Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tell me about yourself Award

My lovely young blog friend in England who has lovely bunny "Yeti" tagged me with this award about a week ago (So sorry my belated post).
In her blog Through Rose's Eyes, she introduce us her life with her bunny.  Please take a minutes and stop by her blog!!!

             To accept this award she said,
Let everyone else know about the wonderful person that nominated you and thank them from the bottom of your heart;    Write 7 random facts about yourself that other people may not know.   Award 15 other blogs with this award;

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you about me,
especially to my new followers. I'll paste 3 things about me from the former award time, so my old friends please skip reading the first three.......

(1) Very tiny woman (140cm)
I am a very tiny woman whom you'll be surprised to see in person. I got a bit traumatic memory that I used to get teased about my height from mischievous boys when child. Haha, I was always first place in line when we lined up while school girl.

(2) My first interst in English
More than 40 years ago when I was a junior high school girl, one pretty returnee, whose father was a doctor and worked in America for one year, came into my class. She made us stunned in English class with her natural American English pronunciation (blushed our teacher beyond his capability)
She had hard time blend in with the classmates, however I got on well with her and I had privileges getting lots of tips how to use lips and tongue. Sure was the amazing, dramatic finding at the time for me. I reminisce I pestered my father to buy a tape-recorder (very rare back in those days) and practiced English with it. My sweet students have hard time to get the knack of the difference between the vowel-base Japanese and consonant-base English.

(3) Only food I don't care is cheese
Somehow I cannot take cheese because of the smell it has. It is the only food I don't care. I had quite a disadvantage when I traveled Italy. My friend looked enjoying pretty much to have the real Italian lasagna....

(4) My matchmaker is our next-door neighbor.
My matchmaker who is about 70years old told about my hubby "bank clerk"(retired last year) living next door to her and also living alone single to my late mother.   We married in four months after the arranged meeting,    Haha, I thought he had an earnest character.

(5) Not a sports type
I am NOT good at any sports and don't do much physical things, except little streching and carry things (hubby cann't carry things because of his handicap)
(6) Attracted by the beautiful arts and pictures through blogs
Now, my husband is worrying about if I might seriously try hard to leran how to take pictures, because he knows I can easily obsessed with things. Haha, that is only my dream.

(7) I have a wish to have a pet, (like a toy poodle or a bird) but hubby is not for the idea, saying don't know which or who have a longevity. I am giving in to it (*^_^*)

I really am sorry let you read long post, now to tag this award;
I think I would LOVE to read every one of my friends story, do you think it is OK if I let this award to all of my followers who wishes it.


  1. It's nice to learn some new things about you Orchid.
    How you can not like cheese - I love it!!!! lol.
    You should definately take some pictures - all I do is point the camera and shoot. You learn the more you do it.

  2. Orchid, I'm always intrigued with each new thing I learn about you! You studied so very hard to learn English and at a very young age. You are an amazing lady!

  3. It is always nice to learn more about friends who you know only from afar. I cannot believe you do not like cheese. I love dishes that are made with cheese in them. I think that you should get interested in photography. I bet you would be good at it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Orchid! I think you should do photography as a hobby. You would do well, I think. I can understand why you wouldn't like cheese, although I love it myself. I admire your desire to learn English and our culture. ((hugs)) xo,

  5. How delightful to learn more about you, Orchid! I think it is wonderful how you learned English. You do very well with it. Your award is well deserved- congratulations!

  6. These were great things to learn about you my friend. I love the story about how you met your husband. Matchmaker! Very cute. Maybe someday you can get a puppy! Hugs.

  7. Dearest Orchid,

    Congrats with winning this award, even though it is a bit 'too' much of work. Telling 7 things about you is a high number and passing it on to 15 others is nearly impossible.
    Well, you did solve it the right way!
    Still I admire you for being able to speak and write English that well! Very rare for Japanese to manage this the way you do.
    Sorry that you cannot have a pet as it really does brighten ones day. It is so rewarding and so much fun. The unconditional love from a pet is incredible. But if your husband opposes, what can you do?
    You should not feel bad about your height as you certainly out-do lots of other people. You are very tall in other ways!

    Love to you,


  8. I found your list very interesting, Orchid. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I'm not good at sports either! It was interesting to read how you learned English. Good for you! My granddaughter took Japanese at school for a number of years and enjoyed that. Itte kimasu

  9. My sister is 4'7" which is about 140cm's so I can really picture how tall you are and I do not think you are that tiny but then I have a sister the same height along with a daughter who is also only 4'7" me I am only 4'11" or 150cms.

    I found the story about your interest in the english language interesting I wish I could speak another language.

  10. I had to do the math... About the only thing I remember from metrics conversion is 1 inch is 2.54 cm... so that makes you about 4'6" (give or take a cm). Very interesting how you met your hubby. We met on a blind date and married 19 days later. So, sort of a matchmaker.

    Very interesting facts about you.

  11. Hi my sweet friend. How lovely to hear these things about you. You did so well to want to learn English at such an early age, and just look at you now!! Hee Hee! Blessings to you. (I actually typed this reply yesterday, but I see it is still showing on my laptop, so I'm sorry about that!)

  12. Hi Orchid san,
    I bit you only 48cm but I don't feel short in Japan though everybody short?
    I knew not anymore:-)
    because of younger generation ate more dairy foods ate?
    Even myself that since I came to this country 1970 my body is different than I was in Japan.
    Never mind we said in japan short people's are clever than a talls people's ha ha maybe jealousy:-)
    I start to write english 2005 july (the rainy day for three week in cold winters time NO GOLF than I thought a good idea to blogging?? because I need to write blogs:-)
    We used to talk half Japanese and english in home now I regret that I should learn at that time:-)
    Never mind I'm happy as Iam now.

    Have a good day!

  13. my dear friend!!! so special to learn more about you!!
    not short...PETITE!!!!
    i love cheese!!..but if cheese is the only food you do not like ,that is good. there are many foods i don't like!!!
    you are certainly smarter than know more than 1 language..i only know English!! i am always impressed by people who speak more than one language!!
    A matchmaker!!!!! how very interesting! sounds like a good match!
    maybe you will get a pet someday..I love would be hard for me not to have one..i have always had a cat or dog for as long as i can remember!
    tried to catch up on the posts i missed...still tired and trying to get better,but I've missed my friends,so i am slowly trying to get back to everyone! Your student made such a beautiful bride!! such a lovely couple they are!
    thanks for all your kind words..i'm so sorry i didn't feel up to getting back to you sooner!

  14. Congratulations on your award!! And I enjoyed reading more about you.
    I agree it's a big disadvantage when travelling in Italy if you don't eat cheese. It may be like travelling Japan and not eating fish :-)
    I think it's great if you seriously learn how to take pictures. I love your pictures already but it must be fun to know more about technique etc. Maybe it'll come true in the future :-)

  15. Orchid, sending you a huge congratulations on your award. I always love to learn more about you, my dear friend. You may not realize it but you are a strong and fascinating woman. I am so very lucky to have gotten to know you and sincerely hope to remain your friend for a very long time. Hugs and kisses. Mina