Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Learnt a bit more about HTML and mistake for tea cup sites

I've made a big improvement to know what HTML is about !!!
When I happened to find the pasting place of HTML in the gadgets' adding function, I enjoyed using and fiddling with it in my side bar. Until then I had NO idea what it is, and also finding the other's button for their sites made me understood more for my level of knowledge. I could paste their code placed under their wonderful buttons in my gadget.  However, the problem aroused, I found the buttons without the code. But yesterday, I could unbeievably or accidentaly link their buttons (without codes) to their sites by using phtobucket and change the "htpp" from phtobucket to their site.  Ha, I thought it is worth praising myself.
Well, it still amazes me that texts can change into pictures and what is more; linking sure seems to be the must for bloging. PC is full of wonderland to me. Anyways, this finding rejoiced me very much.

I am so sorry about my mistake.
I must apologize my friend Terri and Martha about my mistake. I should have known more about "tea cup Tuesday" before joining or posting in there. I didn't have any tea related topic for it.
I am SO sorry for my mistake and even though I haven't got many tea cups, I will take pictures later for the occasion.


  1. Hi! I'm happy for you. Now you've stepped into the world of computer language. But I tell you you've known a lot before this. Anyway let's enjoy the blog world together.

  2. Congratulations on all of your new knowledge! Well done. I know very little about computer language myself and everything I do is largely trial and error. Believe me, I have created some real headaches for myself too!

  3. To my dear friend Mekkan
    Thank you very much for your sweet words. Yes, let's enjoy together. I'm always impressed with your excellence of your use of English.

    My dear Mina
    Oh, your words encourage me a lot. Even you say that you had experience of having hard time to learn. Well, to tell the truth I actually am having a serious case of stiff shoulders, haha. Hubby said I should shut the PC down for a while.

  4. I think you know more then me. Your blog is looking so pretty The weather here is startinhg to get nice I hope.

  5. Hello Orchid...It is so nice to meet you....we have all been where you are in learning. I don't think it ever ends!

    I hope all is well where you are...Many prayers continue your way!
    I am now following you and I invite you to come and visit me!
    xo Jil

  6. Orchid....I was so happy to read your comment and get to meet you. I am so honored to have you as a follower! Your blog is very beautiful. I think you know much more than you think about computers! xo,

  7. Orchid, I would be honored to follow your blog, too. I am still sending prayers to your country and people. xo,

  8. Thank you SO much!!!

    I got the reply from new friends for this post and the previous one. I am really glad to have you all♡♡♡
    Happy Week end!!!

  9. Hello Orchid,
    No worries about the link. I am happy to meet you. I am still learning so much too about blogging and all the different things surrounding it.
    I hope you do grace us with a tea cup post. That would be so fun!