Monday, March 30, 2020

Kurokashiwa (long-singing chicken・National Monument)

*Kurokashiwa (long singing chicken)*
My first encounter with this rare bird♪ While we were driving down the usual route (river side) to the supermarket, my husband found a kind of a fair was going on down there.  Wow, I've never seen this kind of ornamental chicken which has all black body with red cockscomb and beard.    This is the page about this chicken.
Impressed by its cute, cool tail as well ♪
Second place (left)  .   First place (right)
Oops! Escaped from the cage;

This kind young man is an Assistant Professor of Hiroshima college studying, Genetics: Breeding: Development and explained a little about this fair.
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  1. They are beautiful chicken with shiny and beautiful feathers! Their long tail is gorgeous! Goro would get super excited if he saw that many chicken in one place :-)
    I hope you stay safe and healthy, Miyako san. Have a wonderful week xo

  2. This is are beautiful specimen Miyako. Love you shared this post with All Seasons, and to see how they are kept (and when they escape, lol!) Hope you are doing well during this time? Haven't read anything about what kind of restrictions there are and how life in Japan is right now. It's okay to tell the good and the bad (maybe that is Western culture:)) Anyways, if it is, I am asking details, haha Keep healthy and strong, and I hope there are still some things to enjoy, Jesh

  3. Beautiful birds. I guess that is the chicken equivalent of a cat show. - Margy

  4. They really are beautiful! I've never seen so many in one place. Take care of yourself my friend and stay healthy!

  5. Miyako - I am sure the hens are attracted to those long tails and shiny feathers! Thanks for sharing these unique chickens with everyone at Mosaic Monday. Stay well!

  6. What cool chickens! Hope you and yours are well!

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    That was a very special encounter of the long singing chicken. They are very elegant looking.
    Hope they did catch the one that escaped from its cage.

  8. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hello Miyako, they are beautiful chickens. I love their tail feathers!
    This is a new bird to me, I have never heard of them. Great post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, stay safe! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend.