Friday, February 26, 2016

Black Kite,Thrush and Dandelion;

*Black Kite, Pale Thrush and Dusky Thrush*
On 17th this month way home after tidying up late parents house, my husband found this black kite having his prey on the Transmission Steel Tower for train. 
           I always thank him for his good eyes.  Only if we were a little closer(^^;)

Luckily,  I could take photos of him/her flying♪

Theses Thrushes are from late last moth near my house;

Happy that I could find both male and female♡♡♡

These photos of Dandelion are from early Jan. 5th
I should have posted earlier, Surprised to findthe flower under the cold weather :-)
Close-up mode of my camera seemed to have worked well. 

We are doing our best to make my late parents' house more decent hoping to someone to buy; cleaning windows, bit of painting etc.   Hoping Bright March for Everyone; 

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  1. Hello Miyako, awesome sighting and photos of the Black Kite! The thrushes are pretty birds. Great collection of photos. I hope you are well. Have a happy day!

  2. I must say when I first read the post I was looking for the type of kite that children fly not a bird. - I've never seen a Black Kite before but you captured some nice shots of it. I like the ones in flight, it still had it's prey.
    Pretty photos of the thrush as ell.
    I've spotted a few dandelions growing and blooming already here too. Spring is on the way. Hooray.

  3. Love the photos of the birds. I always have difficulty in trying to get them! The image of the dandelion is also beautiful!

  4. nice raptor sighting! love the other birds, too. really nice dandelion macro shots. good luck with the preparation for sale!

  5. Very interesting about the birds. Trust all goes well with taking care of final things. I know what that is like.

  6. II enjoyed seeing all the birds...

  7. Aww such great photos of the beautiful birds! Your husband has really good eyes and he is so kind to let you know the photo opportunities :-)
    Amazing that dandelion was blooming in January. I love the close-up of dandelion puff. So lovely!
    I wish you a bright March, too, Miyako san :-) Have a wonderful weekend ahead xoxo

  8. Hello Miyako!:)Great sightings of all the birds. I have never seen a Dusky Thrush. We have Kites around here, but I never managed to get a good shot of them, not like yours.:) Good macro shots of the Dandies!Even though Dandilions are weeds they are always beautiful to see, I hope all is well, Warm Regards.

  9. Hello Miyako, you always take such lovely photos, and how you present them is such a treat for us all! Enjoy your weekend, and birds in nature!

  10. Beautiful birds -- and you took wonderful flight shots, something I can almost never get. Wonderful.

    I always admire those flowers that hang on past their season like this dandelion! After all winter is when you need that bright color spot!

  11. Dearest Miyako,
    What a great spotting by your husband; you got very lucky! Lovely photos.
    Indeed, keeping my fingers crossed that all will work out well with the sale of your late Parents' home. That way you also finally can close the period of sadness and grieve and start the healing... Holding on to the fond memories.
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  12. Lovely photos of the birds around your late parents home. Wishing you well for the sale. Have a lovely weekend :)

  13. Hello, Miyako, beautiful photos of the birds and the dandelion! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  14. Great shot of the Black Kite flying off with its lunch. Thrushes are lucky!

  15. Amazing images as always. Your photography is truly beautiful.

    Love the flight images today most. That is a challenge that can turn difficult to achieve. You did so well.

    Thank you so very much for sharing this post on I'd Rather B Birdin' for the week. Much appreciated.