Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cherry blossoms "part 1" in 2013

(posted; Japanese culture page) 
Cherry blossoms from a couple of places close to my house. Flowers were not fully bloomed and I wish you to enjoy just the atmosphere of our precious beautiful transient flower.  I know my pictures do not justify the beauty of them(^^;)  
Almost all the schools have Japanese cherry trees so that the new students can enjoy the blossoms at the time of entrance ceremony or when the new school year starts.
The cherry blossoms in my first picture is from our cherry tree. The tree bravely survived standing behind my husband's hobby room, after considerable amount of its branches having been cut. 

* Next city's park in the small mountain

* River side of Near my father's care-center; very cloudy day(^^;)
I could take him to stroll around here when he was still in a better condition.

*Between the buildings and a girl was enjoying jumping rope
Today (Sunday Night here; Sorry for changing the header bit early) I've been to my city's park, which has a big lake, to take pictures for post "part 2"  p;)  
There were many people enjoying "花見 hanami, cherry blossom viewing"

We have 2 kinds of phrases related to cherry blossoms. 
花冷え、hanabie  "chill in cherry blossom time"
花曇り、hanagumori  "cloudiness in cherry blossom time"

I wished to go there with my friend but she had a cold, it is true we can easily get one when season changes too.  
Take Care of Yourselves and wishing your Easter is or was a splendid one♡♡♡  

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  1. Such lovely pictures, thank you for such a nice walk!

  2. Hello Miyako, I love your beautiful Cherry Blossoms. They are gorgeous trees. What a pretty spot to stroll with your father, I hope he is well soon. Have a happy day! Eileen

  3. How beautiful ! We are known as the Cherry Capital of the U.S here and cherry trees are abundant.
    Still snow on the ground and we won't see them bloom till May.
    Thanks you for sharing such gorgeous photos.
    Love and Hugs

  4. The cherry blossoms are breath taking, my dear friend! We don't have any where I live, and it was with pleasure that I got to see your pictures today.

    I hope you are staying well and not getting any colds. Take care!

    Love and hugs~

  5. they're just gorgeous. i hope your father gets stronger so you can take him out for a bit to enjoy the beauty.

  6. Wow Miyako San, these cherry blossoms are gorgeous!! Your cherry blossom from behind hobby room is really beautiful. Glad the tree survived. I think despite their fragile beauty, cherry blossom trees are very strong. I remember when new school year started, we enjoyed full blossom. And I love when they fall. I think Sakura fubuki is one of the most beautiful things :-)
    I love your new header! Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san!

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    Japanese cherry blossoms are close to paradise! LOVE them. Our tree is also blooming now but by far not as many blossoms as in previous years. Our entire garden suffered from two years of drought and extreme heat. But we have still the gorgeous photos from previous years.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Piękne są kwitnące wiśnie. Radość to oglądać. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    Flowering cherry trees are beautiful. Joy to watch. Regards warm.

  9. I love the cherry blossoms. Thank you for posting these beautiful flowers. I feel that spring will be here soon in Ohio!

  10. The cherry blossoms are lovely, especially the ones from your own tree. My son was hoping to go and see the ones near where they live, soon.

    love and blessings from me to you.


  11. your photos are beautiful my friend!!!!
    we do not have these trees anywhere near me.
    i must admit..i associate these beautiful trees with Japan!!!
    yours is so pretty!!!

  12. Blessings to you dear Miyako. What splendid cherry trees you have shown us in your post today. The blossoms really are magnificent, aren't they? I really liked the blossom from behind your husband's hobby room. They are beautiful, and I love the little vase that you have put them in. Take care dear friend x

  13. What beautiful pictures! I love cherry trees also. My city is surrounded by cherry orchards. They are not in bloom yet. Hugs to you.

  14. So beautiful Miyako! I knew that Japan is famous for these beautiful early spring flowers. That was one of the few things I did know about your beautiful country before I started reading your blog. I am so happy to see your wonderful pictures and to learn about the two phrases associated with this time of year.

  15. this is why spring is a much awaited season. all the beautiful flowers are energizing.

  16. Love the beautiful cherry blossoms! I plan to visit Japan one day to capture and enjoy such beautiful sights.

  17. a couple of those look like a Van Gogh painting.

    lovely images, all.

  18. oh how lovely... I am looking forward to blossoms and warmer weather:-)

  19. What fabulous blossom shots.