Sunday, February 17, 2019

Kanmochi (mochi made in winter) and Birds etc;

Kanmochi ”寒餅”and Guests
This is the link page about The Mochi (rice cake) made in winter. "Kan." means "cold" and like the page shows, we have several other ways of calling this mochi. They are hanged and dried outside under the cold weather.  Well, I don't think not many family make these mochi at home nowadays.
The family below couldn't join us at last years Rice-cake Making, because of the flu. We invited them to make noamal mochi and said "Let's make Kan mochi" ;-)

I made Zenzai which is my favorite sweet with red beans with soup.
Japanese Apricot Flower from my neighbor's little tree

Varied Tit perching on the tree in front of our house
Varied Tit showed up for me several times this year but this particular one came on the fine day during the daytime. I felt so happy to see the sweet cute face (^.^)  And lucky that the birdie stayed put for a while. Like the video of this one, little birds are surprisingly agile.

Like the video of this one, little birds are surprisingly agile.
Thank you very much for your comments;
I was not home last couple of days.  Catch up with you soon

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  1. Dear Miyako, the mochi seems to be tasty. Are they sweet? Every time I enjoy your bird photos.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Beautiful photos as usual. Making the cold rice cakes was interesting. Lovely bird photos, but I love the apricot blossoms. I've never seen them before. #allseasons

  3. Miyako - how interesting that the rice cakes can be hung and dried outside. Is there any chance that the birds will come along and try to eat them? Your bird photos are precious, and I am interested to see the apricot blossoms - are they blooming already? Enjoy your week ahead, and thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday so faithfully!

  4. Your birds are so sweet and colorful! And the mochi looks so delicious. We can buy frozen mochi cakes at one of our supermarkets, and they are very good, but not as good as yours I am sure. (I like them because of the lovely delicate flavors and because they are small, just the right amount for dessert.)

  5. Oh the rice cakes look delicious - a great experience to share with All Seasons! Nice that the young family could join. So, are the rice cakes like a snack, or does one eat it with other things? The Varied tit is such a cute and beautiful bird:)
    Thanks so much for your kind comment - it's okay, Miyako, I forget things too sometimes, even things that I like very much:):) Have a beautiful week!

  6. Your mochi cakes look so beautiful - I am sure that they taste delicious too. It was interesting to see how it looks in your home. Already before I have admired your beautiful wooden walls. In Finland such wooden walls are nowadays used mainly in our summer cottages or villas... Wishing you happy MM.

  7. Orchid, your rice cakes are lovely, they must taste really good

    Happy to read your post at Mosaic Monday


  8. I've heard flu is really bad this year. Glad the family got to join mochi-making this time :-) Your Zenzai is looking so yummy!
    Apricot flowers are so beautiful under the blue sky. And what an adorable Varied Tit! They are quite agile indeed!
    Happy Monday, Miyako san. Have a great new week!

  9. Dear Miyako,
    The Varied Tit is a beautiful bird and so quick and agile. Mochi-making looks like something to do with friends and family. Your red bean soup would be a warming dish for winter days. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Those spring blossom are gorgeous! I love mochi rice cakes!

  11. Mochi! I haven't eaten mochi in years. No place to purchase the yummy cakes nearby. The little bird is so cute. I don't recall seeing colors like that before on birds.

  12. The bean dish looks delicious

  13. A beautifully marked little bird. Loe the video clip

  14. The soup looks really good. Have a wonderful week!

  15. I enjoyed seeing how you make cold rice cakes. They must be delicious made from natural ingredients. A sweet and colourful little bird. How lovely to see the blossom!

  16. The mocha cakes looks like pieces of art, they are so lovely. Thank you for visiting and linking up.

  17. Hello MIyako, the rice cakes are so colorful and pretty. I love the beautiful apricot blossoms. The Varied Tit is a lovely bird. Wonderful photos and video.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day. Have a great weekend.

  18. The rice cakes look like something the whole family can do, that's great! And your birds are always a delight to see. Thanks so much for linking up to My Corner of the World!