Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wedding of my Sweet Girl!!!

Several days ago, my husband and I attended the wedding of my lovely student.  It sure is quite an honor to be invited the happy occasion.  She used to study with me when she were a university student.  And was coming to me again for some months to study a bit more before the marriage. You may recognize her through my blog, she kindly allowed me to post about her bringing us freshly baked bread or having soba lunch together.
She had been working hard for long time to prepare for it; consulting and arranging for everything with hotel and so on.  As her bridegroom and she were living a bit far away,  she talked and e-mail a lot with him.  In Japan at wedding,  usually a delicious lunch and a present called a "hikidemono" will be provided or served for all the guests.  She chose them by herself, even differnt gift for the diffrent guest.  I deeply admire her attitude not to leave up to her parents or future husband. Wonderful work my sweet girl!!! 

hearing the speech from honored guests

reading the  letter of appreciation to the parents (we do this at wedding)

at the after party
I won these goodies with the game she prepared (very timely)

May the coming years, fill your lives with love and happiness.


  1. Orchid, what a beautiful bride! I know you were so touched to be there and how fun you won some goodies!


  2. Orchid, your student makes a beautiful bride. I hope they have a very happy life together.
    Your first picture is lovely, the bride and groom look stunning in front of the wooden alter.
    It sounds as if you had a lot of fun at the wedding.

  3. Hallo my sweet friend. How touching that she wanted you at her wedding. You must be very special to her! A wedding is always such a lovely day - so much happiness around. (Here I wish I could do little hearts like you do!). The photos were delightul and I really liked the first one at the Altar. That was fun, that you won a gift of halloween goodies. As you say, very timely! Interesting to see that you also celebrate Halloween in Japan. Hugs to you.

  4. What a wonderful couple. Your student makes a beautiful bride, Orchid. I love weddings:)
    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!


  5. Oh this is wonderful, I can feel the love of this beautiful bride, her husband is so lucky, she is gorgeous!

  6. What a lovely couple. The bride and the gowns she wore in the pictures were beautiful. Was the flower arrangement shown with the Halloween goodies part of what you won? I wish the young couple a long and happy life together. Hugs

  7. What a beautiful bride,they make a cute couple.
    I'm sure your quite proud of her.

  8. Orchid, what a beautiful bride! Her gown is gorgeous, and her veil, too. I love your gift. Perfect for this time of year. I know you had a wonderful time. I think that letter of appreciation is a loving tribute to the parents. ((hugs)) xo

  9. I love weddings, Orchid, and they are a gorgeous couple! I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. I also love learning about Japanese culture from your blog. It's always a treat to read what you write!

  10. Dearest Orchid,

    For sure you have attended that wedding with a certain pride! First of all she was your dedicated student and she obviously did very well in all areas. Planning for these big days and chosing such lovely outfits... Wow, a stunning beauty!

    Love to you,


  11. She is so beautiful !!
    She looks just like a doll!!!!!

  12. What a wonderful wedding that is always welcome to seen it.
    You must very proud of for new couples and your thoughtful gift them are very nice Orchid san.
    I wish for them happy ever after for long time.
    Thank you for sharing us.

  13. what a beautiful bride and such an honor you received! how nice! she looks like a little doll. what lovely outfits, too.

    i'm so happy that you got to attend the wedding celebration.

    have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  14. Dear Orchid

    She is beautiful and made a 'movie-star' bride! What a stunning wedding dress and gorgeous "going-away" dress! I love the traditions you shared of Japanese weddings (reading a thank you letter, providing each guest with a gift). It sounds as though she had a lot of work to do, but it paid off handsomely, as it seems her wedding day was a tremendous success. I'm so glad you got to go along, too! How very special and it shows how much she values you, both as her mentor and friend. Blessings to both Bride and Groom. May they enjoy a long and happy life together!

    Big hug xoxo

  15. Wishing them every happiness. Thank you for sharing with us. Hugs and sincere wishes for a beautiful weekend xo

  16. What a pretty and sweet girl. The groom is also very nice looking. Her dress was beautiful. How wonderful to be invited to their wedding must of been a lovely day. Hugs...Lu

  17. My beautiful Orchid, what a truly enchanting post. These images are so lovely and the bride is just stunning. Yes, I do recognize her sweet face from a prior post. I hope their lives are richer together. Love and huge to you, my friend. Mina

  18. Congratulations on her wedding! She is such a beautiful bride!! And how wonderful of her to choose different gift for different guest. It must have been a lot of work - she is very caring and sweet. I wish them a long, happy life together!

  19. Sorry to be late to comment, Orchid. I just found this post. What a beautiful couple and what lovely dresses she wore on her special days. Weddings are such happy occasions!