Sunday, August 31, 2014

Decoration at Airport and Expensive Fish Dish;

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When I went to our city's airport to get tickets, I found this "Gold Fish Lantern" decoration.  I've already posted about this last year but let me show you again by using this years pictures. A coincidence vising there around the same season.

One of the cities in my prefecture (Yanai-city) has "goldfish lantern festival"It was originated through the idea of famous festival called Nebuta Matsuri and used the city's dyeing technique to make them. The lantern became its city's folk-craft article. 

*This year, there was another fish decoration "puffer-fish"* 
From this page; Expensive set dish from restaurant with Sashimi and Nabe
Shimonoseki-city in my prefecture is famous for good fish-catches of Puffer Fish (fugu 河豚). It is enjoyed since more than 2,300 years ago. There were times (mainly, Edo period) prohibited to eat by Shognate, but the first Prime-Minister Hirobumi Ito liked it when he happened to have it. It was the trigger of lifting a bun. Sashimi is delicious but I rarely buy them just because of the price p:)  These are the Wikipedia and Fugu dish pages for the reference. 

*About the flower called 'Gold Fish'*
          The flower of the header above I used for this post before; 
Snapdragon; kingyo-so; 金魚草" in Japanese. Literally means "goldfish flower". This flower was introduced into Japan late Edo-Period and became popular since then. The Netherlands, it's called 'Leeuwenbekjes', winch means 'little Lion's mouths' in English. Interesting how we take the image differently. 
Thanks to Tex and Mariette, I could know these names last year.
There are 2 theories naming the flower goldfish.
        * Snapdragon'petal looks like puckered lips of the goldfish.
      * The whole shape of the flower look like goldfish's tail fin.
You may remember this explanation from last year as well; 
Thank you so much for reading this long post..


  1. Hello Miyako, I remember your Golfish Lantern festival from last year..I love the big Goldfish Lantern and the Puffer-fish.. I am not sure if it is good news that the ban was lifted or is it bad news? It is bad the cost is so high. Enjoy the festival..have a happy new week!

  2. Hi, Dear Eileen;
    Fugu filleted by licensed people is safe. Just we shouldn't do it by ourselves. I wish I could afford to eat more during the season which is winter :-)
    I think it is good that we can have tasty sashimi♪
    Love and Hugs; Miyako*

  3. i love your fish and your snapdragons, too. i would not be interested in eating a puffer fish, however. :)

  4. I remember the beautiful display of goldfish and kingyo-so from last year's post!
    Love the decoration of goldfish swimming in the air :-) And fugu! Actually I don't think I've tried fugu before. Especially when I was little, I was kind of afraid of poison they have. Didn't know the history. So Hirobumi Ito contributed to the ban to be lifted. Another accomplishment :-)

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    You always surprise me... Lovely gold fish and the story about your expensive fish is very special.
    Haha, mentioning the Dutch 'Leeuwenbekjes' or diminutive lions mouth.
    Sending you love and hugs,

  6. So many goldfish lanterns! They look so festive hanging there.

    I'm fascinated that snapdragons are called goldfish flowers there.

  7. I think I will skip eating puffer fish, but the decorations are beautiful. Love those snapdragons.

  8. What great decorations!

  9. Miyako ~ always so fascinating to learn about your world ~ Love the colorful fish decorations and the elegant fish dish for OWT ~ xoxox

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Those fish look very decorative. Enjoy your week.

  11. I would like to taste puffer fish once to see why it is so delicious. I like the goldfish paper lanterns. They are so big and colorful.

  12. the flowers are so beautiful. i love sushi and sashimi :)

  13. I'm not feeling frisky enough to try puffer fish but your photography is beautiful,

    Please link up at

  14. I love these informative posts. There is a arboretum in Washington D.C. and there is a section dedicated to a Japanese style garden. One day there was these fish kites? that were flown in the air and someone let us know that they usually fly it during Children's Day? I'm not sure if that was true but it was very pretty to see.

  15. Hello Dear Miyako, I hope you are well. Your post is delightful and I used to grow snapdragons... it was very interesting to read how other countries name them. Always fun to see anothers' point of view.
    I love the lanterns, they make for a happy and colourful scene.
    Sorry I haven't been around much lately - but it's been hard to keep up with everyone so I am catching up very slowly, one or two blogfriends per day.
    Kind regards, Susan :D)