Thursday, February 2, 2017

Airport at the Calligraphy Day and Cuisine;

    I 'd like to introduce the Airport in our city and the Cuisine
Calligraphy performance on Feb. 3rd. I took some pictures of the airport in our city (only one in our prefecture).  Let me introduce some scenes from the day. 

*Outside of the airport* 
This top or roof of the walking path looks like the fence :-).
National and the city flag.

*Airliner  called Star Flyer*

*Inside of the airport and the Cuisine*
Our city airport has "puffer-fish" decoration inside.

Sashimi and Nabe "鍋" (hot winter dish)

Shimonoseki-city in my prefecture is famous for good fish-catches of Puffer Fish (fugu 河豚). It is enjoyed since more than 2,300 years ago. There were times (mainly, Edo period) prohibited to eat by Shognate, but the first Prime-Minister Hirobumi Ito liked it when he happened to have it. It was the trigger of lifting a bun. Sashimi is delicious and my husband loves it. But I rarely buy them just because of the price p:) 

They ARE safe as professionally done by the cook with  licence.   

A couple of my students had influenza. Please take care of yourselves.
Have a wonderful coming weekend.

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  1. Lovely airport and cuisine ~ Miyako ~ your country is very beautiful ~

    Wishing you a lovely weekend ~ ^_^

  2. great photos love from Poland

  3. What a beautiful airport and I love the way the restaurant is decorated. And the food has such nice presentation. Enjoy the rest of the week sweet lady.

  4. The wavy pattern on the rooftop at the airport is really neat.
    Mmmm that dish on the right looks tasty.

  5. Your airport looks quite lovely! Sometimes ours are so big and not so pretty. I also love the puffer fish decorations. Thank you for linking up today!

  6. I love the wavy design of the roof top at your airport! And the Fugu decoration is so cute! I don't think I've tried Fugu yet..when I lived in Japan, I wasn't a big fish eater. Would love to try some day..but yes, they are expensive, aren't they? :-)
    Some of my coworkers caught flu as well. Please be careful, too, Miyako san. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    When I was in Japan I did enjoy the Sashimi dish. You are clever for having the beautiful looking Fugu, being prepared by a licensed chef as it belongs to the 10 most dangerous foods...
    Such a beautiful photo and I bet your husband enjoyed it!
    Your airport looks very nice in design and also landscaping.
    It amazes me to see such tall palm trees, considering the winter weather you still have. Guess those are a hardy variety.
    Finally catching up as I have worked out our next project for the entrance in the hall way. Not a mega project but still a lot of work. Especially calculating everything.
    You can view my other Mega Task here:
    Sending you hugs,

  8. Ooh flu is no good!!! Take care of yourself -- it is so easy for a teacher to catch things from students (my husband used to come down with the sniffles every fall when he was teaching).

    Your prefecture has a lovely modern well-designed airport and I like those puffer fish. I thought I'd read that they could be dangerous to eat, so I enjoyed reading what you said about the licensed chefs. (I'm sure I'll never have to worry about those sashimi here, and can only imagine they would be way way far out of our price range if they are so expensive in your country!) I will stick with the sashimi made from salmon and tuna here in our country (which I am sure is nowhere near as good as it would be near your home -- but I still love it.)