Sunday, August 13, 2017

Exhibition of Embroidery on silk-screen printing etc;

Hiroko Tuchiya’s Embroidery Exhibition 
Embroidery Exhibition at the department in my city. First time for me to see the works which have done both printing and embroidery. Happy to be able to enjoy Very Unique and Charming works. 
                      New style of  art for me
*Things that reflect  映し出すもの* 
*Brighten with Flower  華やぐ*

*Looking Back かえりみる*

Agapanthus from our back yard
   These Agapanthus were blooming late June♪ 
Happy that finally found matching place to post this flower.

Oriental  Green Finch and workers
On 2nd. this month, under hot weather, I found many finches flying 
back and forth around the fences, electric wires and into the rice paddy.
Seeing me approaching them from even a bit far, they flew away...

Obon (お盆) season is coming in Japan;
Obon  (actual date is from 13th to 15th) is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating 
our ancestors, as their spirits believed to return this world. 
                  Today we will visit our family graves.  (My old page about obon)
                                 Have a wonderful coming new week.  See You Soon♪

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  1. Wow, the embroidery works are beautiful! I especially like the first and last ones. I've done embroidery at school (Katie-ka class) and I remember it was a lot of work! The artist must have put lots of effort into creating them.
    We have finches coming to our bird feeder here. Never seen so many together, though :-) Great pictures!
    It's Obon in Japan already. Time flies. Have a wonderful week, Miyako san xo

  2. The embroidery is really wonderful to see Miyako. So much talent. Thank you for your photos.
    The green finches are delightful to see, such pretty colours.
    I hope your week is happy xx

  3. Excellent mixed media exhibit. I agree they are charming and unique and creative and pretty as well.

  4. Love how you did the top image ('header")
    The second one and "looking back" are my favorites - very artistically done!Thank you for sharing this exhibit with All Seasons! Am glad for showing the beautiful Agapanthus - they bloomed in front of my kitchen window of my previous house. The birds are very cute too

  5. Loved the embroidery art! The artist is so talented! Loved the birds as well. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  6. Today is the last day of your Obon; thank you for reminding us of that lovely event -- I remember reading your post about it. There are so many finches -- just amazing to see. It is odd that they were so active during the hot weather -- I would have guessed they would want to stay in one place (the way I do when it gets too hot ;>)

  7. What an interesting exhibition and a great idea. The art works are beautiful, and so is your Agapanthus. Have a lovely week Miyako!

  8. The embroidery works are sensationell! I 'm following now your new blogsite too.
    Heidrun from Germany XO

  9. Looking back was my favorite piece. Appreciate the skills of all these artists. Finches and flowers are posted beautifully. I sometimes visit our ancestors too at their grave sites. It is always an honor to do so and a humbling experience for me. I miss the ones who are not here among us any more. I just move on without them but think of them often. It is what it is. Hugs!

  10. This is my first time to see this combination of mixed media - Looking Back is also my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  11. The embroidery is so exquisite! Such talent! I cannot imagine the work that is put into it! Thank you for linking up to day and have a great weekend, Miyako!

  12. Dearest Miyako,
    New to me as well this embroidery on silk screen printing and I cannot say that I'm in love with it...
    Your Agapanthus look gorgeous and they make me kind of sad as ours have vanished. Guess the rootstocks got eaten by voles...
    Your Green Finches did show up in masses, incredible photos.
    And one has to admire those workers in those cranes that go up so high; wow!
    Obon has a different meaning for you since you wrote the previous post.
    Sending you hugs,

  13. Hello Miyako, the silk screen prints are beautiful. Lovely embroidery and exhibit. The flowers are beautiful too. Wow, you did find a lot of Green Finches. The last shot with the fence is just filled with the pretty finches.

    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  14. Hello Miyako!:) I have seen silk screen prints before, and admire the ones you share. They are beautiful. I have never seen so many Green finches in one place however, and the fence shot is extraordinary. Are they attracted to the grain, I wonder! Agapanthus are my hubby's favourite flower,...and it's the only flower he can remember the name of!!:=) Enjoy the rest of the weekend.:)

  15. My first visit and what a beautiful page! My Agapantha is not blooming yet. I'm in the middle of Texas.

  16. That work is exquistie and i love the flowers and bird. Have a good week ahead.

  17. My favorite of the exhibit is "Looking Back"!!

    Thanks once again for doing your narration and sharing the wonderful photos this weekend. We birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' are always appreciative.

  18. What beautiful artwork! Love the birds and blooms. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. I apologize for being so late in visiting.