Monday, October 10, 2011

Are you using PC comfortably?

Hello, my dear bloggie friends!!!  I'm always wondering where my friends are using PC or comfortably. I used to sit down at my desk and tackling to know the function of PC.  However, for us women who have lots of work at home, it is hard to find time sticking our bottom on the desk-chair, don't you think?

Now, my PC has been put on my kitchen table since early this year in the really tiny kitchen, hehe.  Well, it is REALLY convenient for me to open it up and check your posts or looking into things I wish to know.  For example, when I heard the news that Mr. Steve Jobs had passed away, I opened the you-tube page and let my husband see his famous Stanford Commencement Speech (of course, with the Japanese subtitle version, haha).  I was happy to see he was quite impressed. We were surprised he was young and as old as me!
Despite of the convenience, I hate being clinged in the tiny kitchen. So, sometimes I bring it to hubby's hobby room for the change of the atmosphere sake.   But it is a separate room from main house so that I have to open two doors holding PC in my hands; dangerous thing for the clumsy person like me p;)
I love the relaxing feeling in there.  Hum, Do I need another one in there?  
No way we can afford surviving with the pension money.
        I just wished to know how my friends use PC comfortably♬♬♬


  1. Hi Orchid,
    I have a little netbook which is quite small. It means I can sit with it on my lap in a comfy chair in the lounge. The trouble is I spend far to much time on it because I get so engrossed in blogs and the like lol.

  2. I have a corner of my studio set up as a mini office where I can sit comfortably and spend way too much time checking my blog list. I also have a laptop that I use in the dining room or when I travel so I can stay "connected." Have a lovely week. Hugs

  3. What a lovely post, Orchid! It gave us a little peek into your day-to-day life, which I always find so special, since it brings our lives closer together despite the many thousands of miles separating all of us here in Blogland. Your home looks so beautifully neat! Wow! No evidence of clutter at all...marvellous! I loved the way you described each room you visit with your computer and why. I have my laptop set up at my little desk, which has its own alcove in our garden lounge, beside a window overlooking our front garden. I could move it around from room to room, or even out into the garden, as my husband has often suggested, but I actually like my little space! It feels like my own little sanctuary and I feel very happy sitting here. In summer, I keep the door open wide, so I can smell the flowers and hear the birds and in winter, we light a fire in the grate, so this is by far the very best place to be. I also enjoy this spot because it's nice and quiet, away from the activity in the rest of the house. But, yes, you are quite correct. I do have to actually make time to come and sit here, which is often not so easy to do in the busy day-to-day activity of running a home and, with all of our dogs needing plenty of attention and human contact, my time is limited, mostly to night time these days, when supper is over and the dogs are resting in the kitchen. Today, though, I'm seated here in the middle of the afternoon, trying to catch up with all my blogging friends. We are going away tomorrow and will be returning on Wednesday evening, so once again, I'll fall behind. I trust you are both happy and well!
    Des xoxo

  4. What a nice thing to share with everyone.
    My computer and huge screen are in my studio but not near my work area. That's so I don't get paint all over it. The huge screen is so I can see it,poor vision and I can't see small screens.
    I often wonder what we did in life without our computers. Not just the friends we make and family contact but all the knowledge we have at out finger tips.

  5. Orchid, I only have one table which is in my dining area, and that is where I do all computer work. I do have a small desk, but it is mostly like an accessory in my living room, rather than functional. I have a laptop but it doesn't last long without being plugged in to the electrical outlet. I am on a pension too so forget about extra purchases. xo

  6. Hi Orchid! I have a Macbook, a nice little laptop I can carry everywhere in the house. I use it in the family room while the Husband watches sports on t.v. I use it in the kitchen while I cook meals. So handy to take along. Husband has a desktop computer and I sometimes sit in his office and use his. It has a huge screen, so nice. Your house looks so neat and clean, very tidy and pretty.

  7. Hello sweet friend. I have an office with a hard chair but a very fast computer and a lap top that I can sit comfortably with but is very slow. I seem to be quite impatient so I sacrafice my comfort for speed.;-)

    As you said, women are so busy and have little time for butt in chair. Too cute! I like to make my butt time very productive. Hugs to you, my dear love.

  8. Hello dear Orchid- I tote my laptop with me all over the house. We have a desktop that stays put, but the laptop is so handy to have to move around. I find it a little boring to sit in the same place each time I want to get on the computer. I like your arrangement, too-

  9. Hallo dear Orchid! What a good post today my friend. I have a pink laptop, and I am sitting in the lounge in comfy armchair typing this little note to you! If it's during the day, I will put it on the table out in the conservatory, where it is lovely and light, and I can look out onto the garden. I love your desktop photo on your laptop - very pretty!

  10. Lovely post! I am propped up with pillows sitting in my bed right now with my laptop. Most of the time I sit on a sofa in the living room and read blogs while my husband watches TV. Yes, I am very comfortable!

  11. Hello my friend. I use a laptop which I either have on my lap, on the table or propped up on my thighs when I lay in bed. I can't sit at a desk or table for long any more because of my back so I constantly have to change positions. I did get all your comments even though Blogger wasn't cooperating. Just wanted you to know. Hope all is well. Hugs my friend.

  12. i loved seeing your home Orchid!!!
    my laptop sits at the dining room table..where i can watch all the "goings on" in my house!!.
    don't move it around much,because the battery is not working..i need a new one,and they are tooooo expensive,and,my computer is 6 years old and very slow to boot up..takes about 15 min from the time i turn it on till I'm on-line!!

  13. i usually use my laptop in the living room. we have a small place, too so our "dining" area table is too small to use. i have a white folding table (very small) that i use or i hold the laptop in my lap with my feet up.

    your rooms are so nice and neat. we are not that neat here. very cluttered - wheelchairs, walker, cane, artifical leg parts, etc. I'm always moving something out of the way to put something else down.

  14. This is a nice post to invited all your friends to shows your home.
    Which I have done in few years ago.
    I uses my spare room for as computer room and I don't have Laptop.
    I think very handy for when you goes on your holiday?
    Have a nice day,

  15. Oh I have a mac laptop that I take with me wherever I am at the time. Often I'm comfy in bed with lots of pillows or I'm out in the garden on my swing breathing in lovely scents from the Sweet Tea Olive trees we have scattered about. We are thinking of getting a desk top Mac for my husband as he says his fingers are not happy with the keys on my laptop.

    Hugs and once again a lovely post...loved the pink radio next to your desk!

  16. Hi lovely Orchid. Your english is so good! I am currently at a desktop computer in the office, sitting up straight!

    I have tagged you in a fun post here:

  17. Glenda has left a new comment on your post "Are you using PC comfortably?":

    I blogged about the same thing a few months ago Orchid. I have a library in my home and have my computer in there. We recently added another PC since my husband was using mine all the time and also a new laptop for traveling. We're lucky to have a nice computer store in our area that refurbishes computers that are three or four years old and sells them very reasonably priced. Otherwise we could not have justified buying two PC's.

    (To,Glenda> Thank you very much for your lovely comment. Somehow I couldn't see it here. I pasted it from the mail. LOVE YOU)

  18. Yolanda has left a new comment on your post "Are you using PC comfortably?":

    Your daughters wedding was so beautiful. I am glad to have found your blog. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

    >To, Yolanda
    So Sorry that I mis understood your comment as a crank mail.
    Thank you for stopping by.