Sunday, November 11, 2018

Two Events (Stage at Community Center and Kite Flying) etc;

Moon-Viewing Party
In the middle of last month, Band Group my husband involves was invited to perform at the "観月会: Moon Viewing Party" held by the culture center of the close-by city. Unfortunately, I couldn't be with him on that day. These pictures and a video were kindly sent through sns called "line" by the lady member♪  Please let me post this event which has Japanese atmosphere. I really am Thankful for her.

As I've never heard of the sound of  " 琴 koto: Japanese harp" with my own years,
I really wished I could be there with him.
Although a lady was explaining about the music, hope you can enjoy the sound a bit.
My husband looked so interested in the instrument p;-)
Wild grass (wildflowers) and Calligraphy were displayed.
Maybe you might be able to notice a little from the pictures above.

Another  Kite Flying day 
First post of the late Sep. as one of the events of the Exposition in my Pref. was here  This time (second one) was held in the middle of last month.
I loved seeing the first Kite with the design of Crane. We have a saying like "Crane lives a thousand year and turtle lives a hundred years (it is said and believed in ancient China and both are taken as a lucky animal)" in Japan.

Design of the Kite below is called "oni-youzu"
Oni means Deamon and Youzu refers to a kite, and a kite with a size of about six to eight tatami mats depicting a demon's face. Wishing for the boys' strong and healthy growth.
People were enjoying flying kites.

Birds from near my house
The Brown-eared Bulbul was sitting on top of the tree in front of my house.  Haha, how lucky I was, he flew away immediately.
This bird is a common residence around my house. Appears often in my blog(^^;)
The female Redstart was sitting at the edge of television antenna.
Male was among the tree in front of my house.
Thank you very much for stopping by; 
  My  next post  will be two weeks away;   I DO hope you all are having a comfortable season.   I will see you soon!!!

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  1. Really so lovely, this post made me smile

  2. I can see why your husband was quite interested in the harp - it is a fascinating instrument and has a delightful sound. I was surprised by the size of some of those kites - however do they get them into the air? Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday!

  3. It is always fantastic to see your Japanese happenings. That calligraphy is so gorgeous and the kites colourful I enjoyed your post very much Miyako. Happy MM.

  4. Lovely Moon Viewing Party. I love the decoration there. Too bad you couldn't be there when your husband performed but glad you got pictures and a video! Wild grass and calligraphy displays are so beautiful!
    Wow, the kites are so huge! There are some very unique ones. The round kite looks very interesting. Brown-eared Bulbul looks like sitting in the crown :-)
    Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san xo

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    A very special instrument and no doubt great explanation in Japanese.
    Those kites are great designs as well.
    And your bird photos...
    Have a good time, whatever you are up to.

  6. Dear Miyako,
    Such lovely photos of musical instruments, kites, and birds. The kimono worn by the young lady on the left in the photo is so beautiful and graceful.
    I hope you are having a wonderful week and much joy every day.


  7. Hello Miyako, the harp music is beautiful. I would like to see the kite festival, the kites look pretty flying. The birds are beautiful. My favorite is the male Redstart. Lovely collection of photos. Thank you for linking up your post. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  8. Beautiful bird photos!...thanks for sharing with us at IRBB