Saturday, October 22, 2011

Japanglish (Japanese English)

(posted; Etymology page)
Today, I would like to introduce you the site;    "Japanglish"  here
I felt so amazed, thankful, useful with this site☆☆☆
I wonder if this Japanglish is a new jargon (or made-up new word?) which is interesting only for people like me.  Oh, and also made me think "Wait, I almost lost my job I was trying to do here in my blog, (sigh)" haha.  I'll bounce back from the awe I felt, so  please bear me listing some example-phrases. 
I found the supposition "Japanese パンク punk might have come from punctured tire"  in the site really interesting and understandable.  I printed out this page (^^;)

This means "It's depends".   We say, "How people do it is case-by-case."
"I have a complex about my height." means "I have an inferiority complex about my height."  (hehe, I do.)
"tension" has meanings of "excitement" in Japanese.  "I'm in high tension" means "I'm excited"
This one is not between male people in Japanese.  It means "one-on-one".  So, "Let's talk man-to-man" means "Let's have a heart-to-heart talk".
*paper company    
This one means "dummy corporation".
If you say "He is a feminist."  It means he is really kind for women and not used exactly for the activists.


  1. What a most interesting blog, Orchid and thank you very much, indeed. I shall definitely have a look at the site you've recommended (as soon as time permits).

    Our son, daughter and her boyfriend are visiting us this weekend, so I won't have much opportunity to blog. I just popped by now to see if anyone has posted anything new...and you had :)

    I shall upload a post about the lovely orchids in the greenhouse at the nursery I featured recently.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

    Des xoxo

  2. This was fascinating! I am an English teacher and I love finding out about other languages. Thank you so much for sharing, dear Orchid!

  3. How very interesting. I will check the site as soon as I finish visiting with the sites on my blog list. Thank you for the recommendation. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs

  4. What an interesting site Orchid. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Very interesting Orchid, and your job is still safe! Have a great weekend, my friend. xo,

  6. Hi dear friend Orchid. I'm in high tension just reading about that site you have told us about! Hee Hee!! Very interesting post. I do feel that you have a very naughty sense of humour! Enjoy the rest of the weekend my little friend. My daughter and granddaughter are arriving from France tomorrow. :)

  7. Dearest Orchid,

    The translation from the link you give above is not accurate however. For naive in English: 'lacking sophistication' is not the true meaning! It means childish simple, talk silly, soft(-headed), green, sheepish, gullible, innocent.
    That is way off from 'lacking sophistication'!
    In the art naive painting also has a different meaning but again, not 'lacking sophistication!'

    Wishing you a lovely weekend and love to you,


  8. very interesting. i guess that would make ron a feminist because he's very nice to women. right?

    have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Orchid san! Japanglish is very interesting for me, too! I think we Japanese like to make up many words :-) I saw the words アラフォー, アラサー and I had to google to find what they mean. When I was in Japan, I used the word "naive" as "shy" but later found it had different meaning.
    I had fun reading your list of Japanglish :-) Have a fun weekend!

  10. Hi Orchid san,
    I can tell you that I already made big booboo! and end up I can't put up my roses photos whew!!!!
    I loved Japanglish and always will be in my head:-)
    Thank you for sharing that you made me smiles on sunday morning.
    You have a wonderful day with your loved ones.

  11. Very cute and witty post! And a person lacking sophistication usually is a little naive - so it's not so far off base, lol.

  12. I went to see Japanglish. A very good site to learn. Thank you for telling us about it. Have a lovely week, Orchid.

  13. Thanks for telling this site .Awesome place to learn new words.

    Follow each other.

  14. What a wonderful site for you to find and I am fascinated by your expertise in both languages. I hope you know what an inspiration you are.

    Oh, you should never have a complex about your height. You are so adorable just as you are, my lovely friend.

  15. Oh, my! What a wonderful site to discover. I can see the "Japanglish" meanings, sometimes a mere shadow different from the English. Perhaps, however, for "paper Company" you meant dummy corporation rather than Cooperation? A typographical error--or else a great difference from what an English idea of paper company would mean. But I prefer yours. It is far more poetic.

    I must follow your blog now, I think.

  16. To Dear JeannetteLS,
    Thank you for stopping by and Iam SO GRATEFUL for your correction♡♡♡
    I'll mail you later.
    Much love my new friend, xoxo Orchid*