Monday, October 13, 2014

Chestnut Rice etc;

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Let me post chestnut rice this year again :-)
Peeling is my husband's job.

Tasting them with right after boiled is delicious as well ♪
Even though I don't like my husband messes the table when we eat them with spoon, p:-)

I wonder how you eat chestnuts.

*Early Halloween Topic*
This is the front door declaration of my friend's house.
I'll post about her embroidery works with another post later.

  Weight application game;
At the supermarket close to my house, winners of this game was announced. You can see the weight of them with enlarged picture. The winner who guessed the exact weight of both pumpkin won the melon worth 3,000.
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I will be a lot freer next couple days; promise catching up soon☆☆☆

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  1. What a lovely front door entry your friend has, and the rice looks delicious!

  2. The rice looks good; I think I told you before that I have never eaten a chestnut. And I would love to try one. Sometimes I have seen roasted ones around the Christmas Holidays, but I have never bought any. I don't know why. We usually like to try new foods.

    Your friends sampler is beautiful (she too must be interested in the English language .)

    It surprises me that Halloween is a big Holiday in Japan. I've seen 'guess the weight' contests here ... but I am never good at that sort of thing. Not good with numbers and logic at all!

  3. Rice with chestnuts sounds delicious. I've never seen a chestnut peeling tool, cool! I usually boil them in the shells, I cut x's with a knife first. I cut them in half and scoop the nut meat out, or use a knife, and hope for the best. The embroidery is very pretty, it must have taken a lot of work. The decorations are cute!

  4. Sounds and looks delicious.

    I have never tasted chestnuts, they are very rare here in Finland.

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    In Italy we ate chestnuts that got roasted in the oven; still hot and than peeling them and they were so yummy!
    Your chestnut rice will be lovely too; no doubt.
    Eating them with a spoon, after boiling them, will be hard I guess, maybe a tiny pastry fork would work better. I've never eaten them like that...

  6. Well, Miyako, I'm going to have to try to find chestnuts so I can find out how they taste. I've never had one. I do like rice, however. I've eaten boiled peanuts before, but wasn't too impressed with that. Have a wonderful week! Hugs from Texas

  7. lovely entrance, and decoration halloween,greeting from Belgium.

  8. I look forward to seeing more of the embroidery. I'm surprised that Halloween is celebrated in Japan!

  9. cute supermarket contest. i like your friend's decor, too. and i bet the rice is delicious.

  10. I had chestnuts yesterday in my order of cashew chicken! I see you have a newspaper to help your husband keep the mess to a minimum. :) It all looks delicious.

  11. I do love roasted chestnuts!

  12. Yummmmm your kuri gohan looks so good, Miyako san! Now that you mentioned, I remember eating chestnut with spoon when I was small!
    Your friend's Halloween decoration is very cute. Love those square cups with illustrations. And embroidery work looks very gorgeous!
    What a fun game for Halloween to guess weight of pumpkins :-) Have a lovely day, Miyako san!

  13. That rice dish sounds to be scrumptious. I love rice. Fixed just about any way too.

    Of course, I LOVE Halloween so this was an extra special treat for me. Loved it.

    It's been years since I've embroidered.

  14. I love the taste of sweet chestnuts but I've never thought of putting them with rice.

  15. Chestnuts aren't common in the US. and I've only tasted a roasted one once. I didn't know Halloween was celebrated in Japan, and the guess the weight contest looks like fun.

  16. Dear Miyako,

    The rice and chestnut dish looks yummy. Also how gorgeous the Sampler in the front entrance - lovely.
    Wishing you a happy week dear friend
    love and hugs

  17. I think those chestnuts look hard to peel! Ive never eaten one, but your rice dish looks delicious. I like your friend's sampler.

  18. Lovely post and photos Miyako ~ all very pretty ~ Chestnuts? Not eaten much here but they look delicious ~ xoxoxox

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor) ~ Happy Week to you!

  19. A lovely post as always, Miyako!! I do love your photos, as always! I do love chestnuts!! I love Halloween, too, looks like great fun there!! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!!

  20. Wow! It was very Chesnut for your husband he has messes the table..well done wall about messes ha ha
    When weight of with enlarged picture who winner weight of both pumpkin won the worth $3,000.
    It was fantastic time I love to be there Miyako San!
    Have a nice time with Otosan tone!

  21. Hello Miyako, the rice dish does sound s delicious.. Your friend has a beautiful decorations.. I love the pumpkin carving, we have a contest on the pumpkin weight too. Enjoy and have a happy week!

  22. The rice looks yumm.
    I liked the entrance shots too.

  23. I've never actually tasted a chestnut. Looks like getting the shell off can be a chore. - Margy

  24. i love chestnuts! the chestnut peeler you have looks amazing :) i love roasting them but i'm gonna have to have them with my rice! yum!