Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dragonfly and Rubbish

While fiddling with pc looking for the place to see dragonfly, I found this place. As you can see, lots of green around the rice paddy and good environment for dragonfly♪ 
Catch Phrase of this place is "Starting Station of  Rice Paddy and Dragonflies"

"Satoyama biotoup Futamatase"
*Entrance with the Wooden Gate*
Rhyothemis fuliginosa; we call 'cho-tonbo 蝶トンボ, butterfly dragonfly'.
Funny name but their wings are rather wide :-)
Golden-ringed dragonfly
Sympetrum uniforme 
Common skimmer 
We have different names "male→shiokara-tonbo female→mugiwara-tonbo"
C.atrata  We call 'haguro tonbo 羽黒トンボ, black winged dragonfly'

scarecrow (you have really new dress, don't you♪)

I wish these old waterwheel and bridge fit for Rubbish Tuesday.

Unknown flower I found there.
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  1. That butterfly dragonfly is awesome! You got some great shots. Love the old water wheel and bridge. Certainly perfect for Rubbish Tuesday. Thanks for linking up!

  2. the scarecrow is cute! lovely water wheel. i really like the butterfly dragonfly. very pretty!

  3. Que belas fotos e tinha um escorpião?

    Ui, que medo! bjs, lindo setembro! chica

  4. Dear Miyako,

    Love all the pretty dragonflies and even thought the unknown flowers looked like one too.
    The scarecrow is cute and had to look again as it looks so much like a person.
    Happy September dear friend
    sending hugs and greetings from NZ

  5. beautiful dragonfly images Miyako. And I really like your rubbish images too.

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely photos and especially the very first species you showed us.

  7. I love the dragonflies, they're so pretty. Your rubbish photos are beautiful, especially the bridge. Many hugs from Finland!

  8. Love these images. So amazing that they are so many species. The butterfly dragonfly looks interesting

  9. The scarecrow fooled me. The dragonflies are all lovely, the first one really looks like it has butterfly wings.

  10. Great shots a really nice collection.

  11. Many lovely photo's once again Miyako. You catch some beautiful insect shots, and I always loved the ornamental gates in Japan. The one in this post is just a bit more rustic.
    By the way I didn't make my second blog public till a couple of weeks ago, it was just a personal challenge for a start but now I have decided to join in with some of the fun things happening and use that one to do it.

    Blessings from New Zealand,

  12. Love the waterwheel!!!! And the dark blue dragonfly is one I've not seen before. Pretty.

  13. Oh those are lovely shots! So you also have lots of dragonflies in temperate Japan, i thought they are just happy with the tropical climates. I love that short makeshift bridge too.

    Regarding hoyas, you should read some few posts i did before this last one, i assure you they are more beautiful and more elegant than this present post. Thanks.

  14. I've never seen anything like that butterfly dragon - It is beautiful!!! As are the other dragonflies, with their more normal wings!!
    I love the old water wheel, and that it is still being used!!

  15. Great collection. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  16. So nice of you to share so many different, interesting sights. Loved seeing things from your part of the world.

  17. Hi Miyako san. Wow, this is such a nice place! Love seeing all the different dragonflies. The cho-tonbo is very pretty!
    The scarecrow looks almost like a real person. I guess he (she?) gets his clothes washed regularly :-)
    The scenery with waterwheel is very calming and relaxing.

    Have a great day, Miyako san!

  18. It is lovely to see your part of the world. Very beautiful and lovely photos. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  19. That waterwheel is amazing! Love the dragonflies and the bridge and the scarecrow! Great post!

  20. You've found a great place to search for dragonflies!

  21. I am amazed at the scare crow, as it looks quite different from one here in the states. I had no idea there were so many different dragonflies. That water wheel has probably run many gallons water over it's paddles. Hugs from Texas

  22. Hello Miyako! Oh what wonderful dragonfly photos. You can really see the detail of these amazing insects. And you even caught a mating wheel which I have only done a couple of times. Wow!. Wonderful post for this week's Nature Notes.. Thank you so very much.. Michelle

  23. beautiful. i remember as a child i used to go chasing them with a net and a little plastic cage that looked like a lunch box :)

  24. Wonderful shots of the dragonflies and looks like a magical place.

  25. Hi Miyako san!
    I like very much of Hguro tonbo black winod draonfly Cho-Tonbo and dragonflies all clothes.
    Watasimo Mucashine kawari machita!
    Have a nice day! Otosan- tone!

  26. Beautiful photos, I've tried so many times to capture dragonflies but I've never been as successful as you.

  27. I've never seen Cho-tonbo.It's lovely blue. And I've never known Shiokara is male, Mugiwara is female.There are many dragonfly in Satoyama,I wonder. The season of red dragonfly is coming soon.
    Have a nice day!

  28. Love the old water wheel, and the scarecrow is cute! Beautiful pics of the different dragonflies. Have a great day!

  29. Very beautiful and colorful dragonflies, Dear Miyako! I can't pick a favorite, but I do like the black-winged dragonfly. Such a lovely and peaceful place with the pretty bridge, water wheel and very life-like scarecrow! Wishing you a lovely week. Hugs xo Karen

  30. Hello Miyako!:) This is a special post with so much to see,... don't know how I missed it. Wonderful how you found so many dragonflies, my favourite is the butterfly one, so very pretty.
    Loved the wheel, and bridge and the very human like figure of the scarecrow.
    Hope you are keeping well my friend. Warm hugs