Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Summer-Tastes (watermelon & shaved ice)


*Two types of Summer Tastes*

First One (Watermelon)

Let me show you ”LATE” Two-Types of Summer Tastes I enjoyed recently. It sure is hot now here in Japan. Hope you are not having really hot weather like here where I live.  I found cute illustration of watermelon, please let me use pictures including shaved-ice p;-)  

Second One (Shaved Ice)

Pictures from the Store called "Komeda-shaved-ice-store."
As my husband had a little trouble for his stomach, we couldn't go there to have tasty one of these pictures below recently. I hope you all also can enjoy one of these shaved-ice in your country as well p-;)   Please let me show you some pictures of tasty shaved-ice from the PC's page of the store.  The Japanese letter "氷" means "ice".
So sorry that I have been busy as we had Obon-season when we enjoy family times visiting each other's house or grave-yard.
Wishing you all are not having uncomfortable hot weather; 
 it's really hot summer-season here now p;)


  1. Hello,
    We recently bought a watermelon, it is delicious. I have not tried the shaved ice.
    Sorry about that hot weather, I hope it cools off soon. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great day and week ahead.

  2. We love ice cream all over the year. But I must be careful too. Hope for recovery of your huband, that you can eat again ice.

    Happy MosaicMonday ... on Friday too.
    Thank you again for sharing, dear blogfriend and being part of

    Wish you a wonderful week, hugs by Heidrun

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