Monday, August 27, 2018

Summer Atmosphere with Nature;

Ice Sculpture
At zoo in my city park, there were sculpture-making demonstration yesterday. My friend knew through newspaper and invited me to see it. I was so happy for my first experience to see it with my own eyes ♪ It was shown in front of the entrance of the zoo.  I really feel Thankful with his skill ♫♫♫
I put Two pictures in the wall of the entrance here ;-)
First Picture below is the finished work of Hippopotamus.

The chef of the famous hotel in our city is really dexterous and my husband said he wished to see how his work went on.
Kids were allowed to sit on the sculpture for picture taking.
Common Skimmer I found recently at the river side near my house.

Decoration of my favorite Cake Shop
For the guest less than a week ago, I bought some cakes at my favorite cake shop. As I don't have much summer flower this year because of the drought, let me show you for the nearly last time summer atmosphere (˘˘)

Water melon from  my friend
My friend whom I went to see the ice sculpture with has hobby growing flowers. She said she succeeded to grow water melon this year and brought one for me.  Left one is from her picture. She must have worked hard for watering and so on.

Flowers  and a butterfly form late spring and early summer 

At the zoo, it was outside in front of the entrance and was so hot.

My friend and I decided to stop by a coffee shop (not the old type) to have shaved ice. We ordered only one large size for us with two dishes. Wow!!! It was so huge, width of the dish was almost 20㎝.  We both enjoyed the special cool (cold) sweet after a long long while p;-)

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  1. Wow talk about stunning and awesome art, I do like

  2. That must've been a cold seat for the children. lol Ice sculptures are so beautiful. It would be fun to watch the artist at work. That blue flying insect, wow!

  3. When we have traveled to ski resorts, we often see ice sculptures that remain for the entire winter. But I have never seen an artist make one in person. What a wonderful experience. Cake shops and florist shops always have the best displays - it really makes me want to buy something! Your friend should be so proud of the watermelon - looks delicious!

  4. Nice to meet you again on Monday - Wish you a very fine Week!

  5. You did have an interesting week, Orchid, loved the ice sculptures but wouldn't really like to sit one! The dessert looked amazing, good thing you shared it with your friend though.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  6. Lovely post. So much going on! I love the ice sculptures. Love the skimmer -- pretty in blue! the cake shop made my mouth water. I love watermelon -- it has always been a summer treat for me since I was a little girl. Have a lovely week.

  7. Wow, the ice sculpture looks fantastic! It must be really fun to watch the making process. Too bad those beautiful sculptures have to melt away :-) I love the decoration at the cake shop. They always make such fun displays.
    The watermelon from your friend looks so yummy! Looks like there are not many seeds, which is very nice :-) I tried to grow watermelon once when I was a child. It grew to the size of only softball.
    And the shaved ice - oh my, it looks delish!!
    Enjoyed all the summer photos :-) Have a great new week, Miyako san xo

  8. What fun! And that butterfly has the most scalloped edge on his wings! Lovely photos my friend!

  9. Thank you so much - really enjoyed your comments last week, Miyako! You are an excellent photographer. Great you could see the ice sculptures made! On this side of the ocean there is often a documentary (TV) of contest of ice sculptures in winter.The decorations of the cake shop are lovely and the butterflies and yellow flowers are gorgeous!
    The experience you shared with all Seasons are cheerful and uplifting - thank you so much!

  10. Dearest Miyako,
    Ice sculpting is not an easy art I guess and they often manage to create wonderful things. Don't know if sitting on it would be fun. Guess the fabric will stick to it and it feels very cold of course!
    Lovely photos you show here as usual.
    Sending you hugs,

  11. Dear Miyako,
    There are many lovely and interesting things in your post today. Ice sculptors are very talented and have to work quickly, don't they? The pretty cakes are so detailed; it's almost a shame to eat them. Photos of skimmers are hard to take and these are so clear. Well done!
    Have a lovely week,


  12. Lovely shots. That shaved ice is amazing!

  13. I'm all of a shiver thinking of sitting on that ice hippo!
    Aren't they clever? I love ice sculptures but always think it is a tad sad that all their hard work gets to melt away!
    Wren x

  14. The ice sculptures are skilful indeed. Your post dear Miyako is full of summer with all that yellow - so pleasing for the eye. Thank you & wishing you a splendid week!

  15. Such beautiful pictures as always Miyako!! It is hard to think of a drought, when your pictures are all so lovely. Watermelon is a perfect late-summer treat and we are enjoying them right now as well! (But we don't have a friend who grows them -- you are very lucky!).....Your birds and flowers are stunning and I would enjoy learning how ice carvers do their beautiful work.

  16. Such a lovely variety of photos! The ice sculpture looks so fun to watch. Love the nature photos that you took, too.

  17. The ice sculptures are just fantastic! Have a nice weekend-

  18. Hello, I love the ice sculptures. The hippo is cute. Lovely collection of flowers, the dragonfly, butterfly and bird are all beautiful. The shaved ice look delicious. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  19. Beautiful photos and the ice sculptures are amazing!

  20. The size of the shaved ice is amazing! Looks like the best treat along with the watermelon. Thank you for linking up!