Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cherry blossoms "part 2." Flower viewing 花見 in 2013

These pictures were taken last Sunday at our park in my city.  People were enjoying to stroll and have lunch under the cherry blossoms. I felt warm seeing old, young couples and families having splendid time together admiring flowers. Especially little children's bright faces were wonderful♡♡♡  I felt really reminiscent when I was with my parents when young; and feeding the swans we used to have (400 of them are no longer here due to the bird flu). Instead, I found just two ducks(^^;) 
As usual, I think enlarged pictures may slightly better, friends p;)

I DO hope you all are having wonderful week, my friends. 


  1. Such amazing blossoms, so lovely!

  2. Oh, how gorgeous, my dear friend! AS I was looking at these beautiful pictures, I imagined what it must be like, strolling though, sitting under them, and just enjoying them. Thank you for taking us with you.

    And the two little ducks...I hope they get other feathered friends soon.

  3. Oh Miyako, last time I saw cherry blossoms in bloom I was a little girl, we went to Washington, DC. Such beautiful photos, park looks lovely. Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend. xo

  4. the potted gardens on the steps are lovely! beautiful colors amid the softer cherry blossoms. so pretty! glad you found the ducks. sad about the swans.

  5. That Park is magnificent! I'd be so happy strolling there. And I know exactly what you mean, it is the sort of place that would bring back warm and happy memories for me too.

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    What a feast for the eye! But it broke my heart to read that those 400 swans are gone since the bird flu. Too bad as they are the most serene and majestic looking water birds!
    Enjoy this dream of cherry blossoms!
    Hugs to you,

  7. Oh how beautiful! I have always thought the cherry blossoms in Japan sound beautiful. It looks as though spring is right on time there. So sorry to hear you lost so many ducks to the bird flu.

  8. Wooo how beautiful are these all these pictures have brighten my afternoon.......

  9. Woooow! How beautiful! I wish I could fly over there right now and enjoy ohanami!! I will bring rice ball and green tea and hanami dango for dessert :-)
    T's too sad swans are no longer there. But these ducks must be cheering up many visitors :-) It's almost weekend. Hope you have many more days to enjoy sakura!