Sunday, June 21, 2015

Two different kinds of Soba Guests on different Days;

   (posted; Soba Noodle page)     Flowers in the frames are Soba-flowers.

*We had Two different kinds of Soba Guests on 7th and 13th this month*

        Adult guests from band group my husband involved
The lady who plays the keyboard in the band had wished to try making soba "蕎麦打ち, soba-uchi".  The other is the vocalist who loves soba noodle and seemed to have fun watching how noodle is made.
After making dough first; as you can see, she was carefully observing how husband does and how the process should be.  It seems "spreading the dough evenly thin" and "the cutting" is the  two hardest parts.  She looked quite motivated♡♡♡

Now , her turn to try♪
Soba noodle she made was excellent 'soft and evenly cut'.  My husband said marvelous job and even cannot believe it was her first try. We had nice soba lunch time and enjoyed chatting togather♬♬♬

         ♪ Husband's ex-lady collage and her daughter
She approved my posting her daughter (maybe my old friends might notice she has grown a little).  She's become an elementary school student this year.  She's having piano lesson for a while and played us the music she learned♬♬♬  

Of course, she has to take a little English lesson from me p:-)
The 'LEGO' she's making was the congratulatory present for her from us. We asked her mom what she might want to have in advance.  Oh, she has amazing concentration 'Surprised us' seeing how she'd finished making all that by herself in a short while during the visit☆☆☆

Always Happy seeing she enjoys my husband's soba a lot and ate them up♪ Lunch with her Lovely Smiling Face♡♡♡

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*Happy Father's Day everyone* 
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It's been a bit out of shape days with rash on my face (first time in my life) etc.  Hoping to get better but still trying to figure out the reason (maybe cosmetics), as the medicines from the doctor not working at the moment.   See You Soon!!!


  1. Sad to read the last part of you blog ..I get it often through the antibiotica .. Hope is going quik better with you ..

  2. Hello Miyako, sounds like a fun time with your guests. It is wonderful the Soba making was a success and the cute little one taking piano lessons looks happy with her present too. Wonderful post, I hope your rash disappears. Take care and have a happy new week!

  3. What lovely times you had with your soba guests! Sounds like the lady from band did great job making soba for the first time! I bet your husband's instruction was good and she had such fun time :-) And looks like your husband's ex-colleague and her daughter had a great time with you, too! How sweet of you to get a present. The little lady is very bright and skilled to finish building Lego in very short time!

    I'm sorry to read about your rash. I hope it'll go away soon. Take care and have a lovely day xoxo

  4. I hope you get soon better with the rash!

    Nice photos!

  5. oh, so sorry about the rash! i hope it will clear quickly! you poor dear.

    enjoyed the soba noodle guests! the first woman did an excellent job, apparently! glad your husband was impressed! and i always enjoy your husband's ex-colleague and her daughter when the visit you. what a nice gift you gave her daughter.

  6. Good morning! So sorry about your rash, hopefully it's not serious and will disappear quickly. Amazing series of noodle making, how exciting, and tasty too. I like the Lego display too, we are gigantic fans of all kinds of Lego building too! Enjoy your weekend and happiness into next week!

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    So sorry about your rash. I had one on my eyes and around for about two months and I changed my eye makeup remover. Guess I got sensitive to the previous one?
    Can't believe either that a first-time soba making student followed through in such way; surely making your husband/teacher feel very proud!
    The former colleague of your husband with her cute daughter is always fun to see. You spoil them with lovely gifts and delicious food...
    Hugs and love from across the ocean to my Japanese friend!

  8. So sorry about your rash. I loved the story about the soba noodles (I love soba noodles). So much fun watching them make the noodles. So nice of you to give the cute little one a gift and I bet she loves playing the piano. Happy Monday!

  9. Hello Miyako,
    I really enjoyed seeing the photos of the soba noodle lesson. Is that your beautiful kitchen?
    Sorry to hear about your rash - I hope you find a solution soon. Have a good week.


  10. Fabulous lunch...I remember the first time I tasted soba taste some home made like this would be heavenly.

  11. What a delightful way to spend the day. The joy of cooking and eating together whilst chatting and enjoying one another's company.

  12. Sorry about your rash. Hope you find something that could cure it or find out what caused it in the first place.

    I am more of a ramen girl. My husband loves soba though.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  13. What fine company you had! I think your husband is a very good teacher that the lady learned so quickly. Your other friend's little girl is growing! I'm so glad to know she loves the soba. Kids that age everywhere must love Legos ... That was a good gift choice! I am sorry about your rash and hope you and the Dr can get it figured out.

  14. Your husband must explain and demonstrate very well for the lady to make good soba for her first try.
    I hope you find the cause of your rash. Sometimes we form an allergy to a long time friendly product, it happened to me before.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Miyako.

  15. I'd love to make soba with you! Lovely shots.

  16. I hope that your rash is clearing up nicely. The post shows a delightful time creating a meal together from scratch. The little one, is such a sweet little lady~

  17. Hi Miyako San!
    Soba-Vhi The school student she having piano lessson of the music and English lesson from you. She has enjoyed your husband's soba Oishy desune!
    Your husband a ex-colliague and her daughter had Kawaii- desune.
    Have a nice weekend!
    Next time no Pop-up Window Omatishimasu!
    Ogenki-ni Okurashi kudasai mase!