Monday, February 6, 2017

Redstart, Sparrow and New Mailbox of our house;

* Female  and   Male  Redstart 
On 26th last month, we drove around Ono-lake about less than an hour from our house.  I found these adorable redstart♪  Luckily both  female and male .
I didn't rotate left and right. This lovely one (she) was going back and forth to the ground and tree. She had been looking at me carefully :-)   On another tree, this one was casting grumpy look and checking our car. She stayed on the tree till we started our car.

I found this male on the fence on our way back home.
How LUCKY I was on that day♡♡♡

In the middle of Dec. last year,  my husband (not by me with bad eyes) found little sparrows in the narrow void space under the Sanyo-express highway.  On a different day near this highway, I found many sparrows on the roof of the warehouse.

*New Mailbox  of our house
We have old ready-made one close to the door inside the fence. Several years ago, my husband made a mailbox a little smaller one than this new one.  He intended saving the trouble for mailman  to open the fence and come inside.  I wonder how long this new one stay decent. Yes, we have 2 mailboxes (very first ready-made one still where it used to be).  My sweetheart has kind heart p:-)
*Our tiny entrance*

*Flowers in front of the door*

Although I posted new one, so sorry I haven't been able to visit you all.  This week we had a couple of inquiries for my late parents empty house again,  might be possibility of contract with one of them right now.
Hope your new week will be a wonderful one ♪    I'll start Visiting You Soon ☆☆☆

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  1. Hello Dear Miyako! Oh to see those little Redstarts is a thrill - I just love tiny birds so much. They have a very pretty colour under their tail. Ha ha, that grumpy one made be smile :D) - as in life, there are always grumpy ones!

    Isn't it lovely when our dear husbands find wonderful things of interest to us. Your dear man had good eyes to see that little nest under the bridge.
    The letterbox he made is so nice too - very well made, and how kind to think of the postman's convenience... I'm sure the postman appreciates it.
    I love that you included photos of your husband, in his workshed, constructing the mailbox. It's nice to look back and see each of their projects. I say this, because I always go to my dear husband's workshed and click away and then send photos to the children :D) Handmade is bestmade !

    The flowers at your front door are so pretty, and I admire the vase too.
    Cheerio for now and very good wishes for a very happy week :D)xx

  2. Those Redstarts are just gorgeous! I love the way they are looking at each other. Enjoy your new mailbox :)

  3. Bonjour Orchid,
    I can see what you mean about the grumpy looking redstart, she looks very cross indeed!
    The mailbox that your husband made is very fine, much smarter than the one we have by the gate.
    Happy MM, dear lady.

  4. Such cute birdies! Haha, the top photos kinda look like you rotated left and right. So cute how she rotated her head :-) And grumpy looking bird is still very cute!
    I love your new mailbox! How thoughtful of your husband to do that for mailman. I adore the red postal mark on the mailbox and your name!
    Your front door area looks so beautiful with all the colorful flowers! Have a great new week, Miyako san xoxo

  5. Hello Miyako,
    The Red starts are such sweet looking birds. The grumpy one made me laugh. He really does not look very pleased.
    The mosaic of your husband creating the mailbox is lovely.
    Your flower pots by the entrance are pretty. We are having snow today and the world is a winter wonderland!

  6. Miyako,
    What a sweet little bird the Red Starts are. How lucky for you to see both male and female and get pictures! Your husband is very handy. Your flowers are very pretty. Happy Monday!

  7. Those little birds are so beautiful and cute! Compliments to your hubby to make you a new mail box, and it looks soooo good on the fence of your entrance! Thank you much for sharing the latest happenings with ALL SEASONS - wishing you a happy week!

  8. Miyako ~ wonderful photos of those beautiful birds ~ delightful and love the mailboxes ~ great hubby ~ and fun ride you and he had to see nature's beauty ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Week ~ ^_^

  9. I love your bird fotos - they are always great and so good. Yesterday we had 7 blackbirds in the garden at the same time. But they are so timid. not one decent shot.

    Fortunately I have friends like you whose bird photos I can enjoy and admire! Wishing you a lovely day and thanks for participating. Hugs ❤︎

  10. Howdy Miyako! It was such a pleasure seeing those birds posted this week. Your husband is very kind to make mailbox. See you next week.

  11. Dearest Miyako,
    You were very lucky to see the exotic looking male Redstart! Love your photos.
    And are those little birds not smart nowadays for finding a safe spot to shelter underneath a highway overpass?
    LOVE the wooden mail box your husband made for your home. Please do compliment him, especially with the decoration as well.
    Hope that will last you a long time!
    Lovely cyclamen and primulas you got near the entrance!
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  12. That was a great birding day to see both the male and female redstart. (I've only seen the male one one time.) The one female does look like she is a bit cranky. Your entryway is lovely with your flowers and beautiful mailboxes.

  13. Good afternoon Miyako. I hope this finds you well. I love those cherry looking birds. I too have a husband who points out things for me to see, but not one as clever as to make a wonderful mailbox...and I love the flowers on your porch...Michelle

  14. Neat fence photos for Fences Around the World ~ thanks, Miyako ~

    Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Weekend ~ ^_^

  15. Those little Red starts are so cute and how neat that you were able to get photos of both the male & female. - Love the birds on the roof of the warehouse, your sweet mailbox and the charming entrance to your home.

  16. Intriguing variety of photos. Love the redstarts. Cute little characters. And your flowers are lovely.

  17. Love your new mailbox adn all the flowers in front of your door. Have a maarvellous weekend

  18. Hello Miyako, I love the beautiful Redstarts and the Sparrows. Your flowers and new mailbox look pretty too. Your hubby is handy to make the new mailbox. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  19. Hi Miyako! So lovely to see your birds - they are always interesting to me because they are so different from the birds that I see. You take wonderful pictures of them to share with us! Your husband did a wonderful job on the mailbox - he is very creative! Have a wonderful week! Ours will be full of snow here. I hope you do not have it like we do!

  20. That is one perfect mailbox!

    Your birds are eye candy....such pretty ones.

    Thanks, as always, for adding your post link for us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  21. You have a very kind and talented husband, Miyako! And I loved the redstart photos. Very lucky day, for sure! Have a great week!

  22. The birds are beautiful! Your photography is great. Love the mailbox. It looks like it has expert craftsmanship. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!