Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Festival at Community Center, etc;

Festival at Community Center 
Last week, one of the bands my husband belong to played at the nearby city's Community Center in our prefecture. This is the season for community center to hold festivals to present how fruitful their works are♪ We could enjoy varieties of arts on that day. I wonder if there is a chance to enjoy hobbies in other countries like this. You can even find English speaking class in the center's programs. 
*From the Flower Arrangement Club*

My first Olive-backed Pipit
When we were checking the place where my husband has to play next month, I was SO Thankful for this Pipit showing up in fron of me♡♡♡

My husband I had been tackled with Capital gains tax which we had to pay for my late parents empty house sold last year. And also things related with bands my husband belong to, etc. Always feel sorry for my absence, I'm hoping to have more time from tomorrow☆☆☆   Have a wonderful week under a bit comfortable weather.

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  1. Great to see people enjoying making music and dance together! Oh, these flower arrangements are stunning, Miyako:) And the birds here are so sweet! Thank you for sharing all this beauty with All Seasons and have a beautiful week:)

  2. I love the beautiful flower arrangements. And I hope this week is a good one for you...not so complicated! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. In the US, the 'festival' would probably be called an 'open house', and yes, there would be ample displays of work done by those who go to the community center, whether performances or art work .... I am partial to flowers, so that was the most interesting part for me!

  4. Lovely shots, my friend. Hope all is well. Fiona

  5. Your community has many activities on offer, the displays are lovely especially the flower arrangements and the dolls.
    I've never seen a pipit your captures are very good and make a great mosaic. Hope life starts to treat you better soon, take care.

  6. Ah what a lovely post, music, birds and flowers all such delights!

  7. It looks like a fantastic festival! I enjoy seeing photos of various performances and exhibits. Flower arrangements are so beautiful. I love the first one very much. Here in Atlanta, there is Japan festival yearly - they do have performances, exhibits, shops, etc. Though I haven't been to this festival for many years.
    Such a cute pipit! Have a great week, Miyako san :-)

  8. The idea ist great, when ​​hobby artists are showing their capabilities and achievements. There are also such festivals in Germany.
    The bird pictures are adorable.
    Best regards

  9. Beautiful festival -- everyone so happy. And your pictures are perfectly and beautifully arranged as always Miyako. Sorry about all the problems with your parents' estate .... not so different here in this country ....

  10. Beautiful floral arrangements Miyako!

    I'm just reading a newly released book by Finnish Minna Eväsoja who has studied thoroughly Japanese culture, in Japan and Kiyoto. The title is: Shoshin - the mind of a beginner. She tells the reader about different aspects of the Japanese culture. And the book is decorated with old Japanese drawings from our National Gallery. Fantastic & interesting.

  11. What a great time! I love listening to live music, it is such a treat. That bird is gorgeous too. Have a great week!

  12. Lovely flowers, birds and music...Perfect....

  13. Your header caught my eye as the puffin is the provincial bird of my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. They are a joy to watch in their natural habitat summertime in Newfoundland. Lovely roundup of photos and interesting tidbits.

  14. Dearest Miyako,
    Hope the turn out for your husband's band performance was great.
    Looks all so very festive and colorful.
    Love the dancing insert too.
    Flower arrangements with spring flowers are precious.
    Cute bird you photographed.
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  15. Hello, Miyako, the festival looks like a fun time. I enjoy seeing the arts and crafts. I am sure it was great to hear your husband's band perform. Congrats on your sighting and photos of the Olive-backed Pipit. It is a lovely bird. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing this post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  16. What fun! pretty dolls and flower arrangements, and so cool your husband's band could perform again. Love the bird as well. Have a lovely week!

  17. Your community centre looks a fantastic focal meeting point for your community. Does your amazing flower arranging club meet there too?
    Wren x

  18. Hello Miyako!:) I enjoyed looking at your festival photos, all the lovely flower arrangements, and your fortunate sighting of the Pipit.

    I hope your troubles will soon be over, but don't worry about visiting until the problems you are having with your late parents estate are sorted. Take care!:)