Thursday, December 15, 2016


                     I  wish to tell you that I have had busy days.
Plus having trouble with soft for post card which my pc has in advance.
Traditionally, we send New Year Cards in Japan. 
Hoping to find time since tomorrow,  I wish your holiday season is a wonderful one; 


  1. I hope you can get software trouble resolved in time to send out New Year cards! Wish you very happy holiday seasons, Miyako san :-)

  2. How's now with your PC and with yourself? I wish you a good Friday!

  3. Thank you Miyaka, Joyful Holidays to you and your sweet husband too. -- I haven't noticed your absence because I have gotten so far behind in blogging myself. It happens to all of us sometimes. I think everyone understands.

  4. Hello Miyako, you are very kind in leaving a notice on your blog for your absence. I too have been away for a long time - life and its priorities took over. It seemed the longer I was away the harder it was for me to come back... what to say! However, I plunged in and have a fresh start and am slowly catching up with everyone.
    Your header photo is very colourful and joyous and a delight such as is your blog.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, find time to relax and take things easy. I shall 'see' you again soon.
    Cheerio for now, kindly :D)