Sunday, March 15, 2020

Rape Blossoms & Japanese White-eye;

Rape Blossoms from City Park*
On 11th this month, I went to Tokiwa-park to see Rape Blossoms. As the PC's page said,  they were in full-bloom (at their best) ♪ Approaching the flower bed, the beautiful yellow flower made my heart thrilled.  And beside the flower, I had a nice short time talking with two young girls. 
I was happy to see the reflection of the tree which was taken by chance.
Always nice to see young ones and have a share of an energy from them♪

Japanese children's songs called "おぼろ月夜・Oborozukiyo・Hazy  Moon"

*Japanese White eye on our Camellia tree*
Recently, I could take many pictures of white eye visiting our short Camellia having the orange I prepared for them ;-)

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  1. Dearest Miyako,
    The Japanese White eyes are so beautiful and great video too.
    Your other video has been blocked on your blog due to the music copyright but I watched it on YouTube and loved the song!
    Oh, those yellow blossoms, like a dream... the shadow of the tree adds some mystery.

  2. Wow what stunning sceneries with gorgeous sea of blossoms! They are breathtakingly beautiful! I love the photo with a shadow of a tree! Japanese White eye is adorable. They became one of my favorite birds through your blog :-) I always love seeing their adorable face when you post their photos. And I enjoyed the video, too. He looks happy eating the orange you put out :-)
    毎日コロナウィルスのニュースでもちきりですね。Miyakoさんも旦那様も、お身体十分気をつけてください。I wish you a wonderful new week, Miyako san! xoxo

  3. The fields of rape seeds are just gorgeous! I love your little bird, we have one like it but they are hard to capture :)

    Your link-up at 'My Corner of the World' is very much appreciated!

    My Corner of the World

  4. Miyako - so many bright pictures in your post today. The reflection of the tree is truly a special photo - well done! How blessed you are to have so many white-eye visiting you! Thanks for taking the time to link to Mosaic Monday. I am praying that our daily and weekly routines will help us stay sane during these difficult times.

  5. That little white eye bird is amazing. Here in Oklahoma, USA they call the plants Canola, but they are just as beautiful.

  6. Lovely photos. The yellow is beautiful, and we have it here too, usually called Canola here.

  7. Amazing and beautiful yellow fields, Miyako! You are clever, to tempt the birds with the inside of an orange, so you can capture them eating!:) The shadow of that tree is amazing - so sharp! Many thanks dear friend for this delightful post for All Seasons! Have a beautiful week, Jesh.

  8. The yellow is such a lovely color, so welcome in these tough tims. Thank you for sharing, stay safe.

  9. Lovely Post!Wonderful the yellow fields!!!
    Beautiful Birds!
    Greetings Elke

  10. The field of rape blossoms is just lovely. Things are just now beginning to bloom around here. Thank you for linking up and stay well!

  11. That rape field would brighten up everyone's day and I love that little bird. Stay safe and have a great week ahead,

  12. Love the photos especially that little bird!

    Stay safe!

  13. Hello Miyako, the field of rapeseed blossoms are beautiful. What a lovely sight. The Japanese White Eye is a cute little bird. It is enjoying the orange, great photos. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Stay healthy! Enjoy your day, happy weekend.

  14. Hello. White eye is a wonderful looking bird. It is so beautiful. The park is beautiful too.
    Have a nice weekend.

  15. That little bird sure is special! Take care of yourself my friend. Stay healthy and happy! Hugs from Florida, Diane

  16. Beautiful pictures! I love the little bird eating the orange!