Saturday, May 18, 2019

Performed at the station & Reduced memory capa for Video;

Performed at the Railroad Station 
Last Sunday, the band group my husband involves was invited to perform at the country side station called "Atu-station 厚保駅".  So surprised when I heard the professional Jazz Singer called "Barusan" was also invited. I am happy if you can enjoy the atmosphere of the country side station and the performance of the band group on the "Truck" ;-)

Sorry that the video is a bit long (4 min.) 
Medley of Kayama Yuzo  link

My husband looked happy to be able to try "shakuhachi 尺八” for the first time
from the other group's member. 

Reduced Memory Capacity for uploading video 
This topic is just in case you will find it helpful for you, 
and if you already knew how to do it ;  please skip reading p-;) 
The file of the video up there was too big (long?) as usual. When I did the right clicking of the file, I happened to find the "file converter" in the list.  Converting to "Mp4" was helpful reducing the memory. Lower quality worked for uploading. 
I was happy it worked as I sometimes have videos I wish to upload.
*Please enlarge the picture to see it clearly*

We are having Soba guests tomorrow, sorry for posting early..

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  1. Dearest Miyako,
    So your husband plays different instruments?! He sure LOVES what he is doing and the video sounds great!
    Let's hope that today we too will perform well for our 2019 Revue at the local theatre. A busy day, performing at 14:00 and at 19:00...
    Happy weekend to you and hugs,

  2. How wonderful to live with a musical person and attend his concerts!

  3. Rail station is a very unique venue for the concert. I enjoyed the video of great performance as always and your husband must have enjoyed playing on the truck :-) Also trying shaky Have i. What a fun!
    Thank you for your tip about uploading video!

    Happy weekend, Miyako san, and have a wonderful coming week! xo

  4. Haha, the truck is not only the name, but also the literal place for the concert:) Tell him, we enjoyed listening to his jazz. Also love your flowers with the butterfly! Everything at your posts sounds and looks like spring! Many thanks for sharing it all with us at All Seasons! Have a beautiful week, Miyako:)

  5. Miyako - please do not apologize for the length of the video. I really enjoyed listening to the music - I almost felt like I was there! And how surprising that the "low quality" video conversion turned out so well. I appreciate this suggestion. Thanks as always for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  6. Thank you Miyako for these lovely jazz tones this morning! You had a great & happy happening. Wishing you a lovely new week.

  7. I know you enjoy the music and being a part of that community! Thanks for the info on videos too! Enjoy your week!

  8. What an interesting way to make a stage. Is it mobile? - Margy

  9. How cool is that Truck stage?! We are counting down to our visit to Japan later in the year, I will look out for your husband's performances!
    Wren x

  10. Dear Miyako,
    How fun that your husband got to try a new instrument. He is very talented. The concert looks like it was lively and interesting. Have a wonderful week.

  11. Must be fun to go with your husband in his gigs.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  12. You get to go to great places when you go with your husband's band!

    I appreciate your contribution to 'My Corner of the World' this week!

    My Corner of the World

  13. Miyako, your husband is a very talented person. I know you must be so proud of him. Thank you for linking up and have a good weekend.

  14. Hello Miyako, your husband is really talented. It is nice you can travel around and listen to his band and music. I love the beautiful butterfly. Wonderful post and photos. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.