Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Cosmos-Flower from the place called "Sea of Flowers";

*Cosmos Sulphureus*
Late last month, I went to see Cosmos Flower called *Cosmos sulphureus* to the pace called "Sea of Flowers" where is about 40 minutes away by car from my house. Maybe you all know this place from my blog-pages I posted flowers before. Yes, I like visiting this place where provide me or other flower-lovers chance to enjoy beauties of plants. Like other kinds of flowers, I was always fascinated by the varieties of colors we can enjoy from all kinds of seasonal flower. 

*Normal type of one with rice-paddy*
Half a month before the cosmos above, I've taken pictures of pinkish type with the rice-paddy as well, they bloom earlier & we can enjoy this type of color more places than above. I'm happy if you will be able to enjoy Japanese Autum season with rice-paddy p;-)
*I hope you all can enjoy your seasonal color as well*

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Summer-Tastes (watermelon & shaved ice)


*Two types of Summer Tastes*

First One (Watermelon)

Let me show you ”LATE” Two-Types of Summer Tastes I enjoyed recently. It sure is hot now here in Japan. Hope you are not having really hot weather like here where I live.  I found cute illustration of watermelon, please let me use pictures including shaved-ice p;-)  

Second One (Shaved Ice)

Pictures from the Store called "Komeda-shaved-ice-store."
As my husband had a little trouble for his stomach, we couldn't go there to have tasty one of these pictures below recently. I hope you all also can enjoy one of these shaved-ice in your country as well p-;)   Please let me show you some pictures of tasty shaved-ice from the PC's page of the store.  The Japanese letter "氷" means "ice".
So sorry that I have been busy as we had Obon-season when we enjoy family times visiting each other's house or grave-yard.
Wishing you all are not having uncomfortable hot weather; 
 it's really hot summer-season here now p;)

Sunday, July 23, 2023

"Nippon-Maru" & Year 2023 Firework Festival in my City;


Passenger Ship called "Nippon-Maru" *

 On 23rd this month, passenger ship called " Nippon-Maru, 日本丸" stopped at our city port. I enjoyed the gorgeous sight of the ship with my friend. I wonder if any of you have any experience to enjoy the trip with these kinds of ship. I never have... p;-)  
You might hear either "Nihon" or "Nippon" being said referring to Japan. Nihon seems to be a more current pronunciation of the name Nippon. In different areas of Japan, you might hear either Nihon or Nippon being said when a Japanese person is referring to Japan.

*Fireworks on the same day & same place (port)*
On the same day at the harbor, we enjoyed annual "Fireworks day". Let me post a few videos this annual topic again. Please be careful with the big sound of the works.