Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rainy Season Varieties etc;

On my way back from the dermatologist for my face trouble on 19th, I found light yellowish Hydrangea blooming along with pink one and Agapanthus. Hydrangea again; but this color made me feel refreshing and has summer atmosphere :-)

 I stopped by my favorite cake shop to treat me some (eased my stress p:-)  
Loved the yellow umbrella with frogs♪

        *Fence picture for Tex's meme;*  
I could take this fence 'out side of '  the front door  while stopping for red light.  
I like the stylish fence made of wood and bamboo♪

         *And the moon I could  take on 28th*
  On that day, we had Sunny Spells during the period of rainy season "梅雨・tuyu".  
        Two Chinese charterers literally mean "Japanese apricot. rain". 
                  As we have fruits of them during the period.

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I'm SO relieved that my rash on my face gradually got better after changing facial cleanser and  basic skin-care products.  Guess our physical constitution change as we age p:-)
Thank you very much for stopping by; I always appreciate your sweet visits;
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  1. I hope your facetrouble very soon be over ... Very nice shop and love the white flowers also one of min favoriets..

  2. Hello Miyako, I love your pretty flowers and images. I am sure the cake shop has many treats to make you feel better. I hope your rash is gone or getting better now. Great fence finds and I love the beautiful moon photo. Great post. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. Olá Miyako, lindas as suas imagens. Eu adoro agapantos!
    A loja de bolos me parece um ótimo lugar para relaxar... :)
    Que bom saber que seu rosto está melhor, espero que fique totalmente bem o quanto antes.

  4. Lovely photos! I hope your skin problems are soon over

  5. Such lovely hydrangea and agapanthus blooms! The light yellow color of hydrangea reminds me of clean cotton clothes...definitely feels refreshing :-)
    Your favorite cake shop is having such a pretty decoration. I love the shop changes decoration for seasons and holidays. Always fun to see what they have there! And such beautiful fence and moon photos.
    Glad your skin is getting better. Have a lovely day, Miyako san!

  6. Beautiful blooms. The hydrangeas are my favorites!

  7. Hello Dearest Miyako. It is good to have a special treat occasionally. Your photos are wonderful as always. They cheer me very much. Hope your skin problems continue to improve. I have problems with certain skin products because I have very sensitive skin and can get an allergic reaction to some. I wish you a very happy week dear friend. Denise xox

  8. I love your header picture today, it is so pretty. Your flower photos are also beautiful. I envy the way you get such good moonshots as well, I don't seem able to do that :( One day maybe :)

    Greetings from New Zealand,Diana

  9. Gorgeous flowers! I'm so glad your skin problem is getting better. Take care. Big hugs to you. :-)

  10. hydrangeas are my favorite! hope you skin problems are getting better! Love from Italy

  11. Such beautiful sights and well captured!

  12. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely post with perfect Hydrangea and Agapanthus.
    Glad your face is getting better and with patience and tender care for your self you will soon be okay.
    Good idea for treating you to something from your favorite cake shop.
    Sending you hugs and blessings.

  13. Miyako san!
    I never hearlist of few bad thing Waruikoto bakari..Hydrengea still beutiful.
    After summer time everything to be back in OKay.
    All your family and happy time your home too.
    Happy you has Otosan tone!
    Okaradani kiotukete kudasai mase.
    I trying not getting from bad cold in our weather's time.

  14. Such pretty shots. I'm glad to hear your face is feeling better. I've thrown out all my cleansers and creams with chemicals in and use cold-pressed organic oils instead.

  15. great fence shot but the flowers and Moon shots steal the show for me this week

  16. Gorgeous in every nook and cranny today!!! Beautiful blossoms, great fencing AND wonderful moon shot.

  17. so glad your face is better! the moon shot is AWESOME! i know you love that great cake shop. and i love the fence and entrance at that home. thanks, miyako!

  18. Good morning Miyako, first I'm so happy you discovered your face rash and things are better! Incredible flowers, I'd visit and scoop up their goodies too, what a charming place even just to wander about without buying much. Excellent fences too! Enjoy your day, and all that sunshine.

  19. Enjoyed your post, especially the flowers.

  20. Hi Miyako, hope you are feeling better. Lovely flowers you share and the fence photo is wonderful. Looks like such a sweet shop to browse and so glad you enjoyed a treat. It always makes one feel better!!
    Have a special day and enjoy!!
    Hugs, CM

  21. Great fences find. Beautiful flowers and all your colorful trimmings.

    Do you have Shingles just read you have a rash.

  22. beautiful photos..hope your rash has gone away!

  23. So good to hear that your rash has been clearing up.
    You do find the prettiest flowers to share.
    That sweet shot looks wonderful, they sure package everything up so pretty.
    Very neat fence, I like the Bamboo very much.
    Neat shot of the moon.

  24. That is a very attractive fence. I love the pastel colors of the lovely flowers in the first set. The moon shot is fantastic.

  25. I have both hydrangea and agaphantus in my garden. Aren't they just pretty?

    Worth a Thousand Words

  26. What a collection of beautiful photos and I love your moon photograph.

  27. Beautiful moon photo and I love your gorgeous flower photos too. Your summer looks wonderful -it's winter here in Australia.

  28. gorgeous blooms and the moon shot is stunningly beautiful.

  29. Hydrangea is a pH plant, so i only know red and blue and variations in between. I wonder now what is the pH if it is green, haha, but it is so beautiful. And your moon, i love it too as even as you cropped it to that very big size, it is still very clear. I am envious.

  30. Lovely moon and flowers, Orchid. Great that you are healing!

  31. What a beautiful photo collection! You have a beautiful blog also!

  32. Dearest Miyako, the pyramidal forms of hydrangeas are pretty too, and the pink ones look good with the agapanthus. The cake shop wraps the cakes in such pretty packaging, they would cheer anyone up. I'm glad you found help with your rash. I like the white fence too, rather lacy.

  33. The moon shot is just beautiful! Hydrangeas are a wonderful flower... We have them here, but I have never seen that color... And yellow flowers are always my favorites?

  34. Hello Miyako San. Good to hear you have got over your rash.
    A lovely post as usual with some stunning images of wonderful Summer flowers.
    Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme, I look forward to your next entry.