Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Project;

(posted; Soba Noodle page)    Posting earlier to appreciate helps I had for the previous post.
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This student of mine tried making Soba-noodle for her one of the summer homework, which can be called 'Free Research'. Her mother took pictures how she did and the girl will put them together for her homework with her own writing. 

             *My husband showed the whole process at first*
She is carefully observing how he does; 
Well-Done, my sweet girl♪
    We ate Soba together for lunch. I think you all must be familiar with my soba guests. 
    I'll skip that part p;)  For my new friend, please click my Soba link page in my sidebar.
    The top page of the link is all explanation about Soba.)

* For an extra, this is the summer decoration of my favorite cake shop*

PS> Thank you SO much my friends. I checked "Phlox Paniculata" and found the Japanese name It is called 'kusa-kyochiku-to, クサキョウチクトウ' in Japanese and found in this page.  I really appreciate your help and thankful for blogging♡♡♡

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  1. Everyone should learn to cook!

    Nice idea for a school project.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Hello Miyako, I would have loved to have learned to make the Soba-noodle as a school homework project.. What fun! I love the bakery shot, so many pretty packages.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. Que lindas fotos e projeto! beijos, ótima semana,chica

  4. Wow this is such a great summer project for the girl! Soba-making experience sure will make a great report for homework and also wonderful memory :-)
    Your favorite cake shop always amazes me. What a pretty decoration!

    Glad you found out the name of the flower. Blog friends are the best :-)
    Have a lovely Sunday evening and I wish you a happy new week!

  5. she is adorable and obviously a good student!

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    That is such a joy to teach young girls something as important as the making of soba noodles. Your husband is so good at that!

  7. Dear Miyako,

    How lovely that your husband is teaching the girl to make soba noodles. Such a great experience for her. Also loved seeing your favourite cake shop - how tempting it would be seeing all the sweets.
    Happy week

  8. Hello Miyako!:) To welcome a new year with food is a tradition in most countries, but I had never heard of Soba Noodles. Great photos of your husband teaching the sweet young girl to make it. Such a good hobby to have.It's a very attractive display in your favourite cake shop also.
    Warm hugs!:)

  9. Great 'how to' photos of your traditons for OWT ~ Happy Week to you, Miyako and family ~ xoxox

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Your student looks as though she is concentrating hard and no doubt will produce some excellent homework.

  11. She is indeed adorable and what a great class for your husband to teach! You are both obviously very caring and generous people, Miyako!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Wonderful!! Have a great week!

  12. what a skill to have - to be able to make soba noodles. yum.

  13. Mmmm...soba noodles! YUM. She looks like she is memorizing every single task. What a great student!

  14. what a great student and she met a great teacher!

  15. How helpful and kind you and your husband are, my dear friend! I'm sure those lessons will be ones she remembers for a lifetime. I love the decorations in the cake shop -wonderful!

  16. What a great skill to learn!

  17. How amazing to make one's own soba noodles. I bet it tastes fantastic too!

  18. Oh yes, the best way to learn - observe the instructor first and then do the project yourself as he watches.
    I love the huge wooden bowl that is used to make the noodles.
    The bakery has many pretty packages to entice the customers.
    Thank you Miyako for linking to MM.

  19. Oh I love soba noodles and to eat those fresh made is heaven...and then those cakes. beautiful decorations.

  20. Oh... I love s omuch this project!! So lovely to have homemade noodles... Have a good week!

  21. She is learning from experts. An expert soba cook and an expert English teacher! Lucky girl. Lunch sounds amazing.

    I meant to tell you in your latest post (the butterfly) that my husband waits in the car for me quite often as does yours. (He can't walk as much as I can either.)