Thursday, May 12, 2016

Open House and Territorial Calls of Pheasant;

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What we hoped for hasn’t come true;
I posted here about my parents' empty house, which we are hoping to sell and getting ready for that.  In the middle of April, the General Contractor we asked to find the buyer contacted us and said that there were inquiry by one family under consideration (or, on the tapis ?).  Unfortunately, their final decision was 'giving up'.
Now, the company is planing to hold "Open House" at the end of this month for us.
This word is one of the Japanglish ←link (Japanese-English). In Japanese, the phrase mainly means to the houses (either new or old) housing company openly shows the prospective buyer.  Yes, we are hoping for the next chance :-)
Although inside the house is ready, the little garden was filled with overgrown weeds. We did our best to clearing up with the help of one of my husband's friend.
Sad to see wide Japanese style garden with pine trees & big stones changed like this with parking-space.
While we were weeding, this brownish butterfly greeted us ;-)
And pictures of the white flower taken on our way home;

*Territorial Calls of Pheasant*
It's been several days we've heard funny bird's sing in the morning, made us wonder what it is. This morning, from the bed room second floor I found an answer (^_^) 
It was a pheasant and I checked with pc, couldn't help posting this finding p:-)  

I could take only one blurry picture.  But let me show you where I found him.
Among the weeds and walked off into the tree immediately.
This is from You-tube and exactly the same sing;
This call is Pheasant's 'horo uchi naki' in Japanese.
Horo '母衣' is one of the tools of the samurai in Japan.
 We have a saying 'the pheasant would not be shot but for its cries' in the meaning of 'safety in silence'.  The loud cries made me re-realized the meaning.
The way pheasant opened the the wings looks like the tool.  picture from this page.
This is my picture of our National bird from this page :-)
It seems that my busy days never end, visiting relative at hospital etc :-)
My recent posts are so long...  So sorry for that and Hope you all are having wonderful week under comfortable weather.

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  1. Hello Miyako, I hope you are able to sell your parent's home soon. The garden looks nice with the pine and stones. I love the pretty butterfly and the pheasant. I hope your relative is recovering now. Lovely photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. I think selling house is not easy! We live in townhouse and our next door neighbor's unit is on sale for a while. There have been several people checking out. Hope someone will decide to get your parents' house some time soon! Such lovely photos of butterfly and birdies. Didn't know about horo uchi naki and the name came from tool of samurai. Thank you for sharing such an interesting fact :-)
    I've been busy lately, too, but hopefully I can post this weekend! Have a wonderful day, Miyako san!

  3. Wonderful photos!

    I hope you will get the house sold soon!

  4. Good morning Miyako, what lovely photos you've shared! My oldest son brought me a beautiful Orchid for Mother's Day this year! Enjoy the rest of your week and have a happy weekend ahead! Karen

  5. Oh, I hope that there is soon someone with sincere interest for this house. You only need one! The garden is a big job. Maybe you can make a beautiful sand-drawing.

    Love your other photos. Here in the forest also live pheasants. I scare of them because they take flight so suddenly up, right before your feet. With much noise.

    Best Wishes!

  6. Hello Miyako!:) What a disapointing outcome after all your hard work, I too hope someone not only shows interest in your parents property, but finds it to be just what they are looking for,...fingers crossed!!

    Thank you for sharing the pretty white blooms, the butterfly, birds and parade. I also enjoyed the vídeo of the colourful pheasant.
    Best Regards.:)

  7. That is to bad that the house hasn't sold yet. I know it's hard when you are waiting for something like that but sooner or later someone will buy it. How neat to see the pretty butterfly & the phesant. Such a gorgeous bird.

  8. i like your comparison of the pheasant displaying for a mate to the parade. i do hope your parents' house will sell to a wonderful new family. good luck with the open house!

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    Let's hope that this open house will proof to be successful so you can resume your normal life again. Not easy for keeping up inside and outside, for prospect buyers to look inviting!
    Good luck and thanks for your lovely photos.
    My parents used to have a pheasant couple live in their wood garden. But now there is half a town built, so many homes and not much nature left.
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. I hope thehouse sells to someone soon. Love the Pheasant video clip and its call as wel as the Butterflies. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Your story of the house is quite sad. Hopefully you can find a buyer who longs to let the house shine again. Amazing that the pheasant came so close to houses.

  12. Hello Miyako, I wanted to stop back and say thank your for sharing your beautiful butterfly and the pheasant. Wonderful post and photos. Thanks again for linking up! Have a happy weekend!

  13. Hi Y'all!

    Beautiful butterfly and pheasant. Hope y'all sell your parents home soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  14. Exciting post. Good luck with the house

  15. What a lovely post and I also wish you very good luck with the house. I do hop your relative is feeling better and out of the hospital. Wonderfully colorful clothing in the parade. The call of the pheasant is very interesting as heard in the video. Lovely photos all of them and I thank you so much for sharing again with Today's Flowers.

  16. Miyako, I have gotten far behind on commenting -- Open House is so often a good way to sell a home here as well. I hope it works for you. I remember when we were getting our own home in Oregon ready to sell -- it is so hard to work on a home that you no longer wish to own. (The joy is gone!).... we had to do a lot to get the yard ready so that it looked good, in the same way you are doing for your parents' home.

  17. Oh I got carried away with my memories and forgot to say that the pheasant is a beautiful bird and the saying meaning 'safety in silence' is very appropriate -- I have heard the sound that pheasants make!)

  18. Hello Miyako. I am sorry you are having to do all this work. My Father died in March and he had so many things that my step-mother will have to go through. I think of him now as I enjoy your post and my own garden. Michelle

  19. I hope that the house is sold to someone who will love it and maintain it properly.
    Many thanks for linking up with the Floral Friday Fotos meme.