Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Sixteenth Night of a Lunar Month;

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I've already posted about Harvest Moon and Super Moon (Full Moon).  
Yesterday was the day we could see super moon. TV news taught me that tonight’s moon is called 十六(16)夜(izayoi) in Japanese.  Izayoi is not we call 16 with number in Japanese. I got confused with the way we call this moon (^^;)

This is Tonight's "16th Night Moon"
15th night (十五夜);  15 is jyugo in Japanese, so we call 'jyugo-ya'
16th night(十六夜); 16 is jyuroku in Japanese so it should be 'jyuroku-ya'.  
In OLD Japanese, a little hesitation is called 'izayou', and the moon appears a bit late on the next day. So that why we have special way to call for 16th Night Moon.
Wow, I'm surprised with this new knowledge. How profound "language" is!  


  1. Such a gorgeous moon! I did not know why 十六夜 is pronounced izayoi. Thank you for sharing the fun fact, Miyako san :-)

  2. beautiful! We had cloudy, so I could not see the super moon.