door. He knew this kind of dragonfly does fly back and forth, he said he was waiting for her to come back. He took her inside of the house for me to take pictures. After about 10 minutes photo-session, we released her. She looked really beautiful with Golden Rings☆☆☆

He put the net outside the kitchen to be ready for the sudden luck p;-)

Brown-eared Bulbul 
My friend called me that the Brown-eared Bulbul made a nest on the persimmon tree in her garden. From inside the house through the window, we could see her sweet face in her nest.  My friend was expecting to see babies, but the Bulbul disappeared after staying the nest she made for a long while.

Spring Star 
This flower was blooming this late March in the little park near our housing development. My friend taught me the Japanese name "花ニラ;Flower Oriental garlic".
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