Sunday, September 2, 2018

"瓦そば”(Kawara-soba; tea buckwheat noodles) and nature;

Kawara-soba; our Pref.'s local specialty
In the middle of last month, one of my husband's ex-lady colleagues brought us our pef's cuisine called "Kawara-Soba, Roof Tile buck-wheat noodle", packaged one. To the soba-noodle, green tea powder is added.  This page has detailed explanation. The first picture below is what I made from the gift; and in the second one, you can see the package and how it is served when you have it at the restaurant. You might think it strange to know that Noodles are served on the "瓦 kawara ; Roof Tile" (*^.^*) 
At the final civil war around late 18C in Japan, the soldiers would heat kawara tiles and cook wild grass and meat on them, this originated this style.
Picture below is from my post of this January, herons on the roof ;-)

Enjoyed the Yummy Kawara-soba; Thankful for my husband's young friend(^.^)

Golden-ringed dragonfly
On 20th last month, my dragonfly lover husband got so excited finding this Golden-ringed dragonfly "オニヤンマ・oniyanma" outside the back door. He knew this kind of dragonfly does fly back and forth, he said he was waiting for her to come back. He took her inside of the house for me to take pictures. After about 10 minutes photo-session, we released her. She looked really beautiful with Golden Rings☆☆☆

He put the net outside the kitchen to be ready for the sudden luck p;-)

Brown-eared Bulbul 
My friend called me that the Brown-eared Bulbul made a nest on the persimmon tree in her garden. From inside the house through the window, we could see her sweet face in her nest.  My friend was expecting to see babies, but the Bulbul disappeared after staying the nest she made for a long while.

Spring Star 
This flower was blooming this late March in the little park near our housing development. My friend taught me the Japanese name "花ニラ;Flower Oriental garlic".
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  1. Miyako - the noodle dish looks so delicious - I will have to go out and have some VERY SOON. It is wonderful that your husband is so excited about dragonflies - I have seen many flying near our house, but I am not sure that I would ever be able to catch one - they are very fast. I hope the Bulbul bird is OK.

  2. Oh yum, Kawara-soba looks soooo good! I love that green tea powder is added to the dish. It must bring extra flavor :-) Very interesting to learn the origin of it! Bulbul in the best is so lovely. Too bad she disappeared before baby arrived. Maybe she found other place she felt better suited for her nest.
    Spring star is beautiful! They do look like stars! Happy September, Miyako san. (Can you believe it’s already September?!) Have a wonderful new week xo

  3. Wow, these dishes look so delicious! That is an inventive way of cooking, on a warm roof tile! What a great sight all these herons in a roof on this roof! This dragonfly is a beautiful one! Did not know garlic could have thee pretty white flowers. Many thanks for showing All Seasons all this beauty, Miyako - what a lovely post! Thank you much and have a beautiful week.
    Also my thanks for your kind comment last week on my post!

  4. The traditional way to serve this dish makes a special occasion and an artistic table setting. The dragonfly with its tourquoise head and goldenrings is like a piece of jewelry! A very beautiful and interesting post once again - thank you so much Miyako.

  5. I always enjoy hearing stories of your daily life in Japan, Miyako, because it is so very different from my own. The food looks wonderful and the story behind why it is served in that way is fascinating. That was a very unusual looking dragonfly, never seen one like that before and the bird in your friends garden is not one that inhabits my part of the world either.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  6. The noodles look so delicious. You know when we were little we love to catch dragonflies in the summer time.

  7. Hello Miyako,
    The soba noodles look delicious. I enjoyed reading about the history of the soldiers cooking food on heated tiles and modern day people serving the dish that way. It's always interesting to learn more about traditions and customs from other parts of the world.
    The dragonfly is fascinating, and I also liked seeing all those herons perched on the roof.
    Have a wonderful week,


  8. Interesting to hear about the use of roof tiles as a plate.

  9. She is a beautiful dragonfly, such delicate wings :)
    Wren x

  10. The food history (using the roof tile as a plate) was so interesting and the soba noodles, both yours and the restaurant ones look absolutely delicious. As always, your birds and flowers and dragonfly photos are wonderful.

  11. Dearest Miyako,
    Even after supper you again did make me hungry because of the yummy soba noodles and the beautiful presentation. The glazed roof tile is a very clever way to use for cooking and for presenting it. What is the difference with any other glazed piece of china?
    You had me laugh about releasing the beautiful dragonfly after the 10 minute photo session! Can you imagine the communication to other dragon fly friends about this?
    Sending you hugs,

  12. The noodle dish looks wonderful! Hope you have a lovely week!

  13. Excellent photos! I love the birds on the roof.

  14. Hello Miyako, the noodles dish looks delicious! It is cool to see the herons lined up on the roof. The dragonfly is lovely, awesome series of photos. I hope the Bulbul comes back to the nest. Lovely flowers, they do look like pretty stars. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  15. What a varied blog post and all so interesting. I would have never thought one could capture a Dragonfly and not have it flit about inside and then release it. It's beautiful! I enjoyed the entire post~

  16. What a delightful collection of photos, Miyako! Loved the herons on the roof and the dragonfly.

  17. With everything said, I say 'thank you' for taking time to share this post with us all at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week!

  18. As aways your food looks wonderful and I loved seeing the bird on the nest. Have a great weekend.