Sunday, May 26, 2019

Trip to Hokkaido and President at Sumo ;

Went to Two Islands called  "Rishiri and Rebun" 
My friend invited me for the 3 days trip to Hokkaido early this month.
 Sorry for very long post with two topics;

  Rishiri Island 
We were fortunate enough to have a fine weather and Rishiri-mountain was Beautiful;-)
You might have heard about "the Mt.Fuji, reflected in a lake".  
Bit hidden under the shadow of the trees, reflected Mt. Rishiri also was Beautiful :-)
Fences to protect from the snow during the cold season.
And the lady guide said that we were lucky to be able to see the top of the mountain.
yellow skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanum)

The plant of the right side (Eastern Skunk cabbage) is called "Zazen-so". Zazen is a meditative discipline that is the primary practice of the Zen Buddhist tradition. Sure looks like the way you sit when you have this discipline.  picture page

    Rebun Island 
Hokkaido Sika Deer
We call this deer "Ezo-shika エゾシカ".  Hokkaido used to be called Ezo. 
The deer was outside of the hotel; the picture on the right is open-air bath.

Please allow me to add about the news "President Trump"  arrived in Japan yesterday on 25th. My sumo fun husband was eagerly watching the match today and president's presentation of the trophy to 朝乃山・asanoyama.

I truly am sorry for this long post and feel thankful for your stopping by.
Wishing you will have a wonderful  new week;
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  1. Your photo of Mt. Fuji looks splendid - you could offer it to National Geographic or some other nature site! Since I read a Haruki Murakami's novel - don't know its name in English - I have been interested in Hokkaido. I fell in love, of course never visited. President Trump visited Finland last summer, and the media went crazy!

    Wishing you a wonderful new week Miyako, hugs 💙

  2. Miyako - how fortunate to visit this two lovely islands. It is hard to imagine that one gets so much snow that the fence is needed … I was also fascinated to see the skunk cabbage. This plant grows in Montana in very moist locations; I just saw some this week on one of our hikes! Thanks so much for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. Most important is how interesting you make your post, dear Miyako (it does not matter whether they are long or short!) Also I have heard about Hakkoido, beautiful mountain range, and the black house, the yellow cabbage looks very interesting. The white-tailed deer, we see regularly in our neighborhood:)
    What a great tribute to Donald Trump's visit to Japan - in America the big media companies do not like him (because they are - except for one:Fox - on the side of the Clintons, Hillary who lost the election, and Trump tells the journalists the truth), so Trumps visits to other countries we only may see a short clip - shorter than yours, unless we go looking for it on the internet! Most are silent about this, but I am Dutch, so they will tolerate it from me, haha:)

  4. Your trip to those islands looks wonderful! Such beautiful sceneries and I enjoyed the flowers and wild life you captured! I had seen zazen-so near my hometown long ago. The naming is perfect for this plant, I think :-) I’ve been to Hokkaido but it was in winter. I’d love to visit there in summer and see beautiful nature one day :-)
    Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san xo

  5. Luv the Mt Fuji photos
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos


  6. How wonderful that you were able to take a visit and get such wonderful photos and memories.

  7. You have some wonderful photos of your visit. You always have such beautiful images.

    I'm so glad that you posted the video of President Trump. He has done so much for the US and other countries, but the US media is biased against him. It's refreshing to see him doing such a fun and great thing.

    Your link is a great part of 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for joining us.
    My Corner of the World

  8. Your views of Mt Fuji are wonderful! I can only hope to visit your country one day. I always appreciate your posts, long or short! Thank you for linking up!

  9. The photo of the mountain is spectacular! Love all of your photos AND your news! Enjoy your week sweet lady!

  10. Hello,

    I really enjoy your post whether they are long or short. The views of the mountains and island are beautiful. I love the gulls, seal and the deer images. The flowers are beautiful. I like the cute flower lamppost! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend. PS, thank you for the comment on my blog.

  11. Dearest Miyako,
    What a very special post in many ways!
    Love Mt. Fuji and you were fortunate for having been there in person.
    The Flora and Fauna is fabulous too.
    And the Sumo wrestling video and the special Presidential award by our BEST EVER President is also great!
    We owe him so much as it is under his excellent Leadership that we can again enjoy special vacations now we receive dividend $$$.
    Thanks for sharing this and yes, the citizen journalism does show more about our President than the liberal and evil press. Sad fact is that they still get paid for writing lies and we get nothing...
    Those Sumo wrestlers are very tall men, as tall as our President Trump who is tall as well.
    Happy with the friendly relationship.

  12. Hello. Beautiful places and flowers. Have a nice weekend.

  13. I was so surprised to see such praise for a President who is nothing more than a school yard bully. A bully toward every country who is our friend like Japan while professing love for dictators in North Korea and Russia. He has attempted to strike down every environmental protection we have while denying climate change. He has repeatedly called for the "enemies" of the state which are our media to be investigated and jailed just like in Saudi Arabia, another so called friend. He has encouraged violence at every single rally and has no respect for woman, people of other religions or ethnic backgrounds. People here can scream that the media is slanted while denying that they live in a bubble of Fox News. I have no doubt that when Trump leaves office that he and Trump Org will be indicted in New York State when he can't pardon himself. He does not represent the majority of the American people or their values. He stands arm in arm with a small minority of like minded followers who will when he is gone, recede from our memories as un-American...