Monday, February 25, 2019

Doll 'Girl's Day' Festival on March 3rd;

* 雛祭り’ Hina-maturi ;Girl's Day Festival Exhibition*
Dolls festival is a Japanese traditional festival to invoke the happiness and growth of girls Exhibition of "Hina Doll; Dolls for Girl's day Festival" is being held by Local Handicraft Association called 'タンポポの会 Tanpopo no kai ' at the next city's local department store. Although I post this exhibition annually, I wish you will be able to enjoy this Japanese Festival for Girls again with Lovely Handcrafts ;-)

*Japanese bride wearing Kimono bridal costume*

                                           *Works made of Cocoon Filament*

 Next city where is my husband's birth city used to have thriving ceramic engineering  (pottery industry).  "sulfuric acid", to refine gold and silver" for coins. The bottle is for containing the "sulfuric acid".  This is the link page of my old post about the detailed history of the city.

                              *Works of  Indigo-Dyeing*
The Exhibition was the collaboration of these two handcrafts.

*Two kinds of birds from the trees in front of my house*
I was happy to find both male and female Redstart recently almost on the same day.

I got so excited to see this my first Yellow-throated Bunting. Even though it flew away immediately before I could  take decent picture, I was happy this new face showed up for me p-;)
These two pictures of arranged flowers were taken at the Noodle Restaurant where we both stopped by to have lunch after enjoyed the "Girl's Day'Festival Exhibition".  

Thank you very much for your sweet comments;

Have a wonderful coming new week; Catch up with you soon

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  1. Miyako - I remember your post from last year about the Girls' Day Festival. It is a delight to see more displays this year - especially the wedding costumes - so gorgeous!

    You know I love scarves, so I am in love with the scarves shown in the indigo dye display … but I probably should not buy any more! LOL!

    Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday, and enjoy your week ahead!

  2. Beautiful exhibition at Hina-matsuri festival! I always enjoy your post about the exhibition. All the details are just so amazing! Indigo-Dyeing handcrafts are so beautiful, too!
    Such adorable birdies :-) Have a happy new week and coming March!

  3. What a lovely exhibition. So colorful. I also really enjoyed the birds. Happy Mosaic Monday to you!

  4. What a lovely tradition to have a girls day. - Margy

  5. Really nice to see the dolls in different positions (2nd capture). The bridal costume is stunning and also the left one of the two girls (the fabric has a white background with navy trim - beautiful!)Am really interested what they use for indigo dying? Do you know?
    As always perfect photos of the birds, and the flower arrangement on the right at the end is my favorite - the contrast in colors is amazing!
    Many thanks for showing so many dolls for All Seasons, Miyako! Have a lovely week:)

  6. Yes i know of the Festival through my haiku groups. The festival is a kigo.
    Luv the dolls you showed us
    Have a happy week


  7. Congratulations on the Yellow-throated Bunting. It is a gorgeous bird and I am glad that you shared on Wild Bird Wednesday.

  8. I am always delighted to learn more about your annual festivals and to experience them virtually! And especially of course the girls festival and the dolls! THe yellow-throated bunting is a lovely bird! Congratulations on finding it and thank you for sharing it and your other beautiful bird too.

  9. A celebration of love and respect for girls. I like that.

  10. Dearest Miyako,
    That was quite a Hinamatsuri or Doll's day event you both went to.
    Lovely costumes.
    The birds are an added bonus.

  11. Those dolls are beautiful. The level of work and skill that went into their making is obvious. Thank you for linking up!

  12. Fascinating collections of dolls! Wow!

  13. Hello Miyako,
    There is so much beautiful craftsmanship in this post. The dolls and their costumes are intricately made, and the indigo dyeing a real art. Thank you for sharing the doll festival here.
    The birds are a wonderful example of craftsmanship of another kind.

    Have a good weekend,

  14. These Japanese dolls are red treasures Miyako. I gave you Sunshine Blogger Award - please look:

  15. Hello Miyako, I love the beautiful dolls and the pretty pottery. The indigo dye scarves are lovely. Beautiful exhibits. Your birds are beautiful too. I would like to see both birds. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  16. Really like the male Redstart. One of my favourite summer visitors to the UK.