Monday, November 5, 2018

Yamaguchi (山口)Yume Expo part 3 with Night View etc;

Enjoyed Yume-Expo several times
Yesterday (4th) was the final day of this expo, my husband and I fully enjoyed this flowery event visiting several times with different people♪ So Amazing and Impressive to see the way staffs did their job successfully; their efforts must have been way beyond our imagination. How lucky we were that the event venue were only about 30min away from home and felt Thankful for the people concerned♧♧♧
This was happens to be the on 31st;
 We could see Halloween Corner and kids were enjoying making Jaco Lantern.
*An Open Air Concert and the Night View*
On that day there was a concert by the singer "Kisugi Takao". 
Here is the link of his famous song from You-tube.
After the concert, we could enjoy the Night View;
Birds on the  Neighborhood's Persimmon Tree 
From the window (upstairs), I could see these birdies were enjoying breakfast with autumn flavor p;-).   Pictures were not taken on the same day and only the morning when having a luck (*^.^*)

Brown-eared Bulbul; Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker; Japanese White-eye;

Thank you very much for your sweet visits despite my absence!!!
 I hope you all are having happy comfortable weather days.    I  promise to start visiting you  since this afternoon;    See You Soon and  Have a Wonderful New Week!

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  1. What a fabulous Expo & stunning and colourful photos. Your bird photos are always a candy for the eye. Happy MM!

  2. You are lucky that the event is held so close by :-) The flowers at the Expo are beautiful and the night ambience is lovely!
    Great photos of the cute birds. I always love seeing White-eye. They are so adorable. They all look very happy snacking on persimmon fruits. I hope they didn't eat the shibu-gaki :-)
    Happy November, Miyako san. Have a wonderful new week! xo

  3. Thanks for your beautiful mosaics.
    Have a nice week


  4. What beautiful flower beds and your photos of the birds are great. Happy Mosaic Monday to you!

  5. I love your posts, they are always so colorful and interesting!! I love those flowers!

  6. The expo must have been a truly wonderful event if you visited it multiple times! Orange is one of my favorite colors, so my eye was pulled to the second mosaic. You are very blessed that your neighbor has a persimmon tree that attracts such lovely birds - especially the whiteeye! Thanks for joining MM this week, my friend!

  7. What a great series of colorful photos..!Have a nice day.

  8. What a lovely expo. Great shots of the flowers - and birds.

  9. Hello Miyako,

    The Expo looks very lovely. I see the zinnias continued to bloom for the event - they are still blooming in my garden, too, although very slowly now. Beautiful birds, too. Have a good week.

  10. How fun you showed how the birds are enjoying eating the persimmons! Your collages of the flowers are amazingly beautiful. Thanks you so much Myako for sharing the beauty of the Expo and all the lovely things you experienced with us at All Seasons! Have a lovely week, Blog Friend!

  11. What a wonderful colourful garden and flowers and I love all the bird images including the video. I hope you have a great weekend.

  12. I would never want to leave!! Hubby would have to drag me away because I was taking so many pictures! These are just awesome shots, thanks so much for sharing the beauty.

  13. Hello, the flower expo is a lovely event. Beautiful flowers. I love all the birds, the woodpecker is a favorite. Great photos of the flowers and the birds. I enjoyed the woodpecker video too. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  14. It's been great to go with you on a birdin' adventure this week from The Bird D'pot. Thanks for taking us along.