Sunday, March 4, 2018

Kimekomi-Doll(Ningyo) with Otafuku Face etc;

Kimekomi -Ningyou and Otafuku (お多福)
Before the previous post (Girl's Day) I've also enjoyed another doll exhibition at the department in my city on 20th last month.  Kimekomi-Dolls (Ningyo) is one of the  traditional Japanese dolls. Here is the link about its history.   Please let me post the similar doll post again (^.^)
Otafuku of Happiness

                                       * About Otafuku*
"Otafuku←picture link  "お多福" literally means “Much Good Fortune”, and a lucky symbol for long life in Japanese. Otafuku represents a lovely, always smiling Japanese woman who brings happiness.   Because of the face of its bulging cheeks when we have "Mumps", we call the illness "Otafuku-kaze" in Japanese. Kaze means "cold" :-)
And the masks also used for Kyougen stage ← link   One of the Kimekomi-dolls works from the stage art.

*Hina-doll and anther ones from Kimekomi*

Dolls from 12 zodiac signs (11 in the first picture and dog which is this years sign is in the second picture).

At the one corner of the exhibition place, a lady was working on "Kabuto 冑" link .  
I pasted the process (left side) from pc page. Oh, I felt Thankful for the long hard work.

Pink  Japanese Apricot 
Last week, I found this flower of pink Japanese Apricot blooming on the road side a bit close to my house.  This Special Flower makes us feel long awaiting spring is just around the corner♫♫♫

Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker 
I just could find and post this bird once before.  I got SO excited to see this little one jumping and rotating among the branches in front of my house♡♡♡  And was happy pictures came out well considering the distance and the size of this bird.
Thank you very much for Your Sweet Visits and See You Soon; 
I got tied up helping my husband giving the fertilizer for trees in our garden and band thing etc. Hoping you all are able to feel a bit comfortable weather☆☆☆  

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  1. Wonderful collection of photos. I don't think I've ever seen apricot blossoms before but I love all fruit blossoms. Exquisite.

  2. Beautiful dolls! I love the happy otafuku face :-) How lucky you were to get to see the process of making kabuto. I’m always impressed by all the detail! Lovely pink color of apricot blossoms. Feels like spring is arriving :-) We have lot of white flowers (dogwood?) blooming everywhere. Though we expect another week of cold temperature. I hope flowers will survive!
    Woodpecker is very cute! Have a happy new week, Miyako san!

  3. The kimonos are so beautiful! And thank you for the descriptions - that makes it even more interesting! Love that you also took a photo of how they make the dolls! Wow, a apricot flowers are stunning! Many thanks for showing All Seasons all this beauty and the birds too! Have a marvelous week:)

  4. We could all learn something from Otafuku - keep smiling and you will bring others good fortune!

    I noticed some of the dolls wear very thick kimonos - I could use one of those here since we still have a lot of snow and cold temperatures. No apricot (or any other kind) of blooms for us!

    The pygmy woodpecker is very handsome - your good fortune that he landed in your tree!

  5. The zodiac dolls are cute! This morning I found blossoms on our apricot tree. Not as many as the one you found. That's ok. At least there's a possibility the tree will bear a few fruit.

  6. Thank you for this wonderfully colorful post. You have some beautiful photos. Your doll collection is amazing and very lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing buds on our tress. It's still cold here! Wishing you a grand week1

  7. Always such a delight to visit your Monday Mosaic posts. Have a nice Monday and warm wishes that Spring may arrive soon

    much love...

  8. The otafuku face is so serene and placid, the dolls are all wonderful, thank you for sharing them with us.
    Beautiful pink apricot blossom, spring can't be far away now.
    I do admire your bird photographs, so skillful to get such wonderful close-ups.
    Happy Mosaic Monday, dear Orchid.

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely Otafuku faces and I had to click and enlarge your photos on the side, showing the making in detail. That was very interesting to see.
    Love also those Japanese zodiac signs!
    And the blooming Japanese apricot is so beautiful and indeed it brings us hope for Spring!
    Sending you hugs,

  10. A wonderful collection of dolls!

  11. The Happy Otafuku faced doll makes me smile. It was interesting to read about the Japanese word for mumps, too. The history and formation of words is fascinating.
    Lovely, lovely apricot blossoms. I'm longing for warmth and springtime here.

  12. I've always thought the Japanese dolls were so pretty. The details are so wonderful and their clothes so beautiful. Always enjoy seeing what is blooming and the cute woodpecker. Have a lovely week!

  13. The tiny woodpecker is very sweet! And you know I love the dolls! Look at all the detail that goes into each one! Love those pink blooms too. You've given us a fun post to enjoy! Hugs!

  14. Spring hasn't come to my little corner of the world. I am jealous you have cherry blossoms. I have always wanted to go to Japan for the Cherry blossoms.

  15. The pygmy woodpecker is so sweet! Excellent pictures ... and I love the early Spring blossoms. And those dolls! She does look a little like she has mumps though since you mention it! The dog statues are perfect for this year!

  16. Hi Miyako,

    The Japanese dolls you show are real treasures and pieces of art. I love them and the first signs of Hanami with the apricot blooms look gorgeous.

    Wishing you a great week, sending greetings & hugs!

  17. Beautiful photos! They are all so great :) Have a wonderful week!

  18. Hello Miyako, the doll exhibit is beautiful. They are all lovely dolls. I love the apricot blossoms, a beautiful pink color. The Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker is a new bird for me, great captures and sighting. Thank you so much for linking up your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  19. Very beautiful dolls! Beautiful pink apricot blossom!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  20. Oh those apricot blossoms! Gorgeous! Love the birds also, Miyako. But the dolls are just delightful to me! I would have thought they were Hakaida dolls, as I was not familiar with the type they actually are. My Mom has a beautiful Hakaida doll of an old woman sitting and working and which I broke the arm off of as a child. Much to my consternation!!! When a friend flew to Japan years later I asked him to buy a Hakaida doll of any style I could give to my Mom. He brought back two beautiful dolls! The large one with red kimono I gave to Mom. The smaller one of a more child-like face and rounder body, with a baby on her back, I gave to our daughter. Seeing these dolls, I think the ones he brought us were more of the type of these dolls and were not Hakaida, because they were very different from the one I broke. That one is very realistic looking and depicts a common activity. Is that the difference? I would appreciate knowing more about them.

  21. Love the collection & bird photos ... thanks for stopping & sharing your blog with us at I'd Rather B Birding

  22. It must take you so much time to put these very lovely posts together Miyako..thank you..Michelle

  23. Hello Miyako San!
    nagaikoto oaishitemasendesu, Kimekomi-Doll Nigyo no otafuku kawo kimekomi dolls is zodiac dog sign the second picture kwai kabuto wa kirai desu.
    Watashi no Otomach Rambling san Otagaini nagaikoto oaishitemune!
    Have a happy time!

  24. The apricot blossoms are beautiful. Loved your post. Hope you have a wonderful week.