Monday, July 23, 2018

Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition, Dragonfly & Flower;

Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition
Since 2001, this Glass Work Exhibition takes place every 3 year at next city where my husband was born and grown up. This exhibition is the Gateway to Success of Newcomer. Next city has a glass atelier. And also has a big industry making sulfuric acid to refine gold and silver for coins. In the city, three is a long "Bottle fence "瓶垣, bin-gaki" in Japanese. The bottle is sulfuric acid bottle container.  Here is the link about the "Fence with unusual material" posted 4 years ago.  
Above  "entrance" ;   Blow awarded grand prize "Fascination with Magnification "

I'll skip putting the names for each works.
I truly was amazed by all the magnificent works

Dragonflies & Flowers
Dragonflies are part 2 from the National Park posted on 8th.  So excited to see these my first blue ones. We call them "ito tonbo,  糸トンボ".  Two different Damselflies; Yes, they exactly look a like but checking with pc we made fuss about our finding p;-)   Other two are "Common skimmer" and "Rhyothemis fuliginosa, we call this one butterfly-dragonfly".

Flowers are African Daisy and Clovers of 3 leafed and 4 leafed 
These flower pictures were gifts from the lady Keyboard player of the band group my husband involves. I think the color of the Daisy may be the first for me. I'm always Thankful for her kindness.

Thank you very much for stopping by,   So sorry  for my absence!!!
After the flood caused big damage (not  personally),  record high temperature troubling in Japan.    Hope you all are doing fine.

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  1. Very interesting glass pieces and I just love that Dragonfly. Have a wonderful week ahead

  2. The glass exhibition looked very interesting and the artists have created some magnificent shapes. Great nature shots, love the dragonflies.
    Thanks for getting MM off to such a good start this week.

  3. Your shares are always so interesting. Luv those dragonflies with the butterfly wings.
    Here's how to visit my Monday Mosaic post

    Have a good week

    much love...

  4. I love glass and really enjoyed your images from the exhibition. With four cats, having glass like this is impossible. They would all be in pieces! But that won't keep me from looking! Love the flowers and dragonflies. Have a fun filled week.

  5. Amazing glass art, and such beautiful butterflies!

  6. Hard to do much when it is so hot! Beautiful damselflies and I’m so impressed that you learned to identify them! And the glass art is amazing! My favorite is the one bowl with the tree of life motif. I’m sorry about the flooding but glad you were not hurt by it.

  7. Wow, those glass artworks are amazing! They are so delicate and beautiful, and dreamy! I've never seen butterfly-dragonfly in person. They sure look very unique! I probably wouldn't notice that they were dragonfly if I saw them from a distance :-)
    I'm glad you are safe from the horrible flood. My heart goes out to those who are affected. Please be careful with the extreme heat, Miyako san. Have a lovely new week xo

  8. What marvelous pieces of art glass. People are so creative. The butterfly dragon looks like a person in a black robe flying through the air.
    I'm sorry about the flood and glad that you were not affected. Do take care with the heat, Miyako. It can be so draining.

  9. The glass art works are breathtaking, Miyako! Wished I could have seen this myself, but your photos are worthy substitute! The dragsonflies and black damselflies are beautiful in their own way - many thanks for sharing so much beauty with All Seasons!
    Heard from my son that there is an unusual heatwave going o in Japan - stay cool!

  10. The glass art works are amazing! I wished I could see them in real life. I love glass art. It’s funny that you also covered damselflies and dragonflies because I also love them. The blue damselfly is our business logo.

  11. Dearest Miyako,
    So sorry for the terrible flood in your country and glad to hear you are safe.
    The glass art is incredible and one to admire greatly. We have seen the Murano glass art near Venice, Italy.
    That Rhyothemis fuliginosa is such a beauty and I'm glad it is not on the Red List, so there are enough of them in Japan!
    Your photos are always incredible.

  12. Amazing modern art & amazing dragonfly photos! The dragonfly butterfly is very exquisite. Sending you love & hugs.

  13. Such an interesting exhitib! I always enjoy your photos, and am amazed at how you capture nature. I tried without success to photograph a dragon fly this week.

  14. You're right - the variety of art in the exhibit is stunning. I like several of them very much, especially the one that looks like buildings in a forest. Your flowers are lovely; and I am really amazed by the butterfly dragonfly - never seen anything like it!

  15. Hello Miyako, the art work is beautiful. Amazing what they can do with glass. The dragonflies are beautiful captures, I love the butterfly-dragonfly. The flowers are lovely. Beautiful post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.