Saturday, November 26, 2016

Calligraphy Performance etc;

        *Went to see the practice of Calligraphy Performance*
My husband was informed about "Calligraphy Performance" on 27th but we promised another even to see in advance. So I’d like to show you how they practiced on 23rd.
            This picture shows how the work was done; and also with video
Size of the work... 5m×8m   (24 tatami mats)

As the New Year is coming close, the teacher with Kimono with Hakama said that they chose words which make us imagine bright future.  Words for "Season"♪
              *鳳 (hou) ・・・ fenghuang; 
Chinese phoenix;   mythical bird of good omen and longevity that is consumed by fire to be re-born again from the flames.
*Never give up      *挑戦 (chosen)Challenge      *輝く道 Shining Path
 *希望の光 Light of hope        *一歩踏み出す   Take the first step

                  Preparation Work and Reviewing

*Yellow Flower from the roadside *
     Pictures were taken early Sept.  Sorry I couldn't identify its name.  

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  1. Interesting, dear friend. I love to see it. And how beautiful are your yellow flowers!

  2. Calligraphy is quite an art and also quite a performance, very interesting.


  3. Wow, this is such a dynamic calligraphy work! I enjoyed the video very much and I love the words selected for their work - very positive!
    The yellow flower you found is very pretty. It's not sunflower, but it kind of reminded me of sunflower :-)
    I can't believe November is almost over! This week, we have had unseasonal warm weather, but it's gonna get cold again soon. I heard Tokyo had snow, which was very unusual for November. Stay warm, Miyako san, and have a lovely weekend xoxo

  4. So amazing! I admire those who have this talent. Have a great week!

  5. Calligraphy as art on a huge scale, how wonderful.
    Your bright sunny flower mosaic is a lovely reminder of warmer weather on a cold and windy day in Normandy.
    Happy Mosaic Monday, dear Orchid.

  6. From visiting China, I know how important calligraphy is in East of Asia. Don't know if I understand correctly, are all these characters included in the word "Season"? To do the calligraphy this big, must require even more skill!
    Wow, amazing! Many thanks Myako for sharing this practice/art with ALL SEASONS! Have a beautiful week!

  7. It is always interesting to read your posts. They are very informative. I have never heard of a calligraphy performance before but now I feel as though I was there. Thank you.

  8. Calligraphy is such a beautiful art form. How lovely to see it interpreted in this new way. I hope you are enjoying a good week.

  9. Wow, the calligraphy performance was soooo interesting on your video, And the music on the background was great - I liked it very much. From the words for the New Year I could choose Light of Hope - or perhaps all of them... Thank you for your sunny flower and for linking.
    Have a good week Miyako!

  10. I have always loved the look of callgraphy .. words fascinate me and I love that these artists can make them so beautiful. But I never imagined it on this large scale! How amazing it must have been to watch them create these masterpieces.

    Yellow flowers always make me smile little spots of sunshine!