Saturday, September 29, 2018

Kite Flying & Yamaguchi (山口)Yume Expo part1;

Kite Fling at Expo
Yamaguchi Yume ("yume" means dream) Expo started to celebrate 150th year after the Meiji Restoration. From Yamaguchi-pref. (where I live), there were several Samurais who contributed to the political revolution which happened in 1868 that finally brought about the demise of the Tokugawa shogunate (military government). This Kite Flying is one of the events of the Exposition.
ちょるる(choruru) is the character of Yamaguchi-pref.
I had my first chance to see the train (or maybe chain) of kite.
The man in the picture below who used to be one the member of the band group my husband involves made some kites for the event. Really Thankful for him.
Epiphyllum oxypetalum, picture from 
Alfons Maria Mucha and Noh mask of Zeami.
In the tent, children were making their original kites and enjoyed flying them.

 *Yamaguchi Yume Expo Part 1
This Expo (from Sep.14th to Nov.4th) is now held at Ajisu-town in Yamaguchi-city. The Dome is the main venue. 
In Japanese, this event is called "Yamaguchi Dream Yume Hana Haku" and each words means "Yamaguchi Flower Exposition", so we also can enjoy varieties of flowers planted there. We can buy passports that valid during the event. 
My friend and us (with husband) went both places on 22th (kite and just entrance area of Expo and not deep inside of the dome). 
We cannot feel Thankful enough for the people who are taking care of flowers.
Each Arranged Flower in the panel(maybe) is represents each cities in the pref.;
I live in Ube-city. On the back of the panel shows where it is in the pref.

I was fascinated by this awesome arrangement by Shogo Kariyazaki.
He is one of the most famous flower arrangement artist in Japan.
Link of his works and about him.
Flowers and a butterfly I found when we were on our way to the exit.

When we were walking outside the exit to our car, I found a Lesser Emperor flying around. My husband said that this particular butterfly is hard for taking pictures and this burly one can be worth posting p;-)

Thank you very much for stopping by;
  After being together with my husband help carrying things for the band performance tomorrow; Hoping to have  a bit free time.   Wishing you all  a wonderful weekend and new week.  

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  1. Hello Miyako, love all the pretty colorful kites. Looks like a fun event. The flowers and butterfly are gorgeous. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  2. I always love seeing the train of kites flying in the sky. They look spectacular! And the kite the former band member was flying is beautiful. Looks like it was a perfect day for kite flying with gorgeous blue sky. And the flowers at the expo are so lovely. The flower arrangement is quite eye catching! Beautiful butterfly. I enjoyed all your photos :-) Happy weekend to you, Miyako san!

  3. What a beautiful day! Love the clear blue skies and kites are so much fun!

  4. That Lesser Emperor looks like he'd make a loyal security guard. Your photo of him is amazing. Your friend's kites are beautiful. :-)

  5. So much fun with all these kites! When our children were young, we taught them each to make a kite, and make it fly:) the big panels with the flower arrangements are stunning! Love the way the exposition is set up and you share this event with All Seasons, because it's so different from what it would be in Europe, of the USA (can't speak for Australia, because I don't know).
    Enjoy the rest of this event, Miyako!

  6. Happy Mosaic Monday and a wonderful week!
    - Heidrun

  7. Last week we went to dinner at a restaurant with a good view of the marina. There were several people flying large kites in the breeze. One was a stacked model a bit like the one in your picture. - Margy

  8. Hello Miyako,

    Kite flying seems to be something that's enjoyed all around the world. The kites you showed are very interesting and unique. Amazing flower displays, too.
    What a great photo of the Lesser Emperor butterfly.

    have a wonderful week,

  9. What fun! I love the rectangular kite with the flower. Gorgeous floral photos too. Have a great week!

  10. Looks like a wonderful event … you can't beat kites and flowers! Glad you saw the butterfly - perhaps good luck for the rest of the month?

  11. The kite festival looks amazing, so many varied and different styles and decorations, how lovely that the children can be shown how to make them too. Beautiful butterfly captures, too.

  12. What a fun post! The kites are all so colorful and different. The floral arrangements were a real treat! Have a fun filled week!

  13. Dearest Miyako,
    What a treat to see all of this in a perfect setting.
    Kites are wonderful, love the train with the owl faces on.
    And your photos are always expertly taken, love that butterfly!
    The famous Japanese flower arranger has created quite some impressive pieces!

  14. The kite train (that is what I would say) is fascinating -- i wonder how they do that! The kites are always pretty to watch but it is the beautiful flowers and the lovely butterfly make me feel even happier! Thank you.

  15. The kite flying sounds a great happening and the kites in chain look so extraordinary, never seen. And they are so artisticly made. The exposition of your prefecture cities looks wonderful. What a lovely post Miyako, wishing you a happy weekend.

  16. Those kites are so elaborate. Nothing like I would see here, in my small town. I love their artistry! Thanks for linking up !

  17. Hello Miyako. Those kites are so elaborate and beautiful nothing like the ones I tried to fly as a child..Michelle

  18. Hello Miyako,

    The kite festival looks fun, I would like seeing all the different kites.
    The flowers are lovely, beautiful photos. Great post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  19. What a beautiful selection of kites and also the flower arrangements and lovely garden in a pattern. I appreciate your sharing them with all of us online.
    Ellen in Ohio, U.S.A.

  20. Do you have any video of that? I'd like to find out more details.