Sunday, January 29, 2017

Calligraphy at the city Airport, Setubunn and Bird etc;

My husband's ex-lady-collages are member of the "genyuukai" calligraphy school; 
We were informed about the "kakizome, 書き初め" by the school held at our city airport on 21st
Three calligraphers (including the president) showed us working on the big paper. 
I hope you can enjoy the DYNAMIC works using the whole body♪
They were having interview from the radio program.
The gentleman in the middle of the picture is the president.
 *First player*
                         She is the friend of my husband's ex-lady college.
                                           (back-music at first is a bit loud, so sorry to inform you) 

綺羅星 kiraboshi  "twinkling stars"
They use the glass seal  for their works, which their calligrapher's names on them, specially made at the Local Glass Atelier.

*Secound player*

游神; yujin 
*Third player(president of the school) *
Sky is connected with the whole world.
This is one of the paperweights my late father who was a lathe worker made for me.
I was happy to see my personal treasure (for Friday's Hunt)used by the first lady
Her name is on it; we gave it to her.

This butterbur (蕗・fuki)  I found on the same day at the air port. (Taken on 21st Jan.)

This is the header I used before for Setsubun;
The flower in the frame is the illustration of (節分草・setubunsou
And the picture blow is from picture page.

Wishing "Demons out! Luck in!" on Feb. 3rd. Setsubun 節分
節分"Setubun" Bean-Throwing Festival or Bean-Throwing Ceremony is the day before the beginning of spring. The two characters literally mean "seasonal division". We also have another term called "Risshun (立春)" celebrated yearly on February 3 as part of the Spring Festival (春祭 haru matsuri). In its association with the Lunar New Year, Spring Setsubun can be and was previously thought of as a sort of New Year's Eve, and so was accompanied by a special ritual to cleanse away all the evil of the former year and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for the year to come. This special ritual is called mamemaki (豆撒き, literally "bean throwing").
*恵方巻き Good Fortune Sushi Rolls*
Eho-maki (fortune rolls) are futo-maki (thick sushi rolls) eaten on the night of Setsubun. To be related with the Seven Deities of Good Fortune called Shichifukujin, seven fillings are traditionally rolled in a sushi roll. For example, simmered shiitake mushrooms and kanpyo (dried gourd), cucumber, rolled omelet (tamagoyaki), eels, sakura denbu (sweet fish powder), and seasoned koyadofu (freeze-dried tofu) are used. These ingredients represent good health, happiness, and prosperity, and rolling the fillings means good fortune.

*At temples and shrines*
At temples and shrines, bean trowing ceremonies are held. The video below is from last year at a temple in Chiba-pref. Sometimes TV talents or celebrities are invited. You can see the sumo wrestlers in the picture.  Eating beans on this day means you'll have "No sickness No misfortune".  You might think it funny, but usually we eat beans with same number of our age or one more p;)  
*Cormorant  from Kirara Natural Park on 6th*
       They were drying their plumage
I am so sorry for my longer than my usual long post. 
Wishing you a happy weekend

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  1. Hi Miyako san. Such amazing performances by those players. Their works are really dynamic! How wonderful to see the paperweight made by your father being used on such a big event :-)
    I forgot it was almost Setsubon already! I remember eating beans with same number of age, and also having tea with beans in it. Love the photos and video of cormorant drying feathers. Looks like it was a nice day to do that :-) Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san!

  2. Hello Dear Miyako, thank you so much for your lovely post.
    It was a real pleasure seeing the Calligraphy artists - both in the video and your photographs. What a special moment when you saw the very paperweight made by your Father, how wonderful.
    Eating the beans for one's age is a nice tradition ... I like the idea of having the extra bean too - perhaps for the coming year of life? So many people gathered at the temple in your photo. The Good Fortune Sushi Rolls look really appealing - and they're healthy too!! How many do you make Miyako?
    It was really nice seeing the Cormorant - I always love seeing them holding their wings out and doing the slight flutter with them, as thought about to start to dance. We see them down here in the lakes district and I take lots of photos of them but hadn't thought of a video so I especially enjoyed seeing yours :D)
    Have a really happy week as you welcome Spring, and wishing you good fortune. Cheerio for now, lovely to catch up with you once more xx

  3. The calligraphy artists are amazingly talented, I can only imagine how special it was to see them work right in front of the spectators and to see the piece made by your father being used.
    Devil out! Luck In!
    Thank you for bringing all these interesting events to Mosaic Monday this week.

  4. Oh this is so special! Have only seen the normal size calligraphy done - can't remember if he was Japanese or Chinese. Do you know if the way they learn calligraphy is the same for both countries (of course the characters must be different!) Am excited and thank you so much for sharing this special event with ALL SEASONS! What I also noticed is that there are tall Japanese men:) Have a beautiful week Miyako:)

  5. Mikyako ~ Such a beautiful post with wonderful photos ~ love the calligraphy event and all the traditions that you have ~ thank you ~

    Wishing you a happy and peaceful week ~ ^_^

  6. Beautiful post -- I like that Bean Throwing Ceremony and the reasons for it -- but I do not know if I could eat the number of beans in my age. I have to think about how many beans are usually in a serving. 77 sounds like a lot!

    I always like looking at the calligraphy artists and that is lovely that your friend is using the item your father made.

  7. The calligraphy video may be the most remarkable thing that I have seen in a while. I loved how the calligraphy was actually performed with a lot of flair.

  8. Hello Miyako,
    What interesting events you attend. The calligraphy competition looks fascinating! Have a wonderful week.

  9. The calligraphy artists are very talented and very special for you to see them.

  10. That was a true art performance - I do admire! And I admire also your Japanese characters every time I see them. Like little pieces of art each and every one! Your bird photos are always so fun to watch. Enjoy your week dear Miyako ❤️

  11. Miyako-I would love to see these calligraphy artists in person. I like how beans are thrown to ward off evil spirits. I always enjoy seeing what you are doing and learning from you. This is a special blog that I enjoy weekly, my friend.

  12. Watch a fu thing to watch as they create. Love the Cormorants. Have a marvellous weekend.

  13. Hello Miyako, the calligraphy and the artist are amazing. I am glad you have a memory and keepsake from your father. It is interesting learning about your traditions and the ceremonies. Love the Cormorant photos and video. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  14. Wow, a fascinating post as always! I am so interested in reading about your culture and the bean throwing is just a lovely tradition! The calligraphy artists are wonderful - you can feel the energy in the created pieces. Also great to see the paperweight your father made for you - it is so good to see it being used in the right way! I also love your cormorants - we have them here also! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  15. Good afternoon dear Miyako. I love the videos as I had never heard of this and really enjoyed seeing it... I have had a cormorant stop here and fish and then dry its feathers as they are diving birds but do not have any oil to protect their feathers from the water so have to dry their feathers carefully.....Wonderful post...Michelle

  16. I so enjoy reading your posts and learning of your culture. That bean throwing ritual was educational. Love the calligraphy...

    And smiled at the cormorants drying out.

    Beautiful yellow flowers too.

    Thanks so much for adding your post link at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week. Your participation is always appreciated.

  17. What a wonderful post! The calligraphy is a true art and I love seeing that big cormorant. We have those here in Florida too. Hugs, Diane

  18. It was fascinating to see calligraphy. Amazing how big those canvases are. The flowers are lovely. Wonderful captures of the cormorants. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week.

  19. Interesting post--so much to see and learn. My husband's brother has a lathe, he machined a "necklace" a quite heavy one, for our daughter as a joke. I'm glad you have your paperweight from your father. Nice shots of the cormorants.