Monday, March 19, 2018

Another Spring Festival at Sue-Community Center etc;

Another Festival early this week
My husband attended another spring festival at the community center where the band group he belong to  usually use for practicing. As I was away from home last 3 days, posting a bit late than I expected.

 Literally, 花(ka)=flower; (鳥)cho=birds; 風(fu)=wind; 月(getsu)=moon
The beauties of nature with full of flowers, birds, winds and moon is the refined elegance of nature and moving to human mind. One of Yojijukugo which is a Japanese idiom consisted of four Chinese character (Kanji).
* Wood Carving;  I felt "Thankful" being able to enjoy marvelous works. *

                                          *I was fascinated by this work*
In Japanese, we say  ありがとう for “Thank you”.  The word in this work was made up with these words.   And also written similar shape with a Kanji-Character of   which means “glad, pleased, delighted”.   It sure is important and wonderful thing to express appreciation to someone's kindness and pleased each other♪

*Flower of Canola was blooming outside of the center*

*Japanese white-eye enjoying orange in my little yard*

                          Thank you very much for your sweetness Despite my absence;
               Hope you all are doing well and I will See You Soon ♡♡♡

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  1. Dear Miyako, reading your post every Monday morning is like a breath of fresh air, beautiful flowers, birds, music and stories always a delight.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  2. Dear Miyako,
    it is interesting for me to read about your country and the traditions there.
    Nature is different in Japan, so I enjoy your pictures.
    Best regards

  3. I love your festivals. Your posts make me smile. Love the little white eye and the orange. I give oranges to my fish!!! Happy Monday!

  4. Looks like it was another wonderful festival! It must feel really nice to perfom under the sky outside :-) I enjoyed all the beautiful exhibits. I'm fascinated by the work with "ありがとう" in "喜" shape, too! So creative! Love pretty white-eye birdies!
    Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san xo

  5. The children are adorable, and I'm sure their music was wonderful! As are your lovely flowers! Beautiful photos!

  6. What a lovely variety of scenes. The festival looks like fun and the little birds are pretty. We have them, but I have trouble enticing them to the house. The yellow flowers are so bright!

  7. It's a beautiful time to have festivals and you took wonderful photos of the flowers and beautiful things you saw. Enjoy your week dear one. Hugs!

  8. Miyako, You have captured beauty in many forms. Love the flowers. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  9. How wonderful that your community center has so many celebrations. It makes my heart so glad to see the children involved! Yes, it is special to express appreciation for each other ... there is so much beauty and talent in the world that we can celebrate. I also enjoyed your video of the white-eye eating the orange!

  10. The weather looks very warm and beautiful inviting one to enjoy the festival outdoors. The festival looks like lots of fun and all the fantastic and beautiful displays of carvings and other artistic works are indeed delightful.

  11. The little bird in your yard is so sweet! Love the shots you took of the musical bands, but also the flower arrangements - and the one with the ball with colors (is it glass?) is beautiful! So much to see here in this post! Many thanks for sharing it all with All Seasons! Have a lovely week, Miyako!

  12. You have brought us some lovely spring photos. Thank you! Hoping you have a wonderful week!

  13. You have so many festivals there, and it all looks like wonderful fun for everyone. Your husband has many venues to play with his band. I loved the beautiful displays.

  14. You have so many wonderful festivals in Japan. It is always interesting to read your posts and see your lovely photos.

  15. Dearest Miyako,
    Happy beginning of Spring to you both!
    Lovely Festival and your photos of the Canola flowers are such happy color.
    Above all your video with the Japanese white-eye snacking on the orange slice is stunning!

  16. I love drums. That's a great idea about the orange slices on branches, but I'm afraid the large jays and ravens would take them away from the little birds. - Margy

  17. Really lovely art! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Great wood caving art and I love the elegant flower arrangements. Wishing you a lovely week Miyako!

  19. Miyako, lovely to see the wood carvings. The people who made them are so talented. Thank you for linking up today!

  20. What a lovely estival and i also love the video of the bird eating the orange. Have a lovely weekend.

  21. Hello Miyako, what a great festival and wonderful exhibits. Beautiful artwork! The flowers are beautiful and so is the Japanese White-eye. Lovely series of photos. Thank you for linking and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  22. Hi Miyako, I have a question for you:

    We are celebrating Literature Week in April, and we book bloggers give tips of books that have been special to us. I thought I'll write about 3 books that tell about Japan. I fell in love with them all. They are written by Finnish writers and available only in Finnish.

    But I would be very pleased if you let me link or use some of your calligraphy photos & posts. They would be very interesting to Finnish readers. Also a link to your blog might bring you visitors: in my book blog there are 16.000 - 18.000 visitors a month.

    My post would appear on Monday 16th of April. Tell what you think?!! Best regards & hugs <3

  23. What a lovely series of photos!

  24. Miyako San!
    Have a another wonderful festa time!
    It mademo kiraina photos desune,
    Watasimo anatano kiraina japanes daiski desu!