Saturday, October 11, 2014

Two kinds of Butterflies with Boneset flower;

At the end of last month on our way home from errand, I stopped by next city's mountain side where we can enjoy leisure facilities and so on. I knew Boneset  flowers were blooming (hiyodori-bana in Japanese). Its name originated from Brown-eared Bulbul (hiyodori) starting to sing around the same time of Boneset's blooming season. 

*Cyrestis thyodamas (ishigake-chou)*
I was really amazed with this my first finding of  beautiful white butterfly. I'm not sure if this kind is rare or  not, have you ever seen?

*Polygonia c-aureum*

*Clerodendrum trichotomum*
While I was walking down, I found this flower. There was a sign which explains that the season is summer and there was a picture with beautiful black butterfly landing with this flower. Well, next summer:-)  And also said that this plant's leaves and stems have strong smell if you tear them. Lucky that these two were waiting for me :-)

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  1. oh, that white one is just amazing! all lovely photos!

  2. Oh, Miyako, I so love the white butterfly, as I have never seen one quite like this. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs from Texas

  3. Wow, such beautiful butterfly photos! The white one looks like a stained glass window. I found a name on google- Common Map, Cyrestis thyodamas mabella.
    The Clerodendrum is pretty, I think some people grow it here. It looks like butterflies would like it. Hugs, Hannah

  4. never seen that beautiful white one before and it looks like stain glass. Have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful photos. The first butterfly is amazing.

  6. Flores e borboletas sempre nos encantam! Lindo! bjs, chica

  7. Hello Miiyako, your butterflies are gorgeous.. I love the first white butterfly with the pretty markings.. Lovely photos! Thank you so much for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  8. Hi Miyako san. The hiyodori-bana are blooming so beautifully! And the butterflies are very pretty. Ishigake-cho does look very unfamiliar to me. Very unique wings it's got.
    Love all your photos. So lovely!

    I hope your area is not affected by typhoon severely. Please stay safe, Miyako san. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. We have Boneset here in Canada too and the plant is a butterfly magnet. That white butterfly is so pretty!

  10. 。°°。✿⊱。
    Não sei o que é mais belo: as borboletas ou as flores!

    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil°°。✿

  11. Thank you for such magical beauty. Butterflies are so very precious!

  12. The butterflies are gorgeous and I like the pretty flowers too. Have a wonderful weekend. BIG hugs from Finland.

  13. Beautiful butterflies! I especially love that unusual white one. And the flowers are lovely! Yes, I'd love to see this garden in the spring as well. Maybe you will come across the black butterfly then too. Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako!

  14. Oh how wonderful Miyako! the white one looks like stained glass -- as if a wonderful artist had created an imaginary butterfly even more beautiful than any real one!

    Beautiful flowers as well. I'm glad you're planning to go back next year (or sooner) -- this is the kind of place where you will see something different each time you visit.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Stunning butterflies and wonderful photos.

  16. Wonderful shots, Miyako. The first butterfly has wings that look like stained glass. So beautiful!

  17. Miyako, such gorgeous butterflies !
    I love your beautiful photos !
    Have a nice weekend :)

  18. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely and unique butterflies you captured on camera.
    The Clerodendrum is one of the many species indeed. The stems and leaves often have a funny smell, compared with the highly fragrant flowers. That's why I never bring the leaves inside the home when I cut the white little 'rose-like' flowers from our Clerodendrum Philippinum 'Cashmere Bouquet'.
    Enjoy your Sunday and sending you love.

  19. Miyako San!
    You has two kind of butter flies with Boneed flower Hiyodori bana I'm not sure if this kind is rare or not,have you ever seen...
    You are doing always beautiful things from Japan I like very much Miyako San & Otosan!
    Have a nice time day!

  20. Those butterflies are so exotic! Beautiful photos, Miyako!

  21. i love the white butterfly. i don't think i have ever seen one before!