Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sagi and a Hot‐Air Balloon;

We have Generic Term for ’herons and egrets' which is Sagi '鷺' in Japanese;
On 5th this month, we found these egrets and blue herons in front of the vacant lot beside the housing development.  Popular birds in my posts :-)  My husband stopped our car saying kind of rare place for them to have relaxing time. 
And in front of the fence as well.

They flew to the river bank  shortly.

*Promotional Hot-air Balloon*
On a same day when we came home,  luckily we saw this Hot‐air Balloon from the life insurance company.  Surprisingly, it was flying kind of close to the ground. You might notice that from the picture with the electric wire.

This Day-Time Moon is from yesterday when we came back from my parents' house.

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Thank you SO much for your kindness; 
I really feel thankful for your sweet comments despite my manner. Some certain things triggered us to be ready for selling my late parents empty house. The hardest thing was the pictures I found in the house. My mother kept some pictures close place to her in the living room when I helped as an interpreter with the sister city relationship with a city in Australia in my 30's~40's. In my late brother's deep inside the room, many pictures from our younger days which my father took. One of my father's hobby was the camera.  I'll resume commenting after dinner tonight, starting with the comments I had in my previous post.


  1. i love the grouping of herons and egrets! i'm sorry for the emotional turmoil you are having to go through. i know it is difficult to clean out the home and memories that surface with it.

  2. awwww, such a difficult task!!

    i am glad your husband stopped to capture these beautiful birds!!!

  3. Love the photos of Sagi! They are so cute and peaceful. Make me smile by just looking at them :-) I sure hope the hot-air ballon won't come down too close to the electric wire. As a child, I always got excited when spotting hot-air ballon. Well, I still get excited as I really enjoyed your photos :-)
    Can't imagine how hard it would be to let your parents' house go, and to find those photos... But it is so sweet they kept all the photos from long time ago. Hugs xoxo

  4. That is so neat to see the Egrets and the Heron's together and get a fence in the shot too.

  5. Those Sagi are showing you how to be comfortable wherever you land just like they are.
    Closing up a home is difficult and going through the treasures like photos tugs at ones heartstrings.

  6. Must be so difficult selling your late parents house. Glad you found the family photos!

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely photos and your husband is so good at spotting these things and stopping the car for you to take stunning photos for all of us to enjoy.
    Oh my, what hard emotional times. It is always tough when we have to let go of certain things of the past, for clearing out the home you lived for so long and where your Parents had many happy years together.
    Hope it will soon be back to normal routine for you and that you can relive more fond memories.
    Sending you hugs,

  8. Loved how the Heron and Egret seemed to be friends. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. beautiful moon image. neat blimp

  10. Hello Miyako, I am sure you have many happy memories of your parents house. The photos will be treasures from your father's photography hobby! Beautiful captures of the egrets and herons.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

  11. Hello Miyako!:) It's painfull to sell the home of our parents, full of memories,( I had to go through the same experience)and it was hard. I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos of the Herons and Egrets.:)
    Best Wishes from Portugal.

  12. Lovely shots of the herons and egrets.

    Must be hard to clear out your parents' house. Hugs!

  13. Dear Miyako, clearing out your parents' home is the hardest thing in the world. I have been through it and I understand how you feel -- it really does not leave a lot of energy for anything else. Just like all your other readers, I am grateful you are able to post your beautiful pictures and words and that way we also know you are OK!)

    I love the word SAGI and will try to remember it -- because both those birds are very common in my posts as well! It is funny that they were in that particular spot.

    Those balloons are a little scary.

  14. Hello Miyako, it is never pleasant to clear the house with all the sweet memories and getting it ready to sell it off. Hope all will go well with you. The day-time moon look lovely. I am following you and invite you to follow me too. Thank you.