Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fence with unusual material;

 (posted; Japanese culture page)
*Can you guess for what these bottles (earthen ware) were used*

These were used as sulfuric acid bottle (container).
And the fence itself is called Bottle fence "瓶垣, bin-gaki" in Japanese.
It was funny that until recently I never knew next city where is my husband's birth city used to have thriving ceramic engineering  (pottery industry).  "sulfuric acid, to refine gold and silver" for coins.

This Miyoshi residentce is designated as Heritage of Industrial Modernization.
The board explains this fence 'made from almost 100 years old bottle with this pottery' represent its history of the industry in this city. And the pictures below shows the very old kiln no longer used.  

The entrance and fence of the residence after go up along the bottle fence.

      The monument of the bottle located where we cross this bridge. 
           And some are ornaments along side the road.

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  1. The fence is very cool- and I think an interesting way to show the bottles.

  2. Fascinating and lovely, Miyako.

  3. that's VERY cool! i like it very much!

  4. Really fascinating about the sulfuric acid jars. They make a different kind of fence! Are the holes plugged or do wasps and little birds find refuge inside them? I always love pottery factories. Such an interesting post!

  5. Wow, the bottle fence looks really neat! What an unique idea for the fence. Bottles fit there so naturally and beautifully. The monument and ornaments look very nice, too!

  6. Very unusual fence, Miyako..Maybe they were used for saki or whiskey? Intereting, but I do think they need to put a cork in the holes.

  7. ✿✿彡。°
    Amei as fotos! Super interessante.

    Ótimo dia com tudo de bom!

  8. Perfect post for both Rubbish and Fences Miyako.

    It is amazing what a lovely fence wall those old bottles make -- really nice to look at plus a good way to learn the history.

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    Interesting history of special ceramics in your husband's hometown!
    Short message from iPad in the hospital. Swollen hand and I cannot type.

  10. What interesting things! I love ceramics. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  11. Hello Miyako, a very unique fence. I love the design and look to the bottle fence.. A neat way to re-cycle.. Wonderful post and photos. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  12. To Dear Marie; Oh what a good point! I haven’t thought about these possible troubles. I called city’s local tourism association. They said the bottles are not plugged but no trouble with these insects. Her voice sounds certain (I guessed they had no report about it)) and added that the bottles have high intensity (strength).
    Thank you SO much for your sweet comment♪
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  13. This is one amazing bottle fence. Interesting post! Thanks for joining in Miyako!

  14. Miyako San!
    What an unique idea of the fence bottle fit. I never know to see of the bottles
    What is next of new weeks Miyako san!
    Otosan to ne!
    Tanoshimi ni omach chimasu!
    We has a another rainings dasy again...

  15. This is a creative form of recycling! Unique!

  16. The fence is clever and also attractive! I like the idea of recycling!

  17. now that is cool. so different for me. i guess it would be considering a bit of recycling those bottle? ( :

  18. What a lovely way to repurpose something that would have other been thrown away into something lovely and useful, my dear friend! You always have the most interesting things to post!

  19. Very, very interesting! This is a great use of the old bottles. I love the look of the fencing. It is art!

  20. What a wonderful history lesson and the use of these old earthen ware bottles as a fence is just ingenious. Everything is beautifully done and your pictures paint a picture of a people who put great value in their past ... beautiful, Orchid. I love learning about your country.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  21. Those bottles make a good-looking fence.

  22. The creative use for this fence makes me smile!

  23. Interesting fence! Very creative!:)

  24. Miyako, that is a really interesting fence! Those bottles all lined up are amazing. Fascinating history about them and the area as well. Thanks for sharing this unique fence.

  25. What a really cool and fascinating fence with those bottles. I like this a lot.

  26. This is certainly an unusual fence and a great way of recycling those jars.


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  28. Great idea!
    Thanks for dropping by :)