Sunday, November 20, 2016

Excursion of the Kindergarten Kids at the park,etc;

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*Lots of kids at Ejio-park*
At the end of last month, I went to the next city's park hoping for taking pictures of 'mandarin duck'; hearing from the local TV news.  My husband suddenly told me that there came many kids making happy loud voice. Divided into 3 groups with the color of caps; greenyellow and orangeWell, they must have scared the birds away:-)
They started feeding plain white bread to ducks and carps.
These lovely scene is my "Week's Favorite" for "Fridays Hunt",

Teachers are instructing kids how to feed; happy husband among them p:-)
They started having lunch♪
Views of rose garden (out of season) and Green;

At the rose garden, I took pictures of flowers and one 
Marbled Fritillary
Lucky that I found several roses still blooming;

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I'm thankful for all the thoughtful comments despite my absence, 
I can expect easier days from next week. 
Wishing you Happy Thanksgiving Day; Stopping by to your blogs soon♪


  1. Awww such cute ducks! And kindergarten kids! Looks like they had nice outing feeding ducks and having picnic :-) Their caps look different from the ones we wore. Maybe they work better to keep direct sunshine from kids' faces.
    Flowers are so beautiful, and such elegant looking butterfly :-) Have a lovely new week, Miyako san xoxo

  2. Miyako San!
    You like the ducks it all ways I can see lovely photos.
    You looking all Kids from schools.
    Miyako San enjoyed lovely weeks.

  3. The kids are so cute ❤︎ And the normal ducks too. Did you earlier post a photo of mandarin duck? Anyway it is a colourful bird, we don't have it here. Rose photos always make me happy, especially now that the nature is quite dead here, although the snow has melted away. Thank you for linking!

    Have a lovely week - hugs ❤︎

  4. Dear Miyako ~ You are always so gracious with your lovely comments ~ thank you.

    What a wonderful place for all ages and the children are adorable ~ beautiful photos and thanks for the wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving ~ Wishing you a gentle week with love ~ ^_^

  5. Hello Miyako from a cold but sunny day in New York. Your post brought back nice memories of when I used to take my students on field trips ... I love the children and nature photos..Thank you for linking into Nature Notes...Michelle

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely happening for those kids and your husband right there with them! You both do enjoy the wildlife and capture lots of fun photos for all of us to enjoy.
    Lovely ducks and beautiful flowers.
    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! The Canadians celebrated it on Monday, October 10 already.
    Sending you hugs,

  7. Hi, Orchid...these are such happy pictures...

  8. I love to feed ducks bread. I really thought it was so cute how many children are gathered together to feed ducks. What a fun time they must have all had doing that and then having lunch. Out door outings are really nice.

    Your photos of the roses are beautiful.

  9. thank you, miyako, for your friendship, your warm heart, your photos, for sharing your world. bless you and your husband, always.

  10. Hello Miyako, I always love seeing your ducks. The little children look cute. Nature capture of your husband. The flowers are beautiful. Lovely photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  11. always enrich our lives with your photos!!

  12. Hello Miyako!:) Thank you for sharing these joyous photos of little children, ducks, and beautiful flowers.:) Warm Regards.

  13. The children are so cute. They really seem to be enjoying the ducks, which are quite cute as well. What lovely flowers you have shared. - It is always a pleasure stopping by your blog.

  14. I really like how the child in the nursery tour we get to know nature. Regards.

  15. Hello, Miyako, I love your pretty ducks, butterfly and the lovely flowers. The children are cute too. Great series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  16. It is lovely to see all the children enjoying the park and doing they are going to know about nature from their teachers. The flowers and the Butterfly are beautiful and I hope you have a wonderful weekend

  17. I can certainly see why the mandarin ducks might have been scared away. That is A LOT of kids, but the ducks you did see are lovely

  18. My goodness, such gorgeous rose blossoms, and the butterfly photo is so pretty!!!
    I would say..."LOTS of school-aged kids" among the visitors to the park indeed!! And the fact they're learning so much is what counts.

    Loved seeing the ducks today.

    I appreciate your participation this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and linking!!

  19. Fantastic photos! I can imagine the happy sounds of the children. Nice.

  20. They are just so cute to see! And I'm sure they were much better behaved than those in other countries.

  21. What a beautiful series of images! Love the ducks. Thanks for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a good week!

  22. Lovely post and beautiful roses!
    Many thanks for joining Floral Friday Fotos, I look forward to your next contribution.

  23. Kids love field trips! Beautiful roses and fritillary!

  24. So beautiful... the kids are so happy...

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