Sunday, June 28, 2015

'Fun Bazaar' at the Gallery;

   *Fun Bazaar at the Gallery in our city near my friend's house*  
On 10th this month, my friend and I went to see the "Bazaar" at Ogawa-Gallery located near my friend's house. I hope you can enjoy the varieties of items (pottery, glass and wood works, accessories etcwe could buy there.

These owl faced item is a mosquito (repellent) coil container♪  

I wish the time brings us happy old couple's life for us, in near future p:-)  

Lovely Wind bells♪
The note said "Different wind will blow tomorrow’ like 'Tomorrow is another day'

Dolls made of Japanese paper;
I missed to take pictures of these, kindly my friend sent them through pc :-)

I loved to see these gorgeous hats and caps;

In the picture below left-side "broach and scarf ring"

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Bit early posting for memes as I'll be a bit busy tomorrow.  I hope you're or will have a wonderful Sunday and coming new week.  I'll catch up with you as best I can♪

Thank you very much for stopping by; I always appreciate your sweet visits;
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  1. So many charming items.I really like the wind bells.

  2. What a lovely bazaar. It's so much fun to see those pretty items. The owl katori-senko container is so cute! And I love the fu-rin with the perfect quote for it and a picture of suika :-)
    I hope your rash conditions are getting better. Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san!

  3. Hello Miyako, the bazaar has many beautiful items. Some of my favorites are the owl faces and pottery. I like the happy old couple too. Thank you for sharing your visit to the gallery! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  4. i like that saying: a different wind will blow tomorrow. it gives hope. :)
    lovely items!

  5. very beautiful! Love the owls!

  6. Good early morning from KY, USA and what a great thing to be able to have these kinds of things to sell in ones home. I hope that your friend did very well. I loved the little Owls mosquito rings and containers very much, how adorable they are. Happy week~

  7. I can only imagine how delightful your day must have been. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Hi Miyako San!
    Mosquito coil container was very nice to used in Summer's time..
    Tocki are lovely wind bells wa some of gorgeous hat kiraidasune....
    Our word Tuesday are beautiful eys I don't have mind are only japanese people?
    Have a wonderful time with Otosan tone!

  9. What a wonderful bazaar! I would have wanted one of everything!!!! Ha! I know you had a great time. Happy Monday!

  10. A wonderful bazaar with talented artisans. I always enjoy the modern pottery items such as the owls and the display of hats was very interesting.
    Thank you for linking with Mosaic Monday Miyako.

  11. I enjoyed this tour with you. Thanks. So many nice things to see.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  12. Hello Miyako, you've shown us such a beautiful collection of pottery and wares from the Gallery! I love the owl container for insect coils... such a great idea.
    There are so many beautiful items, and they're all so well presented. The wind chimes are sweet and I do love all the mugs and some very modern tea pots on the table! Great to see, thank you very much and best wishes :D)

  13. Oh what lovely objects and I especially love the hats!

  14. I really like some of the pottery especially the large vase in the first photo.

  15. Handmade items such as these are beautiful. I love having the things around me that I use each day be lovely as well as useful. I really like the pottery.

  16. That is the best kind of shopping! I saw many things I liked, but the happy old couple was my favorite. I think they looked like us ;)). (Feeling a bit old but very happy today as we spent the day with our great-grandsons ages 5 and 8. Whew, they kept us running!)