Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surprised for my friends and help from remote operation

I was really amazed and surprised from my friends' comments to my former post "Are you using PC comfortably? "

       Thank you so much for your kind words friends!!! 
       I meant to write about this post earlier but a bit too busy to do it.
I admire and respect the way everyone knows how to use PC comfortable way and effectively. Many of you have extra lap top besides main one on the desk; or have more than couple of them.  How wonderful if I can use PC outside garden surrounded with nature.
One of my Dear friends "maddyrose" who is a really talented artest told me about her several PC's are connected with printer through mail.   Oh!!!  That was a big surprise because I have two PC and one of them should have been connected printer.  Anyways  contacting printer's company, I knew that there is a wireless function with printer.  I bought an adaptor and now my two PCs are USB-free.

I was busy dealing with network thing for my two PCs through T-company's support center.  It seems other company doesn't have such  free-remote operation-help, (if there are SO sorry).  Without the staff's quite patient instruction by seeing my PC, I wouldn't have been able to use it.  Some years ago, when I  started PC rather avidly, I asked for their help so often that my hubby said that I might be on the black-list, haha.  And, in Japan I don't think many people with my age use them like I find in blog-land. 

 Well,  thanks to my friend maddy; now I placed old one (which was on the desk and connected with printer) in my hubby's room so that no longer carrying work needed, yey♪♪♪  (hehe, same pics as I am so happy)


  1. Way to go, Orchid! You've moved very quickly to update your computer setup. Well done!

  2. Nicely done on your update. I think you could teach some of us what you've learned!

  3. Very very good Orchid! I need a new printer but I doubt I will be able to get it going on my own. xo

  4. that is awesome! we have a wireless connection to the printer, too. i only had space for it in another room on a dresser so it was nice to be able to send things to it wirelessly.

  5. Dearest Orchid,

    So glad that things worked out well for you and yes, you are remarkable in many ways.
    Love to you,


  6. My dear Orchid - wow, look at you. You're getting to be an expert on all this computer stuff! I'm very impressed my little friend. Hee Hee! It's good for us ladies of a certain age to keep up with all these technical things! Hugs.

  7. Way to go Orchid, you really are quite remarkable and not just for a woman of a certain age. I'm so glad it all worked out for you and am happy to have been able to help even though you did all the work. Hugs dear friend.

  8. Orchid, I am sorry if it sounded like a not real comment. I too wasn't blessed with children . I am glad to have found your blog and love hearing about your life. It seems we have a lot in common.

  9. Hi Orchid san,
    You are doing very well and beautifully set up your space too.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Wonderful progress, Orchid! Isn't Maddy Rose a jewel? I just love her as well.

  11. It's nice to learn new things by accident isn't it? A simple blog post and comments from friends opens up a magical world to us.