Saturday, February 9, 2019

First Tea Ceremony of the Year and Birds;

Pictures of First Tea Ceremony of the Year
The lady keyboard player of the band my husband involves sent me the pictures she took at "初釜・hatugama; the  First Tea Ceremony of the Year".
When I called her to thank the pictures, I had some information from her.  Like this link shows, "Tied-Willow and Camellia" are used; Tied-Willow expresses to connect the New Year and the old Year.  You can see some Tea Utensils like powdered tea container and so on.

 Pictures below are  incense container and bowls.
The Hanging Scroll decorated in the room has an Analects of Confucius.
 "the virtuous man will not long remain lonely"
"徳不孤 必有鄰 "

Same Lady saved Eurasian Jay
Last year, the same lady of husband's friend saved this Eurasian Jay which clashed against the window of her house and fell unconscious. Lucky sweet bird could get better and released. I've never seen this kind bird; her house is about 40 min. away from ours. I wish I could have a chance to see Jay someday♪

Japanese Tit and Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
These Japanese Tit and Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker were found the tree in front of my house on a different days.  Birds mainly come to the tree in the morning (in winter time, they come outside is still dark.) ;  I feel lucky when they show up during the sun is shining p-;)

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Have a wonderful  weekend and new week ahead♪
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  1. Looks like it was a lovely tea ceremony! Interesting to read about tied Willow and Camellia. I like the handing with analects of Confucius.
    The Eurasian Jay is adorable! The lady friend is so kind to save him and I’m glad he got better :-) And cute bird pictures. Pygmy woodpecker looks furry :-)
    Happy weekend, Miyako san! xo

  2. Oh so lovely indeed and such cute birds

  3. I like the pictures with the birds. Tits and woodpeckers live in Germany, too.
    Eurasier Jay is unknown to me. It's a nice bird.
    Have a nice weekend, Miyako!

  4. Always lovely, Orchid. Happy February to you!

  5. Lovely post as always. How remarkable that she was able to save the little bird and release it. Wonderful!

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    That was a special and meaningful first tea with symbolic meaning to the items used.
    Love the bird photos and great that the Eurasian Jay got saved!

  7. What a beautiful tea ceremony. I wish you a very happy New year full of good health and prosperity!

  8. Miyako - the ornaments and implements used in the tea ceremony are very interesting, and I especially liked the quote about the virtuous man. That jay was very lucky to be rescued and released - perhaps one day you will see one in the wild. In the meantime, I think the pygmy woodpecker is adorable! I appreciate that you faithfully join Mosaic Monday each week!

  9. What a lovely Bird... thank you for sharing.
    Happy MosaicMonday

  10. Hello Miyako,

    The Eurasian bird is so pretty with its blue feathers. I'm glad it was saved.
    A Japanese tea ceremony seems like a beautiful event. Someday I hope to attend one. My daughter and her husband are traveling to Japan this week and I look forward to their return and all the wonderful things they will tell us about your country.

  11. The Eurasian jay is a real treasure - so exceptional colouring.... Wishing a happy week Miyako.

  12. A lovely glimpse into your world. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for linking to My Corner of the World!

  13. Beautiful birds at your house and at your friend's (how kind she was to save it's life). I agree, it is so special when birds "pose" for me on a beautiful sunny day. The tea ceremony pictures and information were wonderful.

  14. What sweet birds! I rescued a robin once that flew into our window. Basically I put it in a baby blanket around it to keep it warm until it recovered from shock. Also I stood by to make sure no predators approached.

  15. Hello, the tea ceremony is a beautiful tradition. I like the tied willow, very pretty utensils. I am glad the Jay could be saved. The woodpecker is a cute birds, I love all your sweet birds and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend!

  16. I really hope that the jay is okay. So often when birds are involved with window collisions they are able to fly away but have internal injuries not readily apparent.

  17. I want to thank you for taking the time to link in and show us at I'd Rather B Birdin your pictures and fill us in on the Spring activities!