Friday, May 6, 2016

Young Calligraphers' Exhibition;

蒼墨書展   souboku-shoten”  
          * Entrance of the exhibition room *  

He is the young calligrapher in 'Genyu School' who wrote the sign in English.
"Genyu immature party's calligraphy Exhibition"

In the small picture, young calligraphers surrounding the master.
The two Kanji in the Header is from the Works of the lady colleague of my husband.
Her works in the two pictures below.

*Three ladies prepared these arrangements with pictures at my house*
You can see them in my former blog here.

Their works at the Exhibition;
I enlarged the part to show you the beautiful cursive writing of hers.

*Works I thought the contrast with Japanese and English artistic*

Seals for the works were also exhibited

 *Writing the Impression after enjoyed the works*

* Preparing Work at my house*

I've had busy Golden Week; having a couple of different guests, visiting this exhibition. I need to post soon as the some calligraphers may expecting to read this post.  I hope they will like my arrangiment of their works :-)
I wish you all will have A Happy coming Mother's Day; either with or not. 
For me, great opportunity to think back sweet memories with her.  

                                              Linking this post to, "Our World Tuesday", 
Wish to visit you soon and so sorry for the long post again;


  1. Hello Miyako, wonderful collection and exhibit of calligraphy! I like the shot of you and your Mom, a nice tribute for Mother's Day! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. What a great exhibitions! I love everyone has an unique style of their own. Love the one with English text :-) It's nice they exhibited seals, too. I don't think they get to be featured often. And I love the arrangement with pictures! It must have been a lot of work. They look fantastic!
    Miyako san, sounds that your Golden Week was pretty busy but it must have been very fulfilling. Photo of you and your mom is so sweet. Happy Mother's Day weekend xoxo

  3. Calligraphy is such a graceful Art -- and it is wonderful that young people are interested in continuing this tradition and in learning more from the expert teachers. Nice to have these talented people working in your home as well.

    I am glad you have had a beautiful Golden Week. The picture of you and your mother is so sweet; we never do forget.

  4. Miyako San!
    Genyu school in young callingrapher in Genyn school I will like so much in school too, kanjiwaa mutucasi des I don't speak Japanises ga sukunidesu too.
    I like very much with the exhibiticon.
    Okaradani kiotucati kudasai mase.
    Watashi was Golfing ga 4 times very good I will written in few days time!
    From today the raining until another fore days .but we need in all of the Garden.
    Happy Mother day weekend!

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    You are such an artist with your header photos and especially the way you worked your sweet photo of your Mom with you... Precious memories!
    That was quite an exhibition and very serious business. I love especially the fact that young people are involved; we need that as the cursive writing is becoming extinct nowadays. A big shame because it has been part of our culture for ages and once we no longer value it, we're going back to the ages before writing!
    Lovely photos.
    Sending you hugs and blessings dear friend and yes, another Mother's day with fond memories in our hearts.

  6. What a beautiful exhibit. This blog post was truly a treat to come across. Language as art. What a wonderful form of expression.

  7. Beautiful artwork. Wish I could read it. Do they ever do it in color?

  8. What an elegant and divine display of beautiful calligraphy ~ and lovely tribute to your Mom ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^