Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pictures Gifted by my husband's Friend (part 1)

Last month, I was with my husband helping him his band group's stage performance. Lady keyboard player who knew about my blog, kindly offered me plants pictures from her garden and sent them through sns called 'LINE'. Although they are not my pictures, I'm happy to be able to introduce them.

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Aibika 花オクラ  "hana-okura. flower-okra"
This is the improved variety of okra to be edible.
These pictures below is from pc.  Normal okra we eat and my husband likes them.
I've never heard of this aibika and surprised to see them used for salad.

Foundation Stock or Original Species(?) of narcissus. She said not for sure.

Taiwan cactus

Mexican Fire Plant   "猩猩草 shoujyou-sou"

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Golden-ringed dragonfly on the Garden Burnet

Three-layered crabs

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I took this picture last month. Summer clouds. 
And the two tiny spots in the rice paddy are the egrets :-)

This picture from archive is taken at the Shimonoseki Yamaguch-pref. 
connecting bridge of main land and kyushu.

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  1. Hello Miyako, pretty collection of flowers. The edible okra reminds me of hibiscus blooms. I love the dragonfly and the layer of crabs. The view of the clouds and sky is pretty. Awesome bridges! Have a happy day!

  2. Hi Orchid, lovely photos you share here with sky, critter and fence shots. Love your header too. Happy September!

  3. Love the photos, especially the layered crabs. And they appear so stoic. :)
    Have a great day!

  4. Well I had to laugh at the 3 tiThanks for Crabs. very funny shot. Loved the flowers.

  5. Miyako, the three layered crab is really funny...three sets of eyes.The last picture of the fence is something we will never see in Texas, so thanks for sharing it. Have a special day today, my friend...Hugs from Texas.

  6. Mexican fire plant is very interesting. Love those cute little crabs!

  7. Good morning Miyako, I do adore the crabs so much, they are so cute. The flowers are beautiful and the first ones remind me of my own Hollyhock blossoms! Such a delightful post, enjoy your day, take care.

  8. How sweet of the lady keyboard player to send you photos for your blog. They are so lovely! I've never heard of hana-okura. Very interested in trying some. Taiwan cactus looks very pretty. And the crabs are very pretty, too, making three layers :-)
    I'm glad your skin condition is getting better. Please take good care. Have a wonderful day, Miyako san xoxo

  9. That was really nice of your friend to send you those pretty flower pictures. - I did not know that Okra had such lovely blooms.
    The stacked crabs were cute.
    Your puffy cloud shot was pretty.
    I liked your fence shot very much. I'm fascinated by the trees there and the red color of the bridge/fence is so pretty.

  10. beautiful bridge! nice of your friend to share photos of her blooms! :)

  11. The crabs are funny. Your friend has some very interesting plants and it was nice of her to share them with you (and us). I love the bridge photo too.

  12. I've never seen okra flowers before. Thanks!

  13. Your friend has some lovely flower photos! That was so nice of her to share! And I love the stacked crabs! So cute!

  14. Nice pictures. I love yhe colour of the first flower!

  15. Those flowers look so dainty and so pretty! I love the skywatch photo too! :D

  16. Okra flower is so beautiful. Did not actually realize okra has flowers, duh!

    Worth a Thousand Words

  17. Your stack of crabs is so cute, they seem to enjoy it, dearest Miyako! One of my earliest memories is my grandfather's wonderful Okra plants and flowers. I googled the Aibika, I grew it once from a seed trade with someone in Florida, but didn't realize the leaves were edible too, apparently high in protein. I will have to look into it again. I love Okra but it needs more heat to grow well than I get here. I buy it to eat though.

    The Mexican Fire Plant is pretty, apparently it grows in Florida and the south too. Since it is an Euphorbia family plant, it has a toxic milky sap that is poisonous to dogs and cats. I doubt it would be attractive to them though. I planted several new Euphorbs this year since they are pretty plants, and also toxic to deer, rabbits, and voles which eat my plants, spreads well here and is drought tolerant. The sap is very damaging to get into one's eyes, so care must be taken to wear gloves when trimming it.

    I enjoyed your plant information. Hugs from the PNW, Hannah

  18. Hello Miyako, I LOVE your photo of the crabs. They look very comical. For some reason, the circus came to mind when I saw them. Have a lovely weekend. Christa

  19. Dearest Miyako, I googled about the toxicity of Poinsettia since they are related, and the petmd site says cats and dogs don't get poisoned by it very often since it mainly just causes nausea and vomiting, and the sap is irritating to the mouth tissues so they are not likely to eat enough to have much poisoning. I hope I was not overly cautious in mentioning it.

  20. Dearest Hannah; Oh, thank you SO much for the comment♪ I'll send mail again explaining what you kindly checked for me. Nature is a wonder, isn't it; the sap is irritating to the mouth tissues so that avoid severe effect☆☆☆ 
    Love, xoxo Miyako*

  21. A beautiful collection of photos! I like the "3-layered crab"!!

  22. Hi Miyako San!
    Lovely photos alsowe beautiful her garden even Taiwan Meican shouiyou-sou golden-ringed dragonfly on the garden burnet Taiwan Cactus looks good looking.
    Please take care of your eys..I had the Daivobet for when my hear was rash
    itching on the skin times. it mostly Summer time.
    Okaradani kiotucate kudasaimse Miyako sama Otosama tone!

  23. Hello, Miyako, I am stopping back to say thank you for linking up your critters and post. I love the layer of crabs. Have a happy weekend!


  24. Suas fotos são lindas, como sempre.
    A minha preferida é a primeira, gosto da cor amarelo levemente esverdeada da flor do quiabo em contraste com o marrom.
    O cabeçalho do blog está muito gracioso!

    ✿ Bom fim de semana!
    -`✿´- Beijinhos.

  25. I'm back to say I find the salad variety of okra very interesting, too.


  26. What a great collection of photos! We have okra cooked with tomato and onion.
    Thank you for taking part in Floral Friday Fotos, I look forward to your next contribution.

  27. Dearest Miyako,
    Oh, incredible photos!
    We both LOVE okra as a vegetable, or used in soup.
    So those flower petals are used in the salad, looks very lovely and for sure will be tasty.
    Sending you hugs,