Sunday, March 22, 2020

Masks made by my husband's friend and birds;

*Cute Masks made by husband's friend*
Lady member of the band my husband involves who teaches Electone (electronic organ) is very skillful person in many fields. She made several (or many) masks and gave them to her students. Happily I had the share of them. I SEE people wearing masks in supermarket and so on. I DO hope this Coronavirus fear will be over soon.
This is the one I had from her.
Other masks she still had when I saw her.
Here is the sweet dogie she has wearing one of them.

*Two birds from our garden*
Pale Thrush and Japanese White eye

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  1. Dearest Miyako,
    A very clever lady for sewing those masks, even though the material might not be suited for filter...
    Love the birds and the video showing one feasting on an orange.
    May the world soon heal and return to normal...

  2. It’s so sweet of her to make those masks for children. She is very skilled indeed! I bet her cute masks cheer up children especially during this difficult time. I hope all your friends and family stay safe. Adorable birdies. The photo of Pale Thrush and Japanese White Eye together especially is very cute :-) A blue bird (I think woodpecker) came to our feeder when Goro and I were on deck. The bird was rather large and Goro got very excited :-)
    I wish you a wonderful new week, Miyako san xoxo

  3. Thanks for the lovely photos of the masks and birds. I will be looking at my stash of material and will be making some too. Stay safe.

  4. What a great idea to make these masks by hand - much more fun to wear them, than the business like surgical ones:) Love the doggie face:) And the birds are sweeter than sweet:) You know how to attract them - something to eat:) Do you have restrictions in Japan because of the virus?
    Here the schools are closed and businesses. Only hospitals and food stores are open. The rest is home:)Many thanks for sharing these up to date items with All Seasons, Miyako, and have a safe and healthy week!

  5. Miyako - the fabrics in these masks are adorable. I love the picture of the thrush and the white eye in the same photo. I am not sure I realized how small the white eye is until I saw them together! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday, and stay well!

  6. Lovely captures, especially the Video too. The masks are a good idea. Happy MosaicMonday 😘

    Stay healthy.

  7. What pretty masks she's made. I need to try to make some today too. Stay safe and healthy sweet friend!

  8. Stay healthy

    Happy mosaic Monday


  9. The birds know they can find sweet love in your yard. :-) Take care.

  10. Love the bird shots, and you are very clever to be making your own masks.

  11. We go out rarely but don't have any masks to use. So far I haven't tried making any of my own. It's so nice that the birds are unaffected and are singing to life our spirits. - Margy

  12. Nice to see your masks, Miyako. Do be safe if you have to go out. We have been staying at home, except for groceries. Strange times! Stay well and thanks for linking up.

  13. Hello, the mask are pretty, what a great idea. I love the dog modeling the mask. Cute birds photo and the video! Take care and stay well! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

  14. Hello. Your garden looks so beautiful and there are many nice birds. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care of yourself.